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  1. It does, and it looks good in Black. I didn't particularly want a MK4 but it looks really nice.
  2. A few interesting LS400's for sale at the moment. decent MOT history, not low miles but looks in decent shape. Drivers seat needs attention though. this was for sale a while ago for £5,500 iirc but had an issue with the dash. Looks like it's been sorted now.
  3. An interesting video and I quite enjoyed watching it. I don’t think the shocks/top mounts are the originals, if you look at the top of the front shocks they don’t look OEM to me at all. That would probably account for the poor ride because I think even with suspension wear they ride better than in the video.
  4. A definite improvement driving to work this morning, the light is 'brighter' especially on the driver side. Time will tell if it lasts or not but even if it lasts 12 months then it's worth it.
  5. That’s true Malc. Mine passed no problem but they weren’t that bad. However, if the headlights are severely opaqued they cannot be as good as they should be in my opinion. On my car I always thought the passenger side was better than the drivers side, I equated that to the drivers side headlight oxidisation being a lot worse than the passenger side. I’ll soon find out tomorrow morning if my hypothesis is correct when driving to work. If it doesn’t make any difference then at least the headlights look better……..worth £7 to me for that alone.
  6. Yep, it’s not bad at all and a lot cheaper than buying 2 new headlights. I messed about with it on the drivers side and ended up using the cleaner again to remove it and then coat it again. That was because rain was whipping in the garage at that side and was affecting the finish, I just had the front end in the garage. Next time I won’t make the same mistake so if you decide to try it then do it it completely inside if possible or on a dry calm day and you won’t be disappointed. This stuff is pretty good and I suspect a lot of car dealers use it or something similar. Car comes in with oxidised headlights - use Duxback treatment or something similar - headlights look like new again - saves quite a bit of money😉
  7. So I did the Duxback this morning. looks a lot better and it’s in the garage for the stuff to cure. There are a few streaks on the drivers side if you look really close so may apply the coating again when it’s cured. Time will tell how long it lasts, I’ll see what it’s like after washing the car tomorrow and may apply the protective sealant stuff I got with the Holts kit.
  8. Is that using the duxback stuff or sanding the headlights and sealing them?
  9. Headlights on my IS250 are oxidized, drivers side worse than passenger. Car was in at Lexus for it's MOT a couple of weeks ago and I mentioned the oxidization and they said they have some stuff to make it better. Anyhow I got the list of stuff that needs doing on the car - nsr rear caliper seized (to be done under warranty), wheel alignment which I knew needed done and a thing called 'Duxback' coating. I thought the 'Duxback' coating was some kind of coating for the glass and Lexus were offering this if you want it and was around £30 I think but can't remember exactly. Last week the car was in for the work which was all fine and dandy. I then started searching for 'Headlight restoration' kits/stuff and came across the usual kits with abrasive paper where you basically sand down the headlight lens working up to fine 3000 grit, polish it and then seal it. But the search also popped up with 'Duxback Headlight Restoration Kit', the penny then dropped that Lexus were offering this treatment for the headlights and not the glass. 'Duxback Headlight Restoration Kit' doesn't use abrasive papers but is a two part process with liquids, one for 'cleaning' and the other to seal/coat to make the lenses clear again. It gets good reviews and there are YouTube videos which show the results. The sanding method is a bit drastic in my opinion, it does work if done properly and may be the only way of rectifying it. So after all that waffle I searched for some Duxback and ECP have it at a reduced price of £8.59 and apparently is normally £24.99, at that price I bought some and a 'Holts Headlight Restorer Kit' just in case the Duxback doesn't work (the Mrs IS200 has the same issue so it won't be wasted). I planned to try the Duxback last weekend but the weather was atrocious so I couldn't try it but this weekend I will try it and report back with photos of before and after.
  10. Malc, are you talking about the ‘1997 Grey Lexus LS 400 4.0 4dr for sale for £9,995 in Horsham, West Sussex (’ that’s was for sale on here? Just making sure……..if it is that car then I can remember enough from the original For Sale topic on here to say that I’m pretty sure there was no mention of a speedo change. I was keeping an eye on the car and I would have remembered I think, I even remember the last entry which was ‘deposit taken’ or something very similar then it was removed. Presumably because the current Milk Float company bought it. I hope that goes some way to put your mind at rest.
  11. Neither would I, I don't want to pay more than £5k max for a good Mk3 LS400. Whether I get one for that remains to be seen but the car in question is a very very good solid car and if someone pays the asking price they would not be disappointed. And the new owner could buy a set of winter tyres for sale on here for winter driving, which is a good idea for a car so big and heavy without traction control...............
  12. Malc, I presume you are referring to the '1997 Grey Horsham for £9,995' reg 'P152JJC' at the top of this post? If you are, then there is nothing underhand or anything by removing a 'For Sale' post when it's actually been sold. That's normal for any site where you sell things, when you sell a car on Autotrader or eBay etc the advert is removed when it's sold. If I put a car up for sale I'd want the advert removed asap when it sells to stop any more phone calls or messages.
  13. I'm sure there is nothing suspicious at all, IOM isn't that big so it's understandable that the mileage is low. The previous owner, who is a member on here, may want to elaborate but as I said in the beginning there is nothing to be suspicious about in my view. Irrelevant now unless someone is interested in the car and prepared to pay the asking price.
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