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  1. I took the car back to the garage yesterday and the owner sat in the car with me and I showed him the noise and he said it’s normal and that swapping to OEM brakes would not make any meaningful difference. He also said that all of the stuff that @Delphius1 mentioned is part of their normal brake servicing procedure. He was still happy to go through the warranty process if I wanted, but it would mean first making a warranty claim with Brembo, getting a new set of pads, if they were still the same then *maybe* we might have an argument to return them and go OEM, but he assured me that the noise would still be there at the end. I decided to just accept it and drive the car as the noise was fairly minimal anyway and it seemed like it would be a massive waste of everyones time. Also on the drive down I went down a couple of steep hills and had to brake a fair bit, I noticed after doing so that the noise had diminished significantly. So there might be something to the suggestions about the bedding in process.
  2. I don’t know what the fine is these days but last time I checked it was something like £45. Not much of a deterrent imo!
  3. Could be a buckled rim. I had this on a beemer some years ago now, both nearside rims were bent from hitting potholes and caused wobble/vibration at certain speeds. Had them straightened and it was much better.
  4. @Delphius1 that was a really useful reply, thankyou. I will bring this up with the garage and hopefully they can stop the groaning.
  5. Well that settles it, halogens it is, thanks!
  6. Anyone tried putting LED high beam bulbs in an RX? I wouldn’t do it for the dipped beams but for high beams it would probably be ok. Just don’t want anything with a fan or that is going to overheat and melt stuff around it.
  7. You’re right that the centre brake light is LED but the brake lights on the sides (of mine anyway) are filament bulbs. Got them changed at Halfords today, he was as confused as I was initially but removed the light cluster to figure it out - turns out they were just very stiff so no danger of breaking something by turning too hard. Managed to do the other side without removing the light cluster. He didn’t seem to care about using gloves to handle the bulbs though, luckily I managed to convince him to put some on that I had in the car before he touched the new bulbs. That’s halfords for you though 😛 at least it’s sorted now, the rest I can change myself.
  8. it’s booked in to get the brakes looked at on monday so i might just be cheeky and ask the garage to do it
  9. The bulbs still work, I’m just going on a couple of very long road trips across europe soon so wanted to change all the bulbs for peace of mind, these two are being very stubborn though. Attached a photo - why does it look like there’s a wire under the connector? it seems like when i try to turn it it’s tugging against the wire
  10. I can’t get them out, tried really hard. All the other bulbs came out easy. Both sides are stuck!
  11. Hello I can’t get my brake light bulbs out, the socket does not seem to want to turn in either direction and I’m a bit nervous to use too much force without knowing which way it’s supposed to turn. Do they always turn counter-clockwise to come out? Thanks, Mark
  12. I just drove to the park to walk my dog and it made a terrible creaking groan as I came to a stop in the car park. I think I'm going to give them a call in the morning as I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be like this.
  13. The only trouble with that is we're driving to Brittany next month and I'm not sure if I'll do 100 miles between now and then, even if I do it might not leave enough time to get the problem resolved. I'll give them a call tomorrow and let them come up with suggestions. I don't know how much more expensive the Lexus brakes are but given how minimal the noise is I'm tempted to just leave it, most of the time it's barely noticeable.
  14. I am surprised I have issues with Brembos though as they seem to be a very well established brand.