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  1. Nevermind figured it out :)
  2. 2006 Lexus RX-300 (harrier). I'm replacing my interior bulbs with LEDs because they look nicer. Did the dome lights last night, the map light bulbs I'm pretty sure are BA9S, does anyone know what the puddle light bulbs are? I didn't have time to pop the holders out last night and want to order them from amazon.
  3. Hmm. Would that still rattle if I revved it in neutral? This rattle only occurs under load.
  4. I have a 2006 Harrier. Recently I noticed that when accelerating from 0-20mph there is a distinct metallic rattle coming from the front of the car. After 20mph it goes away. It's going in to the garage on monday but I'm curious if anyone knows what this might be. I was thinking maybe a pulley but it seems odd that a loose pulley would stop rattling after 20mph. Could it be a chain tensioner?
  5. More likely they’ll just find cleverer ways to cheat, or get a dodgy MOT. I hope you’re right though.
  6. Slight smell of mildew in the car - I remember vaguely reading somewhere that this can be caused by a leak, where should I look?
  7. @Clive-D Just my 2 cents but I’d want something a bit more concrete than “likely” before throwing another part at it. Perhaps ask the guy if there is anything else that could cause the same symptom that you could rule out with some diagnostics?
  8. I think LPG systems need additional periodic servicing too don't they? That cost needs to be factored in too.
  9. If any garage offers you a "flush" you can pretty much prefix the term with the word "wallet".
  10. Lesson learned, never buy parts without a diagnosis :)
  11. Glad you got it fixed :) Have you tried plugging your old maf back in to see if it was really faulty?
  12. Oh doesn't your 450h include time dilation as a driver convenience? Comes as standard on the Harrier :P
  13. I would but we go on holiday every year with our dog. If you go on the ferry the dog has to stay in the car and you're not allowed to stay with them. Not really very nice for the dog being stuck in that environment for 3-4 hours. Tunnel is much better, they really cater for dogs well with exercise areas and free doggy gifts, you're all in the car together and it only takes 20mins.
  14. That sounds cheap for a conversion but I guess it depends where you get it done. Quality of conversions varies widely, not necessarily in correlation with price. I’ve converted cars before and loved it, the only thing stopping me on the harrier is that the damn euro tunnel don’t let them on, even if the tanks empty and it’s disabled. I guess next year that might become less of a problem 😄