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  1. The giveaway for a sticky calliper is usually lots of brake dust on one side only.
  2. Does the noise lessen if you sway the car in a particular direction? If so it usually indicates the alternate side is bad. Eg swing right, if the noise lessens then the left one is probably bad. Failing that being conclusive I guess your options are either take a gamble, bite the bullet and do both, or take the car to a garage that has better diagnostic tools like remote microphones in order to accurately diagnose the problem.
  3. With regards to interior illumination you can replace all of the interior bulbs with LEDs. Makes a huge difference, car feels newer.
  4. @sn0rg a trusted mechanic said this to me in relation to the idea of putting it into neutral and back into drive as a test: "As a general driving procedure that could be a problem. As an occasional test method there would be no problem." Still - do at your own risk!
  5. @sn0rg according to this: https://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/how-to/a7890/if-you-shift-an-automatic-while-driving-will-you-damage-your-engine-11413677/ shifting into neutral while moving isn't dangerous to the transmission. it doesn't say anything about going back into drive however. depending on what speed you experience the problem at, you could perhaps find a road where you could reproduce the issue, select neutral to test whether it goes away and then brake to a stop before putting it back into drive. obviously be careful and do this at your own risk, i'm not responsible for any problems caused :D
  6. might be that shifting it to neutral is ok, but back into drive while it’s movinh might not be good. i don’t know for sure either way though.
  7. @sn0rg actually, maybe don’t try that test. i think shifting while the car is moving might not be good for an autobox. maybe someone else knows for sure..
  8. Best option is to replace the head unit with a modern one. There is a fascia available to make it look seamless. I know a good guy for this kind of work, ping me via IM if you want me to hook you up.
  9. Wheel bearings can make a grinding kind of sound when they're on the way out but I'm not sure that would explain the resistance.
  10. @sn0rg Next time you get the resistance, if safe to do so, try taking your foot off the pedal and pop it into neutral for a second to see if the resistance persists or goes away. If it goes away then it's in the driveline, if not then it's more likely something at the wheels, brakes etc.
  11. I have one of these with my own software on it: https://geolink.io/opentracker.php Works great and imho much better than any of the expensive commercial options.
  12. Hey thanks. Sounds like the second quote might be fairly reasonable then given that the arms alone cost over £500 and it includes geometry.
  13. Hello My 2006 Harrier just passed its MOT but has some advisories: - anti-roll bar linkage ball joint dust cover severely deteriorated (offside front) - suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement (nearside front) - suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement (offside front) My local garage quoted £1500 to fix these issues, I got a second quote from a toyota specialist that came in around £1120 and included geometry. Not sure why such a big discrepancy. Is this second quote roughly in line with what it should be? it's for both anti-roll bar droplinks which I'm guessing is sensible because if one went the other one likely isn't far behind. Is it really necessary to replace the entire link just because of the dust cover though?
  14. This works quite nicely. Got a latching relay from amazon that persists its state when the power goes away so I can switch the power feed for the tracker between "always on" and "on only when the ignition is on". Updated the software so I can change it remotely via SMS and also made it automatically switch to ignition-on mode if the battery falls below 11.5v.