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  1. I agree and disagree. Cat theft is about risk and currently many Toyota/Lexus hybrids are at far greater risk of being done than many other makes. I don't sit around worrying, but I just wondered if others had considered reducing the risk considerably by changing to a brand where such risk is as good as eliminated. You, Herbie, clearly worry about your trip to Asda so I guess we all have our worries, trivial/subjective or otherwise, to some extent. Reading the Lexus blog/mag online shows a fair few who have commented who have been on the receiving end of cat theft, and in some cases, more than once. A friend of mine who was blasé recently said to stop worrying and then got his nicked a few weeks later. I guess it's never a concern until it happens to you (bit like how some feel about Covid). I love my Lexus, and this concern is currently their achilles heel I'd say. I'll see what my up and coming insurance renewal is like first I think. Be interesting to see if the forensic markings affect the stats too.
  2. Thank you. I admire all of your positivity and optimism. Statistically, though, as Lexus are relatively rare then if a criminal scout sees one, in a high risk region, say, in my eyes you're at a significant risk? If I drive a Ford, say, I'd not be worrying about such a scenario/crime. I just feel like I'm driving around and visiting places advertising this risk. I may feel inclined to limit travel etc that then affects my freedom etc. Do you think such security water marking will deter a thief?
  3. As we are all no doubt aware, catalytic converter theft for many hybrid vehicles is rife (especially for Toyota/Lexus models), insurance premiums are rising and if you're like me, I get anxious every time Ieave my Lexus in a public space now. I'm considering selling on to cut out (excuse the pun) this stress or am I perhaps worrying unnecessarily now that my car has been in for the Smart Water deterrent application (and associated windows stickers to that effect). I personally can't believe this will have any significant effect on deterring the theft, or can anyone convince me to the contrary? Has anyone on here actually moved their Lexus hybrid on re such paranoia? Thanks.
  4. It is Lexus UK and my local dealership whom I have requested information about Relax being clearly less comprehensive than they are promoting. My advice is that other members do the same to help highlight the fact that the level of cover for Relax is clearly less compared to the previous warranty, despite the official marketing (and dealerships) indicating to the contrary, that they are equal and offer the same level of cover (not true). 'Relax' is a term that is ironically oxymoronic right now.
  5. I messaged Lexus UK and local dealership for an explanation about Relax not covering the multi media system yet still proclaiming to be a like for like cover compared to the previous warranty: still no response.
  6. I've messaged my local dealer and Lexus HQ for their take on things. If we're being told to 'relax' and then end up getting a huge bill for a multi media fault it kind of goes against the name of the warranty. Losing breakdown cover and having to buy new cover is also not that relaxing either. Plus, under the Essentials Servicing scheme my servicing costs have almost doubled now, so having the warranty as 'free' is also not true, especially if I didn't want the warranty cover anyway. As others have said, Relax will work for them but excluding multi media cover is going to end up being a very frustrating and costly matter for a few when they realise Relax won't cover that, at least.
  7. Lock it, lose it or choose an alternative brand. I love my Lexus and all those before, but if little is being done to prevent this then I/others will be tempted to shop elsewhere. Personally I think all owners should have their cars recalled to fit a Catloc but as far as I see it, recalls only apply to safety matters of concern, so that is unlikely to happen.
  8. Here's your answer Roy. So that is misleading then as the previous warranty covered, for example, the multi media system which Relax does not.
  9. It says it on the website that Relax is as good as the previous warranty, but it clearly isn't if it doesn't provide the same level of cover, as detailed above. The sevice dept informed me it offered the same cover as have others on this forum being told. It is also saying that Relax is free yet the servicing costs have now risen, which therefore doesn't make the obligatory warranty free per se. The previous warranty included breakdown cover, so owners now have yo take out a separate policy for that too if they do indeed want similar cover, so yes, to say Relax offers the same level of cover is not true and misleading, as others have pointed out on here and elsewhere. More here:
  10. 1. The link related to someone who serviced any car 2. Lexus have said that 'Relax' is a warranty as good as the previous one, but it doesn't cover multi media failure or provide breakdown cover, so it's not a true statement which, in turn, as others have also said, is misleading, is it not?
  11. Just had my service and new 'free' Relax warranty applied. They say to relax but under the old warranty you had the multi media system covered and breakdown cover included. With Relax the former is not covered and the latter is an additional cost. Bit misleading, eh Lexus?
  12. Just had my cat watermarked at Lexus and a security window sticker applied to that effect. Is that really going to act as a deterrent and/or reduce insurance premiums?
  13. Can anyone give any positives about this compared to the Essentials Cares costs? I know it gives a warranty but if I don't want that then the servicing cost now is far higher than the Essentials. I think Lexus has priced out the owners of older models who aren't going to benefit as much,especually when the car approaches 10 years old.
  14. Congratulations indeed. Love the colour.
  15. So, now that 10 year old Lexi, or those with a mileage exceeding 100k, are unwarrantable are owners going to pay the new Relax prices or shop around elsewhere? If everyone else with a new Lexus benefits from having the added warranty then surely those with older/higher mileage cars deserve a servicing price reduction to factor this in? If not I'd guess many will be ditching their Lexi for alternative brands if they can't afford an upgrade to newer models with less mileage to carry on with the servicing deal under Relax?
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