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  1. I’d like to know, and others I’m sure, which US or Japan supplier/s if possible, the suppliers I tried in Japan and in the US could not supply them. One US supplier listed them and I ordered them online only to be told they were not available anymore.
  2. No need to do anything with them, they will press in with a decent press but make sure they are central with equal over hangs as they are wider than the originals (this will become apparent when you do it) Getting them pressed out is the harder bit, I couldn't shift them with a 10 ton diy type press. An engineering company pressed them out or 'got them out' for me.
  3. Hi Jack, the poly bushes in the link don't look right and look like the front lower arm bushes not the front 'BAR ASSY, STRUT' rod bushes. The failed bushes on my car were the front 'BAR ASSY, STRUT' rod bushes. The poly bushes I bought for the 'BAR ASSY, STRUT' rod are PSB531 but I didn't use them in the end. I was going to fit these poly bushes as the original OEM bushes are no longer available and see whether they affected the ride etc too much. I figured I'd give it a go and if the ride was too hard, fit new OEM arms. But I found some rubber bushes that would do the job. The rubber ones I bought and actually used are part number 48674-40051 (cushion, strut bar) and they are originally made for a Toyota Century. The diameter is the same as the originals but the width is greater meaning about 10mm more rubber. I'm glad I didn't fit the poly bushes because of the work involved replacing them again with rubber bushes or replacing the arms. After doing my car, my advice for anyone thinking of replacing these bushes would be: The vast majority of the work is removing the arms themselves. If you are good with spanners, have all the needed equipment and tools, somewhere to do the work off road, access to a good press and plenty of patience then replace just the bushes as I did if you want to save money. If you have the cash then buy new arms and no need for a press. Because of all the stuff you need to remove its a good idea (in my opinion) to replace the drop links, anti-roll bar bushes and clean/de rust/ rust treat anything you can see and get to including the inner wing arches etc.
  4. I can tell you about a similar issue I had on my 1996 MK3 LS400 which may help. Symptoms: when stabbing/slamming the brakes there was a clunk at the front end. With the car on the ramp you could also see where the anti roll bar had been moving in the bushes. The cause was the lower front suspension arm bushes or 'BAR ASSY, STRUT' bushes. They looked fine on the car but once taken off the car you could see where they were cracked all the way round in the middle which meant the arm wasn't solidly attached to the centre tube/bushing anymore. I replaced them both along with the drop links and anti roll bar bushes and it cured the problem. I guess when braking sharply the 'BAR ASSY, STRUT' was moving laterally and this moved the ant roll bar as well. It's not an easy job to replace them though and the bushes themselves are not available separately anymore, only the complete arms are available. £330 for both sides from Lexus Parts Direct, one side is cheaper than the other for some reason. I went down a different route, see my post link below.
  5. MAF maybe? You could try unplugging the MAF and see if it makes any difference. Or it could be a vacuum leak somewhere, there are a a few vacuum pipes connected to the throttle body on my 1996 LS400.
  6. Car is not listed anymore on eBay, Autotrader or website. I wonder why..............
  7. You can also see the original colour in one of the pictures on Autotrader, the picture of the drivers door window switches shows the sill.
  8. Mmmmmh, I wonder.................... maybe you looked at the MOT history and decided not to bother😀
  9. Probably why I've never seen one in that colour................I'm just curious about the car and will have a look, as it's only 20 mins from where I live, and get some info about it. I've no intention of buying it at the moment but you never know, I may be tempted😀
  10. LS400 for sale on EBay in metallic red, link below. This caught my eye because of the colour, price and it’s near me. I’ve not seen many LS400’s in this colour and I quite like it so will have a look at the weekend. What do you guys think of the colour? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264605916694
  11. Car all detailed and polished, didn’t get all the scratches out but it looks better than when I bought it!,
  12. I've just sold a set of 5 but there is a set for sale on eBay at the moment for £400 with good tyres apparently. I can't say exactly what weight the DHP alloys and tyres were but I remember that they felt a lot heavier that the standard 16" wheels and tyres.
  13. I thought someone had blobbed some mastic on my car to stick the trim down!
  14. I removed the trim on my car, there are plastic fasteners holding the trim in place and some kind of sticky pad under larger corner bits. I removed this trim to clean underneath, glad I did because it was pretty grotty, I haven't got round to sticking the corners back down yet though. I uploaded some pictures of before and after etc here:
  15. I had a look on the Denso website E-catalogue (link below) for the correct wiper blades for my car and there are 2 x types listed, standard and hybrid. Looks like the hybrid has the aero spoiler thing and the standard doesn't. LS400 94-2000 are the same wipers according the website. Denso E-catalogue: https://www.denso-am.co.uk/e-catalogue/