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  1. What does "look ok" mean? Everything I've read about this and been told by people smarter than I is if it's more than a few inches, don't do it, turn around. There are many reasons typically given, I'm guessing on our cars the vent tube for the transmission (if there even is one?) is fairly high so probably not a big risk. Wheel bearings could suffer ingress though and fail sometime later. Catalytic converters can fail if they're very hot and are suddenly cooled by driving through water.
  2. Many Lexus electronic units are powered by smoke. If the smoke escapes they will stop working.
  3. It's generally advised not to do this, but I'm curious to know what you did to do it safely?
  4. Has some marks on the underside but works and is perfectly usable. £150 collected from SM4, don't want to post as it's quite big and heavy.
  5. Anyone know a good source of used OEM wheels other than the usual places like ebay etc?
  6. I had my oil changed today and the garage noted on the invoice: "Slight oil dampness around rocker/cam cover" "Slight oil dampness around crank pully area" are these things to be concerned about? I did about 5400 miles since the last oil change and the level was still good on the dipstick, somewhere around 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up between the marks so I don't think it's losing any significant amount of oil. If seals are starting to fail I guess it could get worse at some point though. Are these common failure points on a 2006? They also said my wheels are quite badly corroded and recommended replacing them.
  7. Probably is intended to be a visible warning that the passenger airbag is enabled and thus you shouldn't put a small child in the passenger seat. Some cars have a switch that lets you turn it off in case you need to carry a small child in the front (although you still shouldn't really if you can avoid it).
  8. I ran into this on a previous vehicle after setting them religiously to the pressure on the door placard only to find I had wear on the outer edges and garages were telling me my tyres were under-inflated. See this article: http://www.agcoauto.com/content/news/p2_articleid/61 Although possibly not so relevant for such a new car, if the excess wear is on the outer edges of the tyre then you might try adding a bit more. The door placard / owners manual pressure is the *minimum* and air machines at petrol stations probably aren't 100% accurate.
  9. Thule make aftermarket bars. Try: http://roofbox.co.uk
  10. Whats the ethanol content of each of those, out of interest? Ethanol has less energy than petrol so if economy is your driving factor is may not be as simple as the price.
  11. Did you try my suggestion of doing steps 1-9 with your original key?
  12. I doubt you will notice any difference between them, as long as it meets the standard.
  13. "7. Turn the ignition switch from "Lock" to "On" and back to "Lock" at about 1 second intervals " For this step I think the key should be at position 2 every 1 second, as opposed to taking 1 second to move it between off and 2. Is that possibly your issue? Also if you open your driver door does the light show on the instrument cluster to indicate that the door is open? (Long shot but the door open switch being broken would probably stop the sequence working)
  14. After seeing others rave about how the Michelins transformed their car in comparison to the Goodyear 4seasons (which I currently have) I was tempted to try them, but i'm still a little skeptical that perhaps the main difference is new tyres vs worn out tyres rather than the difference between the brands.
  15. Another good point. Tyres should probably be changed when they reach six years old.