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  1. hi all, Stupid question but can not find the answer anywhere. If i play a dvd on the rear screens is there a way to play the sound on the main car speakers? Dvd works,sound works with the original head sets but can not find the option to play the sound in the main son is to young to wear the headsets and i have a long drive ahead tomorrow. Checked the ice book and google but can not find the answer. Tx in advance.
  2. If you do decide to put one on make sure is not aluminium like the one I had below. I am also looking now to find a stainless stell one which should be more resistant The below was cut in front of my house during the day and none of the neighbours heard anything. I do have a 400h though not a 450. Good luck.
  3. Hi, Was looking for something similar for my 400h. Would you have a contact number or link to their site. Couldn't find the conpany on google. Tx.
  4. Hi All, My cat got stolen for the second time lol. First time i replaced it via insurance and also got a metal protection sheet fitted to deter a second happening. Needless to say it didn't help much as they just cut through it and got the cat, The insurance company marked it as total loss and I retained the car. Looking to fix it as the car is great and only has 87k miles with no issues in the past 2 years since I bought it, but thinking to go non original as i am hoping it wont get stolen again. Also is a 2006 model that will get a cat D i assume so doesn't seem a good investment to put back again original when is probably cost half of the sell value of the car. My question is : any reason you guys know for not going this route? will it pass the MOT with a non original? Any advice on what cat should I look for? (i have to re do the MOT and send them proof of repairs also so my insurance does not get cancelled) any advice on a garage in SW18 area that can fit one and get the MOT done after that is open in this troubled times? thank you in advance. Sorin
  5. Thank you. in the end I went with a garage recommended by Lexus Battersea and they installed a metal sheet under the car. Cost was £288 and luckily manged to put it on the insurance under the same claim as the converter.
  6. Hi All, As many other my Cat Converter got stolen from my RX400h I am replacing it now via insurance which said they are covering for a cat lock also but can not seem to find a Garage that can fit any form of protection. Called Lexus and they said they do not have ? Tried independents in my area but they all told me they can not do anything. Anyone manage to find anything that can give it a form of protection? I'm in London in SW18 if anyone can recommend a garage in the area that can do something. Tx,
  7. Hello Lexus gurus, Advice needed and any input would be greatly appreciated. Wife managed to rip the leather on the rear door with thw baby chair so wanted to check what you guys think would be the best way to fix this? Change the whole panel? Any way to change just the affected area? This is a 2006 rx400h. Tx a lot.
  8. - thank you Acer , I ll order one of those. - I m in Wandsworth also Bachelor. £110 is standard price at the car wash on the main street opposite the 37/337 bus stop. I just got the car and mainly the carpet needs a thorough and deep cleaning. I ll keep the guys in Mitcham in mind. thank you for that. - thank you Lydia . Sidcup is far as Bachelor said but good to know if in need .
  9. Hi All, I just got a 400h and looking for some advice on a good independent garage in SW London. Need to replace the glass on the passenger side mirror and the driver seat heating doesn’t work. Mirror is my main problem and not sure if should buy a cheap ebay one or where to look for a decent one? Mechanism works fine... just the glass I smashed as a noob that I am coming from a tiny car to an SUV. After Lexus quoted me 900£ for a rear break pad/disc job I m not even thinking on asking there. Also looking for a good car wash for a full vallet job on thw inside. Next to my place they asked for 110£ for a full vallet which sounds decent but they don’t really have good reviews.. Thank you