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  1. Sat idle my car's battery voltage, as read by the custom arduino-based tracker I've got in it, is fluctuating between around 9.6v and 11.5v. Does this suggest a bad battery? It didn't struggle to start earlier but it seems odd for it to be fluctuating continuously by 2v.
  2. DOT3 according to the reservoir lid. I don't know when it was last changed so I've bought a snapon brake fluid tester.
  3. 2006 Harrier, how can I find out what brake fluid it takes? Manual doesn’t say
  4. Curiouser and curiouser - just tried Lexus Battersea and they said they can't get keys for imported cars at all! Why would two main dealers give a different answer?
  5. Auto locksmiths apparently can't make transponder keys for my car because it's an import so I asked Lexus for a quote - they said £224.72 but the key would come blank because they can't cut it. I called back and asked how I would cut the key if I didn't have one to copy and they said I'd have to get an auto locksmith to dismantle the lock to make the key. I have two keys right now so this isn't a major problem, but is it odd that they can't cut the key for me for a car they made? I asked if they could give me the key code but they didn't seem to have a clue, and gave me a premium 0906 technical support number to call and said they might be able to help. Is this unusual?
  6. What year models did you use it with? One guy on ebay told me my car is too old for customisations using techstream but i’m not sure I buy it. Why would the modules appear under customisation if it wasn’t possible to do something?
  7. Oh, just realised that's the same seller I used but my cable didn't work. Odd.
  8. I have now, customisation not supported on the RX-300 and the harrier isn't even in the model list.
  9. How to use it isn't the problem - when I go to customisation and try to select any of the modules it just doesn't do anything. I've returned it to the seller now, might try another seller I guess.
  10. Is there anyone not too far from Morden who could adjust some customisation options for me for a reasonable fee? Not having much luck with the fleabay vendors of techstream. Specifically I want to: - disable driveaway locking - disable beeps on lock/unlock (which I'm pretty sure is illegal in the uk anyway, not sure why that wasn't done when the car was imported) - disable the beeping on reverse if possible The car is a 2006 Lexus RX-300 but is actually a harrier, engine code 2AZ-FE model CBA-ACU30W-AWPGK. I could go to a garage but they'll charge an hour's labour for 5mins of clicking.
  11. Hmm not having much luck with customisation. I've got a load of options but any that I click on it just shows a progress bar for a few seconds and then does nothing.
  12. Aha, figured it out. Needed to change the region to Japan, now I can select the harrier. Running a full diagnostic now then i'll look at sorting out the beeps.
  13. How do you go into a module? I've got "health check" which seems to just scan for error codes, and then under that "ECU reprogramming" - is that where it is? I tried that and it showed a couple of modules with checkboxes next to them, not really sure what to do from there. I'm also nervous to try anything because after first connecting it asks for a model code but mine isn't in the list. I chose something else that has the same engine and it seems able to scan for errors but I guess trying to change ecu settings when it's got a different model code is probably not a good idea. Waiting for the vendor to respond about the model code issue.
  14. Right I've got a copy of Honest Ahmeds Totally Legit Techstream from fleabay, can anyone tell me how to disable the lock/unlock beeps? I can't see an obvious way to do it.