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  1. MadJam250

    CT200h service plan

    My car is on the cusp of the 60k service (major/expensive) and 5+ year Essential Care Servicing (heavily reduced prices). The plan I was quoted for was not cheaper overall but for those with cars under 5 years old most plans seem to be worth it. Another reason I rejected the service plan was hopeful negotiation tactics. Haggling many things at full RRP is common and often doable these days (if you feel confident/cheeky enough).
  2. Mine rocketed too when I bought my CT200h. Thinking my insurance company was having a laugh I did a price comparison check and the results weren't that much better. Based on insurance group I have no idea why the premium is so high (especially compared to my previous cars).
  3. MadJam250

    Voice recognition, does it work for you?

    Works fine for me on my 2014 CT Advance for phone dialling. What disappoints me though is I can't use voice commands on the satnav which is a backward step as this was available on my 2006 IS250. I guess you need the higher spec satnav for voice recognition to work with it? The infotainment system could indeed be better but that's more or less my only 'issue' with the car. It does the job but could be easier/better.
  4. MadJam250

    What does the Lexus brand say about you?

    I am past caring what anyone thinks. .. the original reply above says it all perfectly.
  5. When I was in the market for an IS250 I assumed the manual would be cheaper with regards to road tax wasn't. .. the auto was surprisingly in a tax bracket one down from the manual. I had a manual for a while, prior, and it was a dog of a gearbox (since found out that many hated it, especially compared to the very smooth auto box). If you're prepared to pay high road tax but can find an inexpensive auto IS250 with a good service history it'll probably be worth it. I miss mine and regretted the sale (ended up buying a car with zero road tax but without the luxury and reliability that the IS offered).
  6. I've owned 3 Lexus (including my current CT200h) and 2 BMWs (2003 E46 320Ci and 2011 E81 116i). The Lexuses (?) beat BMW hands down especially for reliability, refinement and exclusivity. The BMWs had a plethora of expensive and major issues whereas the Lexus had just one (a squeaky dash in my IS250). Visit a few BMW owners' forums and you will see stacks of threads on issues/problema (many serious), which just about says it all. So much for being the alleged Ultimate Driving Machine! Delighted to be back in a Lexus and if possible I hope to stay with the brand ad infinitum. As many of us know, they may be an expensive buy, but the reassurance of their overall reliability, refinement/luxury and excellent customer service is hard to equal elsewhere for the same price point. BMWs are so common too; it's nice to own something much more exclusive (let alone far better on all counts, at least in my opinion).
  7. Lexus have stopped producing diesel cars for a while now. As has been said, unless your son does long runs regularly the DPF will clog and at some point it will be game over. The DPF could already be clogged and is maybe the reason the car is for sale. Just saying. I have owned both an IS200 (manual) and IS250 (auto). Both were superb but the running costs, especially the road tax, got too much in the end so I moved on. After numerous other brands since I am now back in a Lexus CT200h. Steer clear of a diesel if you can, however tempting the Lexus badge on it may be.
  8. MadJam250

    Armrest broken?

    Can only think previous owner used elbow to bear weight down on the armrest pad (when getting seated) and that the plastic underneath isn't strong enough to hold such weight?
  9. MadJam250

    Armrest broken?

    Anyone else's padded centre armrest on their CT200h feel extra spongey in the centre? Mine feels like the interior plastic has broken/given way.
  10. As most of us are probably aware, Lexus's that are aged 5 years or over can benefit from heavily reduced servicing costs compared to standard servicing prices. Looking at the job sheets' PDF there appears to be very little difference in the level of work carried out; the only difference I can see is almost 50% off in terms of cost for this option. Do many here take advantage of this significant saving with regards to annual servicing?
  11. MadJam250

    Height/clearance .. cause for concern?

    Yes. I've caught mine twice and only had the car 3 weeks. Even slightly bent the corner of the bottom edge of the driver's door 😕.
  12. MadJam250

    CT200h insurance ..expensive?

    That's very good. I'very been driving for 35 years with clean licence and max no claims bonus and still can't get it below £320.
  13. MadJam250

    68 Plate SE Plus 3 Month Review

    Having owned a few German brands to me there is no comparison with Lexus. Japanese wins hands down, especially for overall refinement and reliability.
  14. MadJam250

    68 Plate SE Plus 3 Month Review

    I have recently acquired a 2014 Advance Sport and too thought I didn't have TPMS but eventually found the reset button near the pedals (as described in the handbook). For me the standard 6 speaker audio sounds good. A bit of adjustment to the bass/treble settings may improve the sound for you. I had a Mark Levinson system in my 2006 IS250 which was great but only really improved with extra bass. 6 speakers for me, personally, is fine. I know what you mean about the infotainment/navigation. It's not the best but once used, to me, it's fine, in my eyes. My 2016 Samsung mobile syncs fine/quickly/automatically although occasionally calls' audio goes to mute and I can't get SMS to work (which is again fine as having used this before in previous cars it's an unsafe distraction). How are you finding the MPG so far and overall quality/refinement levels?
  15. MadJam250

    What's the furthest ..

    I've only had mine for a couple of weeks but managed 1.5 miles (in one go) the other day on half a charge. Not bad at all. ☺