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  1. Reading a repair manual for the U140E / U241E transmissions, I noticed this: “N” to “D” Squat Control When the shift lever is shifted from “N” to “D” position, the gear is temporarily shifted to 2nd or O/D and then to 1st to reduce vehicle squat. When the shift lever is shifted from “N” to “D” position, the gear is temporarily shifted to 3rd and then to 1st to reduce vehicle squat. Wat? Does this make sense to anyone? I'm guessing "squat" is the back end of the car squatting down but.. how the hell does the gear its in affect that when the car isn't moving?
  2. My car has lugged loads of carfuls of garden waste to the dump. The rear bootliner has a load of scuffmarks and scratches now. What can ya do.. happy wife happy life
  3. I noticed a couple of rust dots where stones have chipped the front of my bonnet. So now I've bought a bottle of rust converter and am awaiting delivery of a toyota touch-up pen so I can treat the rust and then paint over the dot. Am I overreacting? Do most people just ignore stuff like this? Not sure if a tiny rust spot can grow and slowly eat the bonnet away.
  4. I've had good luck with these guys: https://www.car-keys-online.com
  5. If I get a HVAC control unit from an RX-300 will it work on a 2006 Harrier? There are a few on ebay and there's an old thread on here where someone was able to do this on a gen1 harrier, just not sure if it'll work on a gen2.
  6. Also curious is how the video talks about issues with clutches, brakes.. both things that are almost always wear and tear and not going to be covered by a 3rd party warranty. I wouldn't be surprised if this whole thing is a marketing stunt aimed at getting people to buy their warranties.
  7. My harrier can be locked with the windows open. Benefits of older technology 🙂
  8. Don't those policies exclude the vast majority of things that are likely to go wrong, i.e. anything that can be put down to wear and tear? I never bother taking aftermarket warranties as they just seem like a scam. Lots of people either won't bother claiming or will have claims rejected - I wonder how that factors into the reliability statistics. Seems like if you own an RX there's definitely no point in taking one of their warranties anyway!
  9. I finally got around to ordering this: https://jpnz.co.nz/product/toyota-harrier-2/ Will report back with a review when it arrives. Not sure anyone else on here has a harrier though!
  10. The middle leather part is ripped on both sides, and on the right side the upper plastic faux leather part is completely worn away and has damaged the door seal. I've agreed to the quote now, taking the car over to them next week.
  11. Auto locksmith. I locked my keys in a car a while ago and this dude turned up and got in within minutes, they have all kinds of tricks. Cost me £60 I think, was a few years ago now.
  12. Turns out I know nothing about hybrids and should shut up 😄
  13. If you want better economy the best way to achieve this is to alter your driving style. Brake less, accelerate gently, maintain a constant speed. Really though, imho, life is short, you've got a great car, just enjoy it and don't worry about the mileage.
  14. Wow so you turn the key and all the gauges light up and then the engine starts? I never knew! I thought this thing was just for sheltering inside in a storm! 😛 Seriously good video, I didn't know the center console moved or that the front seats could fold flat. Gonna test these things out later 😄
  15. Turns out regular RX door cards don't fit a harrier, so I've no option to buy them on ebay. Was quoted £480 to repair both rear door cards, trying to decide if it's worth it or not.