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  1. totally concur ......... that's why I've been driving a Ls400 consistently as my main car for some 20 years now Malc
  2. maybe just ask someone at Lexus ..... what needs calibrating with these ? is there a manual you can see / look at to explain it all better ? Malc
  3. on our old fashioned Ls400s the UCAs ( upper control arms ) are about £550 each from Lexus but 50% of that for original Toyota parts imported from, say, Amayama / Rockauto .... and fitting isn't too much of an issue AND they last about 150k - 200k miles NOW, your car is highly technical and no doubt requires some specialist attention for most mechanical and all other stuff .......... but at £1400 a corner, blimey, that sounds ludicrous Are they MOT Advisory worn too at this stage ? could it be over zealous advisory by the Lexus main dealer ? Someone hopefully, with a Ls460 will be reading your Post and bring some sensible " comfort " Malc
  4. Ah yes, mine too BUT they have needed doing for about 3 years and every time I think about having them done something tells me not to spend @ £300 on summat that doesn't improve the handling or drive of the car ! And having had the " write-off " to N category last year, it could have been so much worse, and sadly refurbished wheels wouldn't make one jot of difference to the insce payout ( I guess ) Malc
  5. so was mine at £1400 9.5 yrs ago with 123k miles and Full Lexus Service History Malc
  6. well, I'm age 70 now so maybe she will last me till I give up driving or find I need an all hydrogen fuel powered new one that's going to be with us all in about 5 years time Toyota of course ...... or maybe Lexus by then OR might she just last 25 years ! Malc
  7. So here we have it, she's 25 today ........ champagne all round and only 231k miles Malc
  8. when one's driving a 4ltr limo in supreme comfort I feel worrying a little about mpg is a little OTT I just drive her as I need too and rarely worry about filling up when I used to worry about it all ( years ago now ) I realised I was getting about 31 mpg on a good long hard run with the car weighed down with luggage and passengers and then maybe 25mpg or so poodling around shopping etc. Life's too short to worry about the mpg penny saving syndrome methinks I fill her up usually when the orange light appears and then I know there's about 100 miles left if her Malc
  9. It's an early M reg Mk3 I would be wanting to check out it's MOT stuff all those years back about " serious corrosion " She looks good on the surface, as most ls400s often do, masking some of the potential crap going on underside ( rust ) Malc
  10. I'm staggeringly upset that I can't be covering my 12 - 15k miles a year during this covid terrible time My car with 231k miles must surely be worth at least £1500 Malc
  11. and the insurance value if you used the car on the road in the UK is probably a staggering £3000 maybe Malc
  12. biggish miles for sure BUT it's had a bit of a chequered MOT history Malc
  13. I hope you're not losing coolant into the gearbox Has the radiator been changed yet ? It is due at 100k and 10 years for sure Malc
  14. I frequently listen to mine ......... Richard Burton Taming of the Shrew for instance ! oh and some music ones too Malc