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  1. If you are good at selling then anything is possible. Maybe Messi, I sold one with 102k for £6000 just last year.
  2. Good evening everyone. Well, it looks like my car has made the headlines again! I am the owner and the one selling it. Nice to see some of the members appreciate the car for what it is. I think a few direct replies are in order: Firstly, thank you Razor61 for your kind comments on the condition. Its actually been a private collection vehicle for over the last ten years (previous owner) including myself. Its not been a daily driver, but why not make it one? Life is for living. Regarding its value, well its like most things in life. My view is you only get what you pay for. Then there is the fact that it is a rather nice car, rare DHP specification, low mileage, condition etc. I have a track record of owning, using, restoring and selling the LS400. Many times my cars appear on this forum to be talked about, a lot (not everyone) say they are over priced, yet I have sold enough of them to know what can and can not be achieved. Every one I have had has sold to someone who appreciates the car and the examples I have had, to the point that they bought them. I only use/sell nice cars, and this is one is no exception. If you have a change of heart then please let me know. Thank you Vlady! Very much appreciated. Not quite. I started advertising this one in August last year. The 110k model sold to gentleman in the west of Scotland. A true gentleman he was too with a great knowledge and passion for classic cars. I also sold my Father's Astral Black LS400 last year as well to a gentleman in Brighton for not much less than this Cashmere one (not that it matters what it sold for). The market as you say can dictate pricing, but then you have to be in the market to know how its performing. Someone else will come along with one, its only a matter of time. When something is rare, it commands a price. Mileage, condition, history and demand also plays a significant role. No one needs an LS400. In fact, no one needs a Lexus. We all want to buy what we want to have. I buy what I like and admire. When you consider values of Porsche's, vintage BMW's, even classic Range Rover's they have all shot up in price. Some don't sell right away and prices need to be adjusted, but cars are like art and if its a good example then values are going to be more than the run of the mill. Royoftherovers, I could say a few things here but I will restrain myself. For the avoidance of doubt though and for the benefit of having a fair playing field in being able to defend myself I am letting everyone know that I am the registered owner of the car and have been for nearly two years. I am a car collector not a full blown trader with a dealership or a dodgy back street garage. I on occasion buy cars with the intention to sell and I am up front with everyone I deal with. Thank you for your comments Stupot, but again my ownership has been explained above. You are right though, I only need one to buy it. Just one. Jpjsavage, not quite a year yet. I do appreciate your view on my car being 'over the market price' but if you can tell me what the market price is that would be great (ideally those under 100,000 miles). I think some knowledge on the LS400 market is needed. Currently the market as I see it is around 30 cars in total. I do recall your LS600 purchase well. A lot of car for the money. Did they re-spray the passenger side for you as I do remember seeing the doors were a different shade of silver? You actually got in touch about two of my cars before but alas we did not have deal between us. Interesting. I remember the car being advertised for £2,500 and within an hour it was sold. How did the seller get his asking price? Only £3,000 between a Mk3 and Mk4 DHP - not an awful lot in my opinion. Again, not quite two years Messi. I sold one of my Mk4 DHP's with 28,000 miles to a dealer called T.H.Boler for £9,000. He sold it for £13,000 two weeks later. Figure that one out! You see Malc, you just hit the nail in the head. Your running a 217k mile LS400 and using it every day, good for you! Now, someone could have mine and be driving a very smart and rare modern classic knowing that it could reach over 200,000 miles and knowing that using it every day and doing 15k a year would mean there is potentially another ten years worth of motoring left in it before it reaches your mileage. And, it only costs them £8,995 for such a wonderful machine! What great cars these are indeed! Thank you Jazz&coffee, very kind of you to say so. All the best everyone.