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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do not do this when the engine is hot--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instructions on how I replaced the ECM/ECU temp sensor, I created this from memory using pictures I took at the time so I may have missed something, feel free to let me know if I have and I'll amend it. Follow these instructions at your own risk, engine must be cold, I undid the coolant cap to release any pressure before I started and refitted correctly (there wasn't any pressure in mine). TempSensor.pdf
  2. If I hadn't put the engine cover back on I would have used a pint of lager and see what happened😀 I'm a lager drinker so it would be a more realistic test for me.......I must be getting bored now after doing all the work on the car!! But having said that, I've had to order a new Aircon Compressor as mine has gone 'pete tongue'. It went a couple of weeks ago on the hottest day of the year leaving work, baking hot and the car didn't cool down - checked aircon was on and the light was flashing. First instinct was compressor had gone but did some checks. There is good pressure in the system so no leaks but the compressor wasn't kicking in, checked 12v power to the clutch when aircon engaged- ok there, disconnected clutch assy supply and applied 12v direct to the clutch assy and it didn't kick in. So conclusion is that it's either the clutch assembly or the compressor. It's easier to replace the whole thing, compressor with clutch assy and it should cure it (hopefully). New Denso compressor with clutch assy, AC Drier and expansion valve kit as well should arrive Weds this week from Rockauto in the US. Sounds silly but the USA is the best and cheapest place to get aircon stuff, I did look in the UK but couldn't find anywhere to get the stuff. The stuff was listed but was out of stock. I dread to think what the cost would be from Lexus.
  3. I didn’t just put the wine glass on and rev it🙄...............I did a dummy run holding the glass first, I may be a silly little boy but I’m not stupid🤪
  4. Replaced the ECU Temp Sensor (LS400 1996), took a hour or so taking my time and taking photos. I'll put together a guide and post it when I get chance. When I put everything back (apart from the engine cover) and started the engine to check that the sensor didn't leak, I decided to put a wine glass with filled with some water on top of the inlet manifold and rev the engine a bit just for the hell of it, video is below. Pretty impressive how smooth the whole engine is. Of course I've seen the video, and others, of a stack of wine glasses etc but wanted to try myself😀 TwpeBExmQgSD8txNeovNmQ.MOV
  5. Adjusted the throttle cable on my 95 LS400 and took out the slack as there was too much in my opinion. Left a little bit of slack, throttle pedal is now how I like it - instant throttle response - and checked that the car still idled correctly when warm. Cruise control is better now as well, before it took too much time to react but much better now.
  6. Just to add that the boot looks to be dry now after washing etc, I gave the whole area a good soak with the spray hose and the spare wheel well seemed dry. A bit of water gets in via the aerial to the left hand side but I’m not too bothered about it. I could remove the aerial, for the 4th time, and put a bit of sealant round the gasket but I not doing it all again.
  7. Yep the OEM weather strip isn’t exactly cheap, £100 ish but it’s a doddle to fit without needing to glue the joint. I did find a slight bit of rust on the lip itself but nothing to write home about. If you are thinking about the corners where the water gathers at the bottom of the rear screen, I did find some surface rust last year when I removed the trim and weather strip to clean it all. I cleaned, treated and painted these areas and it’s fine. The 2 x trim outer retaining clips don’t fix in place so I’ve left them as they are for now. The corners are not fixed down with any sealant, I thought it best to leave them as they were for the time being. The trim isn’t going anywhere and at least I know I can lift them up to clean etc.
  8. Replaced the boot seal yesterday with a genuine Lexus one, the boot ‘pops’ open now as shown in the video. Quite a big difference between the old flat tired seal and the new one which isn’t a surprise after 24 years use. It’s done well lasting that long really. D040EBEB-6EA2-4063-B98C-ECE9BEB78B1E.MOV
  9. You're probably right, I think it's been left on the keyring and it's for another car or maybe a garage door remote.
  10. Hi, I just wondered if anyone recognizes the remote fob in the pic below? The key is the valet key I think along with the metal 'serial tag' thing but not sure what the fob is or if it's for the Lexus LS400 anyway (this came with the car), I have 2 x 'normal' fobs that I recognize with keys ( which I've I replaced the batteries ) and I've replaced the batteries in the mystery fob which doesn't seem to do anything on the car. There is no mention of this type of fob in the owners manual so it's probably not for my car but wanted to check just in case it's some kind of 'master super duper fob'
  11. I seem to remember this car for sale quite a while ago, on car and classic maybe, and it was around £4K I think. One other thing that I think was in the advert was that the car had spent some time abroad, Hong Kong or something like that, does anyone else remember this?
  12. You have my sympathy Stuart regarding the misfire under load issue, I know these type of issues can take time or money and normally both. I hope you get it sorted sooner rather than later. Regarding the rusted bolts and nuts, I have found quite a few similar on my car and sheared a few by not being patient - even though I knew I should be. I had to be very very patient and eventually they came off ok but it was very time consuming and painstaking work. It only cost me time but to pay for a mechanic to do that for hours will cost a bit, that’s where an induction heater is very useful and I wish I had one.......... I have got to agree with you to a certain extent regarding the costs running an LS400 and fully appreciate costs can spiral quickly. I bought my LS400 to find out what they were like and have a car to tinker with as a hobby. I have spent quite a chunk of money on mine, some of it absolutely needed, some of it I knew about when buying and some of it to get the car in the ‘right’ condition for me (mechanical and body) Some issues I was prepared for and some I definitely wasn’t i.e. the rusty holes in the rear arches, strut bar bushes plus obtaining a genuine electric aerial to replace the crap generic one and then £80 for the genuine Lexus telescopic bit (yes I know there are aftermarket ones on eBay but the difference in quality is night and day) I was/am realistic about the cost of running older cars but I didn’t expect or want to spend the amount I have on my car although I could probably have spent a quarter of the amount and just ran the car no problem. I sort of reached a ‘point of no return’ where I felt I had to continue sorting things out that I found, even though I would prefer a different colour😀
  13. I straightened mine using an adjustable spanner starting from the least bent bit on the outside and worked my way to the middle of the bent section gradually closing the jaws as it straightened. If that makes sense. The adjustable spanner has flat straight jaws, I thought this was better than using curved adjustable pipe spanners or mole grips.
  14. £4,500, considering what has been done to the car as described, isn’t that bad but at the moment..........maybe not achievable. Worth a punt though and if you get it for half the reserve then it’s a good buy, you never know...............you have to be in it to win it😉