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  1. They didn't raise any concerns when I had the backbox welded back on. Just needed that section replacing was what they said
  2. Hi All, I thought I'd post this in the main forum too in case anyone could shed further light. I'm looking for a new exhaust as I've had to have the backbox on one side welded back on after rusting and falling off on the M60! The mechanic said it would hold for the time being but I should look to replace pretty soon. My car is a 58 plate but it's a face-lift model and was registered in Jan 2009 so I have the updated back lights etc. I've been scouring the internet and stumbled across this I've contacted this chap on Ebay who said this exhaust wouldn't be compatible but I can't see any mechanical differences to that of the Non-facelift car and understood them to have the same Couldn't anyone advise whether this would fit? Thanks
  3. Thanks Herbie, I'll bear that in mind. I'm probably going to have the car for the next couple of years. Do you know whether the above exhaust in the link would be compatible to my car? I don't see any technical differences between the post 2009 facelift and the non facelift model. The engines are certainly identical
  4. Hi All, I'm looking for a new exhaust as I've had to have the backbox on one side welded back on after rusting off. The mechanic said it would hold for the time being but I should look to replace pretty soon. My car is a 58 plate but it's a facelift model and was registered in Jan 2009. I've contacted this chap on Ebay who said this exhaust wouldn't be compatible but I can't see any mechanical differences to that of the Non-facelift. Couldn't anyone advise whether this would fit? Thanks
  5. Hello all. Apologies for the lack of update however I'm now 6 weeks into ownership and loving every second. I have also (this weekend) completed my Led transformation of the car. I appreciate that it's a bit of a mute point on here however for anyone looking to upgrade from the standard halogen headlights to xenon etc I would honestly suggest to go down the eld replacement route. For one thing if anyone is worried about mot failure, it's a simple plug and play exercise. I purchase three sets of bulbs, dipped, main and side light and the difference (no pun intended) is night and day. Not only has my light output significantly increased but they look amazing instead of the dull yellowy colour of the old ones. It literally transforms the car. Beam pattern is spot on, I haven't had to make any adjustments, I've also had my wife drive behind me in my other car and there is absolutely no glare. Full beam is like the sun projecting from your car its quite extraordinary. The bulbs were 30 quid per pair from amazon. Im seriously happy with the outcome. I don't think lexus wanted anyone to ever change the bulbs haha. It's a good few hour job taking the airbox out etc and very fiddly but not complicated in the slightest. Just remember that when you're testing them before you out everything back in, don't switch the electrics on, just use the stalk power otherwise if you haven't reattach the O2 sensor it'll flag Happy to assist anyone if they so wish Thanks
  6. Quick update, started with the retrofit to LED light install. Did the interior and puddle lights last night. All I'll say is wow! What a difference, it's crazy how much better they are. Especially good when you walk up to the car and the light underneath the mirror lights up the whole side of the car! A must have mod and very easy and cheap to do!
  7. Seriously mate hold out until you find the right one. I looked at 6 before either bought this. Has a couple of superficial scratches but the one you looked at was well overpriced at 5k Dont be put off if it's not se-L. Can still get a decent se-i just doesn't have a few specific options. I managed to get facelift which has door mirror indicators and different styling pieces
  8. Cheers Paul As I mentioned I'm looking at changing my headlights to LED, the stock Halogen's are extremely poor and I sometimes have wondered whether they're actually on or not I've done quite a bit of research on these and understand it'll fail the MOT (not too fussed about as I'll swap them out come next year) and hope I'm in the 5% of people who actually do this right and keep the same beam pattern but get a nice true white light and a much improved driving experience. Long gone are the days of CREE leds throwing light all over the road and dazzling other drivers. The way these new LED bulbs operate is to output the light in a very similar way to that of Halogen, so the beam pattern (including the Step) is pretty much bang on. Does anyone have experience of replacing normal Halogens with LED bulbs from the likes of Philips (Lumileds)?
  9. Hi Ken (and all) So after much searching and travelling I went to view Wetmybeak's IS250 in Warrington on Sunday and we agreed on a price and I'm now the proud owner! :) 58 plate (2009 model) facelift version, Dark Grey, Black Leather interior and the car is in great condition, I look forward to maintaining a high standard of care (maybe a couple of cosmetic modifications, LED lights etc) over my time as owner. Very happy, I understand what everyone says now about these cars in terms of what's on offer to the cost involved. It's crazy but I guess we have a nice little (overlooked) slice of the pie
  10. Yeah good point actually They come with a lot of kit as standard which is nice to have. I'm looking at a few at the moment but there's a Sport with Alcantara seats, Automatic, Memory Seats, Full ML audio, Xenon headlights etc which I'm interested in too.
  11. Have you posted this now Eamonn? If I had the cash I would bite your hand off for it!
  12. Think I've just answered my own question (Lexus press release). So this would mean that the one in question does have all the added features as below. New Satellite Navigation Pack Lexus has assembled an impressive Satellite Navigation Pack, available as an option (£1,825) on IS SE and SE-I models. The pack comprises: Pan-European satellite navigation system Seven-inch VGA display Touch screen operation Bluetooth connectivity 13-speaker audio system with six-CD changer Rear parking monitor
  13. Afternoon all, I'm very interested in one of the forum members cars (earlier in this thread). Going to view it this week and if all checks out should be good to go. ONe thing which is mind boggling is the Lexus spec side of things with all the different trim levels, SE, SE-I, SE-L, Advance, Sport, SR, F-Sport etc etc One question I had was in relation the facelift 2009 SE-I model. Whilst having differences such as indicators lights on the wing mirrors etc I'm trying to get my head around the Audio and which one it is. This car doesn't have Mark Levinson (which I believe to be a 14 speaker system), however it does have Navigation and reverse camera. Does that mean it'll have the premium 13 speaker system or the basic audio 8 speaker system (with sub in the read parcel shelf and centre speaker on the dash) OR I've heard that some offerings have a 6 speaker system? Any help greatly appreciated
  14. If I had the money I'd get the convertible hands down, very nice! Was looking at the CLK350 but road tax would kill me