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  1. According to a post here: cars left to stand for 3 weeks or more "could" develop a sound. Was the car left to stand for a while ? Perhaps consider taking it to an independent Lexus specialist
  2. Firstly congratulations on your purchase Sorry to hear about the ABS pump . Please get this checked out at the dealer who serviced it and see what they have to say. Would you describe the sound as "chirping" kind of sound ? ABS related issues is supposedly a common issue on certain Lexus models; the one I inherited apparently had the same problem but was much worse ( with the warning lights on and everything ). Please bear in mind that the GS430 I have is the very first Lexus I've ever had so I am not really familiar with these cars. I am sure other experienced members will be contributing soon. Anyway here is some some information that may / may not apply to your GS430. There is a lot of conflicting information, again best to get it double checked.
  3. It is the sensor assembly: however no one I spoke to / emailed around here is interested in replacing the assembly because according to them it requires a lot of "stripping" 🙂. It had been independently diagnosed by an auto electrican to B1100 ( Airbag Sensor Assembly Malfunction ) - they keep saying some other sensor / wiring fault must be causing the issue and they would have to exhaust all avenues (whatever that means ). The diagnostics charges are getting a ridiculuous. Seem to think the code would be cleared out on its own if you put the car thru diagnostic code reader enough number of times 😞 without ever trying to fix the underlying fault. How difficult is it to get to the Airbag ECU ? Thanks
  4. Personally if I were looking for one of these right now I'd go with kayble's advice - be patient and go for one with the least underbody corrosion and with decent service history. I am thinking of getting my car professionally "rust proofed" as the underbody seems to be relatively clean at the moment.
  5. I would also check for signs of water ingress - usually caused by blocked drain tubes in the Sunroof . At some point mine had water in the driver's footwell area - also check the spare wheel area for any past / present "water logging" issues
  6. Thanks John, I requested the garage ( aka dealer ) to get straight to the point (i.e getting to the airbag sensor assembly and doing the appropriate checks on it ),however, they are saying that there are a lots of other things ( alternator charging circuit / bad ground / wiring faults etc ) that could be causing this and they have to rule out all these other things before attempting to access the airbag sensor assembly. The impression I got is that It could take them some time to get to the bottom of this. 😞 Not sure if this helps but apparently the car had an issue with water ingress ( which has been fixed ) It looks like I may have to search for an independent specialist in Lincolnshire / Nottinghamshire who is familiar with old(er) Lexus models for a second opinion . Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Again
  7. I've inherited a car with Airbag light ( and now the eml light ) on so it is in a way a project . Because of my bad back 😩 I try not to do too much spannering. Our local Dealer Quoted £ 800 to supply and fit a new radiator - . They said that as they do not change radiators too often - will have to look at the car before giving the final quote. Trying to find an independent garage who is willing to replace parts - without suggesting that the car is ancient and it needs to be replaced asap. 🙂 Best Wishes Tom
  8. Thanks Paul for the link. I have had a chat with the dealership who did the initial diagnosis. They said they cannot recollect a single incident when the Airbag Sensor Assembly had to be replaced and are convinced that something else is at play here. They want to do further diagnosis so the car will be going back to them. Thanks
  9. That's the general idea. 🙂. I was referring to Without testing the clockspring it would be impossible to rule that out. As you probably know it is one of many inputs to the Airbag sensor assembly. What else would the B1100 point you to ?
  10. Hello All, The airbag light has come on and stays on - had the diagnostic read done and the code is B1100 - Airbag Sensor Assembly Malfunction. A read on the forums suggest that it could be "spiral cable" amongst other things that could be the cause of the problem. Dealer suggested I leave the car with them for a whole day so that the source of the fault can be accurately identified. Any advice on how to reset this SRS light please ? Thanks Tom