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  1. Thanks! I've always bought older before these last 2 cars. It does seem however buying new on PCP is the way to go, with the £26 pm on the service plan, I'm not going to get any big surprises each year when it goes in for its service. If you can get the finance imo it's the way to go. Was even better on the last car with no road tax! Shame I'm back to paying it now. My advice would be get some quotes on CarWow on a few different types of car (it's quick and free) then ask the cheapest dealer to send you the cost per month on finance, then whatever the price, tell them it's too much by X?, See what they say. By the time they knock of the finance deposit and dealer discount, you can take about £5k off the MRP. More on other makes.
  2. I had Yokohama's on my previous car, then replaced the back 2 with Michelin's CC, and found the rear to be much quieter and nicer ride. Just bought a brand new F Sport the other day, so I'm sadly back to the Yoko's 😥
  3. Picked up my new car a couple of days ago. First impressions are it's better than the previous version I had for sure. How much of that is my imagination and just being a new car, only time will tell I guess. New Car CT200h F Sport, Mercury Grey, with Tech and Convenience Packs on PCP Previous Car CT200h 65 plate with Sport Pack, White with Black Roof/Mirrors I ordered the new car in August, which was due mid November, then 2 weeks ago after I chased the dealer to confirm delivery date, they said .... Oohh its gonna be mid February now we think! Unless I wanted to go from my colour choice of Black, to Metallic Mercury Grey. Hence I ended up with a different colour. Sad times, as I was really looking forward to the black, even more painfully the day I went to pick up my new car, stuck in traffic, there it was, directly opposite me sitting at the lights.... In black! 😭 Anyhoo Mercury Grey it is, which although not as good, I still like, plus it matches the wheels now, which is a bonus. Going from normal to F Sport I'd expected the ride to be a little harder, if that's possible, and I've noticed that's kind of the case on non smooth roads, so most of them. But it also feels firmer in a good way too which surprised me. The whopping 10.3" display is lovely, the seats again feel a bit firmer and hug better. The new design headlights and rear lights look great, and auto full beam headlights are awesome and so useful! Much brighter than my old quite dim lights. Now I have the reversing camera too which is handy, instead of just the parking sensors alone. The front grille looks really really nice. Back to Yokohama's which is a shame, missing my quieter more forgiving Michelin's. I'm also noticing, and I'm sure this must be my imagination, but acceleration feels a lot quicker. As far as I was aware the F Sport is a sheep in wolf's clothing, i.e just the same engine as the rest of the range, and the same as my old 65 plate, but it feels different, actually better, more responsive. Some of this may well be down to my smile, and to the fact brand new cars just feel like that at first. Be interested to hear what others think and say about this aspect. I negotiated what I think was a pretty good price, it's costing me £20 more a month at £280 per month, but that's partly my fault for not trading it in immediately at the end of my old lease. My new deal meant £22k financed after my px. Which on a car costing nearly 31k before discounts, was quite decent. I had really liked the look of the new Corolla, the mpg was amazing on it, but even though it's around the same price, they couldn't get the monthly payment anywhere near the CT. No finance deposit and GFV would be the issue there I suspect. The Corolla was really smooth to drive, but surprisingly to me, it felt kind of dead, lifeless. So overall I'd say my new car is quite a lot better than the previous one, I can start to dream what the new 2020/2021 version, if there is one, will be like. Omg, sorry, I've written an article here, was supposed to be a few lines.
  4. I've still a few months left to run. Currently paying monthly, £259 finance plus £21 service plan. Overall I like knowing exactly what my monthly costs will be including servicing and maintenance, so a new car delivers on that. Plus of course it's nice to own a brand new car. I'd like to stay with Lexus, but I'm not overly blown away by the most recent CT, and a bit disappointed by 3 year warranty, rather than Toyota's 5. That's not a deal breaker, because if I update my car every 3 1/2 to 4 years, it's only a short period with no warranty, but it's still a risk. Also I'm still a bit underwhelmed by the hybrid fuel savings, admittedly that's a lot to do with my low mileage, and it will be no different in a Toyota hybrid. It's a shame you can't use it at least up to 40mph as standard, it would be more useful then. Or even better up to any speed limit. I like the look of the new Toyota Corolla, I will be interested to test drive it when it's available. It's certainly looks a contender, and of course has the longer warranty, and will be a fair bit cheaper than Lexus. I think Lexus would need to offer me something amazing in terms of price reduction and trade in on my car to get me to swap to the new CT. Only time will tell on that one on that one, no doubt they will be in touch in a month or two.
  5. Yeah I had that when I bought the CT 3 years ago. Plus they were very keen price wise to sell me a new one instead of a pre registered. Brand new you often get an extra finance contribution towards your deposit too.
  6. I've bought my last 2 cars using carwow, hence me saying above about the discount I would get to reduce the depreciation. Carwow is excellent in that regard. Means you don't really have to faff about negotiating. On most new or pre registered cars you would get a £2/3k discount going through them as standard. Plus no need for "ohh I'll just have to check with my manager", type of negotiations!
  7. Rubbish answer from them really. Firstly that would differentiate them from the competition. Secondly it's available on their lower teared brand already, and thirdly as their parts are generally Toyota parts, that they expect to last at least 5 years anyway, the cost in offering it would be negligible to them. Sadly it just tempts me further to switch I think.
  8. I think with my low mileage per year, actually now calculated at 9000 miles per anum, the extra cost of buying hybrid or electric isn't worth the saving I'd get with petrol. Which is a shame as I'm all for greener products. As mentioned above by Colin the new Toyota Corolla is out soon which will be replacing the Auris, so as I still have a few months to go on my lease, I will be considering that. The CT is certainly based on the Auris, but having test driven both, I was definitely much more impressed with the Lexus. Why Lexus as the premium Toyota brand don't do the 5 year warranty they do I'll never know. It would probably cost them very little as their parts are generally reliable and be more likely to retain me as a customer and persuade more people to buy Lexus.
  9. I have done the same and bought older generally. Like the LS400 would if been £45k brand new back when I bought my first Lexus, I bought it for £12k when it was just over 4 years old. So I get you. But I like knowing my exact motoring costs which you get with new cars as there are no hidden repair bills. I'm currently paying £259 pm for mine plus £21 pm service plan. So I know the exact cost. Can be super pricey for repairs especially on an older Lexus, buying warranties on older cars isn't cheap either. Plus I would generally expect to get £2/3k off a brand new car which helps reduce depreciation losses. Hence my temptation to buy new again. But torn between Lexus or another brand to get better value. Obviously the cheapest motoring is probably to buy an old banger for a £100 and throw it in the bin every two months. 😆
  10. Ooohh had no idea that was happening, looks nice. Corolla, that takes me back 35 odd years to my parents car. I'm liking the look of the new one tho. Wonder if there's a new Yaris on the horizon too? Mmmm 5 year warranty, is very tempting!
  11. Yeah I know 😆 But for the last year I've been looking forward to a new car. Plus cost of extended warranty Vs cost of winging it and hoping quality wins. 🤔 Whichever I pick will be wrong no doubt! New car means new warranty too, hmmmm.
  12. Hi Everyone, Long time reader of these forums. Decided to come on today and ask for your advice. Sadly I think I already know the answer to my question, which may well be bye bye Lexus. I bought a brand new CT200h Sport on a lexus financial plan 3 years ago. It's just going in now for it's service and first MOT. So it will soon be time to look at buying a replacement. Previously had an IS200 Sport 1999 from newish and prior to that an LS400 1995 which was a bargain as it was 4 years old. So I'm a long term lexus lover for about 20 years. Love the quality and what was a good list of standard premium features. Those features seem to be becoming more and more additional expensive add on's tho. I feel loyalty to Lexus, but feel like I'm starting to get a bit short changed and I'm feeling more inclined that it might be time to buy something different. No doubt there won't be much, if any value left in my current car for using as a new deposit. Driving only just over 8000 mile's a year. I drive mainly short journeys with just me in the car, and on quiet roads which are generally 10 mins to town. I am heavy on the acceleration from time to time, which combined with short trips seems to mean I only average about 40mpg Not great, especially at the expense of a hybrid. Obviously non hybrid was not an option on the CT. My thoughts are that I still enjoy having my Lexus but the cost is likely to rise at a time when I'd like to be saving rather than paying out more. Time to move maybe? Recently persuaded the Mrs, to swap her 206 for a new Yaris, she loves it, and that 5 year warranty too. I quite like it, but it's not a Lexus. 😭 But I'd most likely pay £25k on another new CT200h Sport, and about £10k less for a reasonable new Yaris. What do you think? Mike