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  1. just got the new clean MOT with the plates supplied " name free " from Jersey Malc
  2. wonder if you might have any luck getting the service history whilst it was being serviced by Lexus ? It was all computerised I'm sure you can but ask or maybe there is some search engine for you somewhere that the guys on here might know about ! Malc
  3. are you trying to be too much a perfectionist do you think isn't this just fair wear and " tear " at this age in the life of the car and something to be cherished, like " patina " or summat Malc
  4. Falkens have been my mainstay for very many years and '000s of miles 225/60/16 excellent all round until recently when my size wasn't made anymore ... and I now have Maxxis ............. until very recently .............. and my size are seemingly Chinese manufactured I've just put two Falkens on the gfs 2006 Honda Legend AWD, new tyres on the front 235/50/17 ....... much more comfy than the Pirellis they replace for sure can't wait for the rears to need replacing spring next year I think Malc
  5. yes i think so, you will get Ls guys answers for sure there's some quite recent thoughts about the Ls460 too Malc
  6. neither actually make oil, nor put it into packs I would suggest they are compatible and maybe even from the same supplier, like Exxon, Shell whatever ..... and as Toyota is the parent I'd thought they would have a huge demand and just brand Lexus appropriately worldwide I'd be amazed if any harm will come to you from using either Malc
  7. had to open my bonnet today , blimey, so so rare almost forgot what to do the screenwash warning light came on last night it took 4ltrs and wasn't overflowing soon closed it again after that be another 6 months I guess Malc
  8. there was a thread earlier on this, or it included it anyway i think the answer was probably a waste of money ...... too conditional maybe you're probably not allowed to use your car or summat ! Malc
  9. I've always thought tampering with a car's electrics is dicing with fire suicide too Malc
  10. someone's just raised a separate thread Driving through a Flood and catastrophic results for him with his hybrid Malc
  11. maybe but the 3rd party if he's any sense will just send it all over to his insurers to deal with and totally ignore you Malc
  12. car park dings often are 50/50 whatever you may think and the other side admits Its the insurers paying the bill, not him if you can still safely drive the car, and you would wish to, then don't bother with a courtesy car, someone's got to pay for it and if it's 50/50, in the end that it WILL impact upon you don't let them take your car away, even for assessment ......... they might keep it, then you're stuffed My door crunch claim was £1500 for insurance but 2hrs work to get it looking good and my cost to purchase was a strange 27% of the write-off value and I got cash too with a car that's now " N " recorded Malc