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  1. Hi Howard, I’ve just re done my wheels, I did do them months ago but they were just as bad. I’ve now applied the C5 stuff. I did the just front wheels a few weeks ago and the dirt and brake dust comes off a hell of a lot easier but was still on the wheels in the hard to get to places and a pain to clean off. Autofinesse Iron Out with a brush to agitate did the trick though so the combination of wheels cleaned and coated with C5 then using Iron Out or something similar after works really well for my wheels. I only started using the Gtechniq stuff after I had a new M140i ceramic coated with their stuff and just stuck with it.
  2. Good advice thanks, I’ve got Tigerseal, Sikaflex 221 and aluminium mesh and the plan was to stick the mesh on in pieces if needed, gluing just on the edges to start with, then when cured cover with whatever is the best. I’ll get some epoxy resin as well, I don’t fancy use glass fibre to honest.
  3. Finally got to the bit I was dreading, the wheel arch with the glass fibre which looked more like straw😳 pics after the ‘straw’ was removed😪 Looks worse than it actually is, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway! But once cleaned up and treated, I think I’ll be able to sort it out with aluminium mesh, adhesive/joint filler stuff and some time to make sure it’s all sealed and looks pretty. Maybe some glass fibre as well, not decided the best way forward yet.
  4. Here you go, I’ve ordered some more anyway. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323160849691 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F174217768859
  5. 🤣 I haven't found them yet, I ordered 50 x of the cill cover clips and a 500 piece box of all different Toyota clips. I can't find either of them, I did ask my other half and the look I got wasn't pleasant!!! I'll have another look today in the house. I haven't looked properly in the house yet, I'll wait until my other half in back in work at Sainsbury's and do it then...........
  6. Looks like you are on a similar journey to me but for different reasons and in different areas on the car. Do you have the alloy wheel cap/trim thingy’s? On the original pictures of the car they are not there. I have 2 spare sets so if you need a set..........
  7. Work today, rear bumper removed which took me a couple of hours. There are 2 x nuts holding the rear bumper on (plus all the others in the boot) which are in the arch, plenty of patience needed to get them off without snapping the bolts. Plenty of Plus Gas, undo until it stops, wind back in and repeat until they come off. This took the most time. Degreased the bodywork underneath once bumper is off and washed. Scraped all the rust off that I could from the bottom of the arches, cleaned and rust treated. I’ve got the stuff I need to repair the holes into the boot and the other side. Aluminium mesh, body adhesive/sealant and a glass fibre kit if needed. Pics below.
  8. No problem, I’ve tried to find the clips I bought but I can’t find them anywhere! I need to turn the garage and the house upside down to find them but I may have left them at work. I don’t think I have though, I may have thrown them away somehow and will be a bit miffed if I have. They weren’t expensive but at the moment I may not be able to get some more. Anyway some more pics below.
  9. Yep, what I’m doing on the car isn’t the most important thing in the world. Following government advice is though, which I am doing. But I need to occupy myself doing something and doing stuff on the car is my way of occupying myself. My wife works at Sainsbury’s so is out of the house a lot of the time, customers in retail can be difficult in normal circumstances but at the moment it’s pretty frustrating for staff in supermarkets. And that is putting it very very mildly, people can be so moronic and stupid which beggars belief!
  10. Well, as I’m working from home for the next 3 weeks for the most part I decided to do some stuff on the LS400. Things that I had planned to do anyway at some point and now I have the time. I had planned to remove the cill covers and have a look at any damage and rust, mainly the rear arch issue I have. I did this today and below are some photos of what was underneath before I did anything apart from the bottom of the off side rear arch which I removed all the gunk and rust. Pretty good condition I have to say and was pleasantly surprised. I also removed the off side wheel to investigate the rear bottom arch rust problem which wasn’t as bad as I thought. Near side may be worse when I remove the fibreglass patching. Anyway I’ve wire brushed and rust treated anything I could find on the cill seams etc and will post after pics tomorrow. I have bought some plastic clips to fix the covers back on, all the plastic clips broke apart from 2 or 3. I knew about this so bought a bag full of them. Not tried them yet though so I hope they are right ones!
  11. Good luck with all the work and you deserve some applause for doing it 👏 I replaced the front discs and pads with genuine Lexus stuff and didn’t think the price was too bad to be honest, I priced them up with Lexus Parts Direct first and then called local Lexus dealership with the price and they matched it. Local dealership weren’t exactly pleased about it but any way you can save a bit helps. Approx £180 for front discs and pads, £210 ish for rear discs and pads iirc.
  12. Good point from the chauffeur, I’ve always thought that cleaning and polishing the glass makes the whole car look good /better. I spend/have spent a lot of time on the paintwork so the glass shouldn’t be left out. I’ve always cleaned the glass and used a glass polish but recently I’ve started to clay bar the glass to remove contaminants, if the paintwork has contaminants then the glass will as well. I can testify to this because I’ve clay barred the glass on my son in laws car today. There was quite a bit of crap that came off and after putting some glass polish on, it looked top notch. Sounds really ott but it’s true😀
  13. yep, it’s an aesthetic thing but grotty wheels can spoil the whole look of a car especially if the rest of the car looks great. Just my opinion of course 😉 I bought a second hand set of wheels last week, I like to have another set of wheels so I can take the wheels to have a new a set of tyres fitted then swop them over. They are in reasonable condition and I plan to have them refurbished at Lepsons, used them in the past and they do an A1 job, and have new tyres fitted at the the same time ready to just fit them when the time comes which will be in the next 6 months. I sent pictures of the wheels to Lepsons and they said one of them is corroded, which I knew and is no surprise for Lexus alloys, so they cannot guarantee the finish will last as long as they expect. Corrosion will come back at some point, maybe 2-3 years or a bit longer but it will come back they said. I’ll send my spare wheel instead so the set will be good and keep the corroded one as a spare. Regarding centre caps, I’ve ended up with 3 x sets. 1 x set on the car and 2 x sets from buying the spare set of wheels plus a job lot of spare parts. I bought the job lots of spares just for the genuine antenna. Antenna worked but the telescopic bit was seized a bit and didn’t extend fully so swopped it for an new replacement I bought a few weeks ago. Works perfect now and it’s a genuine unit so fits spot on, the one I had was a generic one which didn’t fit great at all. The original telescopic bit is soaking in release fluid to see if I can free it up, if it does it will go back in.