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  1. Hi scudney thanks for you intrest, i removed the timing belt cover and the timing belt looks resonably new i.e. still has white printed writing on it that hasnt worn off, also i have sanded and undersealed the bottom of car so my concerns have been put on hold for now as it is such a good car. I was looking at is300's but just cant bring myself to buying an atuo. And also due to age of them i will be looking at the similar age related issues bushings, rust ect. So i have decided i will drive my is200 till next year then change to is250 when insurance renewal is due maybe... sorry i still havent decided 100% but the is200 is such a good car.
  2. Im at a crossroads! I currently have a 2000 is200 i am contemplating on changing to a is250 as the is200 is rusting quite bad have had both sills done several times and rear subframe has corrosion. Timing belt is due but unsure to pump any more money into car but the is200 is a simple but strong design i.e. engine wise... And the is250 suffers with carbon build up in engine valves ports ect. due to gdi (gasoline direct injectection) and as it is a v configuration it has way more maintenance i.e. two valve covers and components and less space to work in the engine bay... Is250 owners who were previous is200 owners. I would really like to hear your opinions on the change over... But also from is200 owners who are also at the dreadded crossroads or have been and decided to stick with the is200... Thanks SANDMAN LEXUS