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  1. I have a 2014 (face-lift) Advance Sport with all of those requirements. The Sport bit only added some black wheels and carbon-fibre interior inlays. So my guess is an Advance model will suit. Basically, go for as much kit as you can afford really. Good luck!
  2. Quick update. Back to dealer again and a quiet, dry environment allowed the technician to hear the noise. Turned out to be a loose resonating piece of plastic housing for the air flow to the air filter box. My guess is when the part was possibly remove for some recent air con condenser work it wasn't secured properly when reassembled. A few new clips and it's back to normal and no more rasping vibration. As always the dealership was as helpful and courteous as ever. Love my CT 😊
  3. Back for further investigation yesterday and nothing obvious can be found that could be leading to this. The bad weather didn't help for demonstrating the sound to the Lexus employee. They've checked the whole exhaust system and heat shields etc. It's likely the sound is just normal.. and we all, as owners, know that hybrids do make noises that 'normal' cars don't. As always, can't fault the dealership. Free lift to and from work, free wash and vac and a warranty claim to update the satnav as the original had occasionally glitched. Recent major (60k) service was reduced also. This is why Lexus keep winning awards.
  4. Well, it's had its major service now. I pointed this out and they sent the usual video walk around saying that all of the exhaust system and hoses and heat shields etc were fine. I can't hear it at higher speeds or with windows up. Performance and fuel economy isn't seemingly affected so I guess it's just the standard sound unless something else is vibrating. Does anyone else hear a rasping sound from their CT200h engine on acceleration (with windows down)?
  5. It could be the brake pads moving slightly?
  6. Where is the click coming from?
  7. Don't get me started on BMWs (the cars moreso than their drivers)
  8. Is the Ioniq self-charging and/or plug-in?
  9. Indeed. But still the motoring press hates them; says alot about the motoring press who only have eyes/praise for all things Germanic ('cause they're paid by them to be biased #fakenews). This forum helped me choose my CT. All professional reviews were awful until I read the real (owners') reviews. Every year Lexus win the owners' awards. It's only these polls that count.
  10. I agree. I paid a bit more for my 2014 Advance Sport with 58k and full Lexus history last October, as a comparison. Mine is the facelifted version though but the spec is less that the F Sport, so price seems about right. Always haggle on price. Find similar models online and then suggest a price match (assuming there are cheaper ones elsewhere). Good luck 😊
  11. When I mentioned this to Lexus the other week they said they'd not heard of anything about a CT replacement in the UK.