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  1. a salutary lesson here ...... my son-in-law age 51 is the YOUNGEST professional and competent paint sprayer etc that he knows and is aware of locally in Kent. There aren't many left much at all anywhere in the country. The training that new guys /gals get isn't good enough. An ageing breed and the skills are vanishing fast 👻 Malc
  2. BUT absolutely essential to avoid a catastrophe and sooner rather than later Malc
  3. that sounds positive maintenance then at least, mine NEEDS changing every year at the service / MOT and usually 12/15k miles Malc
  4. if it's not your fault you should be able to get your excess back or sure Malc
  5. so Lexus really don't bother doing the scheduled servicing then ........... might as well have taken it to a trusted independent who would have done all the work and at half the price or less I guess Malc
  6. .... and chains do actually stretch and snap occasionally, especially on the big Nissan's' Malc
  7. there's a great deal of info on this Forum when you search for it ! I don't have a Ls430 Malc
  8. it's simply a very big job on the Ls400 et al ...... replace the belt, check and deal with the pulleys, and replace the waterpump . it's big it's time consuming it's expensive but above all, it's life extending for the car I know that with the Alfa Romeos I had on my garage forecourt that the scheduled life of a cambelt had to be shortened to 10/15k miles as they just ' snapped ' Visited the Canterbury Alfa dealer once and saw engine after engine on their workbenches being repaired Malc
  9. and even if you could you might not even notice the wear factor, Mine when changed last year at 101,500 miles and 11 years looked quite pristine ...... and capable of maybe another ' chancy ' 50k miles Malc
  10. brilliant thank you Tamworth seems to be one day turnaround etc now, how can I get that time to get there ok ! Malc
  11. is this including acid dip and Powder coating ? Thanks Malc
  12. with this tale of sublime ridiculousness and seeming illegality by Adrian Flux now having spread your private data to who knows where, it's a good job that the Commissioner is taking robust and quite punitive action against these miscreants. As I said earlier, they are making big big examples of what was before trivial bad actions and there are some £'00,000s of fines being bandied about and I would think quite some in the pipeline. The error of the miscreants ways is quite plain to see, easily evidenced in court and punishable with huge fines ....... and where directors might have before hidden behind corporate ultimate insolvency when the fines hit, the time might have already approached where personal liability for known criminality ( is it criminal yet ? ) by their company will reflect on their own personal solvency and ultimate bankruptcy. GDPR might have it's faults but it is now being taken seriously .............. and about time too where breaches can so dreadfully impact upon the lives of the innocent Malc
  13. Brian, I didn't think Chief Executives of NHS Trusts were so badly paid Malc
  14. Marin hi and welcome I have a UK Mk3 October 1995 Ls400 and never had Traction Control on my car ! Not sure if any member here can help, it was available on later cars for sure in the UK, the Mk4 so hopefully someone can give you some useful thoughts Best wishes with it all Malcolm