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  1. As always, thanks Phil, great advice. I'm really struggling finding the correct part number for the front ARB bushes? Various sites give me 48815-50111, 48815-50151 or 48815-50151?? EDIT - actually, I'm getting conflicting parts numbers for front and rear ARB bushes Any ideas?? Thanks anyway David
  2. Thanks, I think these are what you refer to? I won't really know what else will need doing untill we are properly in there. I'm assuming bits like top mounts are still available??
  3. I'm swapping my LS400 DHP springs over to standard springs so with new springs I thought I'd replace the shocks too, as they have all done nearly 145k with unquestionable valour! What else should I be doing at the same time that's worth it while we are in there? Top mounts? Bump stops presumably? Just want to get all the preventative stuff done while we are doing suspension stuff!
  4. Back in the day when I had my Soarer (3 of them actually) Admiral was surprisingly cheap on the insurance, even though they were an import. But that was about 8/9 years ago
  5. Hi, Does anyone know if the front suspension set up is the same on the mark 3 and 4? Especially the springs? I'm looking for some stock springs for my MK4 and I'm not sure if they are specific to the MK TIA
  6. Hi, do you still have this stuff? Are the springs standard or DHP spec? I'm after some standard springs mainly. Message me if you have, I'm interested! Thanks
  7. As per the title, is anyone running a DHP on standard springs? Given the shocks were the same I guess this would apply to any standard car on 17 DHP wheels?? I'm thinking of swapping in the standard springs. If your gonna have a LS400 is just HAS to be floaty! Just be keen to here of anyone that has and what it was like
  8. Thanks Steve! I'll give that a whirl, I'm guessing 21 years of fluff will take it's toll! It's a shame to not see these parts available anymore but I'm guessing it's the reality of an older car. By firing compressed air through the little grill I'm not going to push it in further am I?? I'd probably want to take the lower dash off to get to it rather than risk breaking that little plastic grill!
  9. Okay, so it looks like the part number is 88898-50010 and no longer available new, sadly. Even Rockauto doesn't have a match for that part The ambient sensor that goes behind the bumper seems available though, if that's your bag. Looks like I'll have to roll the dice on a breaker part
  10. Thanks, but I need one for my 1999 LS! Still not finding the elusive 'thermister'
  11. Hello! I'm guessing this may have been covered before! So, climate control is not heating cabin correctly, it's too cold. If I manually put the temp to 'HOT' it blows hot without drama. So I'm guessing faulty cabin temperature sensor. I'll probably change the ambient temperature sensor too, should be cheap to do but does anyone have part number for the cabin one? I can find the ambient one (the one behind the front bumper that reads outside temp) but can't find a part number for the one behind the little grill in the lower drivers side dashboard? Thanks David
  12. This is what I bought and it seems great quality and went straight in I couldn't find a Denso one but the Nissens one are very well thought of. Mine's a 55 facelift, not that I believe it's different
  13. Brilliant, thank you. I might look for the 17's if they also fit, the DHP wheels were 17's I think so might be a better compromise?
  14. Thanks, that's utterly brilliant, I should have known you'd know! Am I right to assume going from 16s to 18s means a compromise in ride? If so, how much is the next question! Handily I quite like the LS430 facelift wheels
  15. I'm looking for new wheels! But I don't want agonies of work to fit them. I'm open for going bigger than 16's, within reason. I appreciate my options maybe limited. So, would anyone like to furnish me with any??
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