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  1. Where is the click coming from?
  2. Don't get me started on BMWs (the cars moreso than their drivers)
  3. Is the Ioniq self-charging and/or plug-in?
  4. Indeed. But still the motoring press hates them; says alot about the motoring press who only have eyes/praise for all things Germanic ('cause they're paid by them to be biased #fakenews). This forum helped me choose my CT. All professional reviews were awful until I read the real (owners') reviews. Every year Lexus win the owners' awards. It's only these polls that count.
  5. I agree. I paid a bit more for my 2014 Advance Sport with 58k and full Lexus history last October, as a comparison. Mine is the facelifted version though but the spec is less that the F Sport, so price seems about right. Always haggle on price. Find similar models online and then suggest a price match (assuming there are cheaper ones elsewhere). Good luck 😊
  6. When I mentioned this to Lexus the other week they said they'd not heard of anything about a CT replacement in the UK.
  7. Thank you. No quibble on the warranty claim, usual lift to work, free coffee etc and nice chat with service representative. I used to wonder what the fuss was with all the praise for Lexus dealerships until I owned one and started going there. Amazing. All dealerships should treat their customers in this manner.
  8. Bit of feedback. Went in and a new a/c condenser fitted. Seems to have been a hole/leak and all covered under warranty. Excellent dealer service as always.
  9. I was able to rev it a bit in 'P' but no rasping sound. Air filter housing seems fine so does everything else. No apparent loss in power/performance/MPG. Could be exhaust but not the normal sound I've been used to in the past. Its due 6th (big) service next month so I'll mention it then. Thanks all.
  10. Hi all. Have only just noticed this with the driver's window open due to recent good weather. When in non electric mode, on acceleration I can hear a distinct short rasp that sounds like it's coming from the o/s/f, engine area. It's almost like a vibration or air escaping (in a raspy/raspberry-like sound!) from a hose perhaps, but the car seems to work OK. Anyone else heard this? Mine is a 2014 face-lift model. Thanks.
  11. The DAB tuning is indeed so unintuitive it's beyond a joke really (in first world problems territory). It took me several attempts and about 30 mins to tune in 6 presets and I can't for the life of me recall how I did it. That all said and done it's really the only niggle I have with the car (and no storage for rear passengers). Hope you enjoy the long run and get time to report back how that went for you. When I get time I'll do my own review on ownership of my first CT over the last 6 months. So far the thumbs are totally up.
  12. I guess this is partly why the car makes alot of ticking, wheezing and squeaking once the engine is turned off?
  13. Thanks all. Popped by local dealer and they'll have the car on Tuesday to rectify. They feel it's a probable condenser leak. Chap did say that sometimes hybrids' aircon can be reset (somehow) but felt it was more of a leak than a software matter. He suggested I keep aircon button off to prevent any subsequent damage in meantime. Top class service from Lexus as always.
  14. Hi. I have a 2014 face-lift CT. Put the aircon on, max cold setting, and the air is no colder than without depressing the a/c button. I'll get this checked but was wondering if other CT owners have experienced the same? Maybe related to the hybrid set-up? This is the first time since my ownership I have used it in cooling mode (it seemed to work fine in demist mode during the winter). Thanks.
  15. Fantastic news Basil. Congratulations. Great news about What Car too!