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  1. Cheers for the fast reply. Just popped a new battery in, and its still not working smart, I still have to press the buttons on it 😞
  2. Just recently bought a LS430. One of the keys is smart enabled, opens the door, saves having to put the key in the ignition etc. The other isnt, is it possible to make them both smart please. The keys are slightly different, so hopefully there is a pic below of the keys. Many thanks.
  3. Well I ordered a new (to me) lock and it arrived today, all fitted, so not to worry about the above question, although curiosity is still driving me to get an answer, might have to get it took apart. The new lock I have fitted does not seem to want to work with the soft close of the central locking, but I can live with that at the moment.
  4. 6500RPM

    CT 200 EBAY SCAM ********

    A website that does just that. https://www.419eater.com/
  5. Halfords also stock it for none prime members at £17 in their sale. https://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-fluids/engine-oil/castrol-magnatec-5w30-c3-oil-4-litre Also 10/40 if you need that for £16 https://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-fluids/engine-oil/castrol-magnatec-10w40-a3-b4-oil-4-litre
  6. My rear door would not close, so after searching the forums, I found a post about the snapped micro switch. Dismantled the door, got the latch out, glued the snapped part back together, and reassembled everything, but the door would still not close. I have taken it back apart, and it appears that the piece of metal, that presses down on the micro switch is not moving. If I press it down onto the switch while operating the latch, the door mechanism catches, and will work, but otherwise, this piece does not move. I have photographed the part I mean, its the piece of metal I have the white stick pointing at. Is this part meant to move mechanically, or electronically please? Any advice gratefully received.
  7. Thanks for the welcome (but not the geordie bit 🙂 (Sunderland). I have still not got my LS430 on the road yet, having a few issues with the back door not closing, and want to get it all sorted before I start using her. She is a lovely one owner from new with 75K. Anyway, back to oil, for anyone wanting to stock up, Amazon have castrol magnatec 5w30 fully synthetic on at the moment for £17 for 4L, which is a cracking price.
  8. Oh, and have had the unit out, all connections seem secure in the back of it.
  9. I've entered the diagnostics screen and it says the radio is not connected (NCON) and the Audio H/U it says CHECK. In the 'Panel Switch Check' the FM and AM buttons did not do anything, but then again, neither did pressing the tape or CD buttons, and I know they work.
  10. It says that the radio is not connected. I have not looked at the other menu you mentioned to see if the buttons are working, I will get on to that today hopefully as also have to sort out a rear door that will not close. Thanks for the advice.
  11. Ive also heard great things about Asda oil. I dont understand all the specs, but apparently it is meant to be really good O(and lets be honest, they dont make their own oil, so one of the big players must be making it for them.)
  12. Nothing at all, it is as if I am not pressing the buttons. It does not seem able to select the radio. Aerial , now I have not checked that. I just thought that it would have still scanned the FM frequency even without an aerial plugged in.
  13. Evening. I have just bought a '04 LS430 with the ML stereo in it. The CD works fine, the tape seems to work (it comes up) but when I press the FM or AM buttons to get the radio on, it just does not work. I have tried all the things that a 'google' brings up, so just looking for further suggestions please. Things I have tried: Checked the 2 fuses in passenger side, and the 1 fuse in the drivers side fuse box Have removed the radio plugs at the back of the unit, and then plugged it back in. I have disconnected the battery. What have I missed please?