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  1. then whichever one you get will probably need the radiator changing to save the gearbox from terminal decline nothing to worry about, just the ultimate preventative maintenance that never appears on the service schedule nor sorted by many owners But as I say, it's an irritant to be done soon after you buy the car, just to be on the safe side Malc
  2. similar on mine too ............. but holes are there into which they slot when closed ...... not brackets Malc
  3. and the death warrant on all those harmless carrots, onions, leeks, cabbages, turnips and the like ..... oh my, when will we ever learn .. it's people that's the problem, for heavens sake just stop them all eating I guess ... then there's nowt to worry about at all Malc
  4. too much ' power ' in all respects ... wonder if it's as much a pollutant cause as the figure brandished about that cows chewing the cud and farting / breathing etc cause 40% of global warming so we've already reached 70% in passive global warming ................ and the rest from humans breathing ( we could selectively remove some of these, Trumps, Kim Jongs etc ), coal burning, wood burning, gas cookers and heating ............ so that leaves us with almost zero I would estimate from our beautiful wonderful petrol cars long live 4 litre gas guzzling Ls400s ... with of course the correct air filters to stop them being choked up from your mobile phone output Malc
  5. at least we can all rest assured that the climate change will be forever improved upon with all these wonderful 000's of demonstrators choking the streets in London running all electric cars now and in the future ...... guess they don't need air filters for their non-combustible engines Malc I'm non political and support as much as I can Friends of the Earth type stuff but would never demonstrate, stopping buses and DLR etc from transporting pax around in fug free transport
  6. aren't these the printed figures on the sheet with the MOT certificate ( that I always have anyway ! ) Malc
  7. excuse me ...... mine still is and at 220k miles young............. and acts like a 2 yearold in energy and speed and presence too I feel
  8. that was me ................ and I'm simply stating why I think the air filters ( mine anyway ) these days seem to need changing more often than in the past and yes, I sure was alive all through the 1950's too, and in London full of smog and whatever at certain times of the year ...... I have no idea how air filters were used on cars in those times tbh ...... all I know for certain is my experiences now with my Lexus air filters Malc
  9. in olden times when the air was cleaner the air filter was good for about 20k miles, say two years BUT I have noticed over say, the past 7/8 years that the air filter needs changing every service / year , say 10/12/15k miles .. it's not the quality of the air filter it's the poor quality of the air we're driving through sadly Malc
  10. they would have to take a serious crowbar to the places to see any untoward movement Malc
  11. abandon you in the tunnel if they find out enroute sorry it's my amusing streak appearing Malc
  12. I had my n/s front UCA replaced with a Blueprint part but sadly it failed after about 43k miles It cost about £250 if I recall. The other side was still just about ok on 211k ? miles when I recently replaced it with HAVING TO REPLACE the n/s Blueprint one which was simply failing I bought all my parts from Amayama Japan at about £250 each ( incl the rear UCAs too ) being Genuine Toyota/Lexus parts This cost include carriage and HMRC Customs Duty and VAT too It was then that I replaced the front drop links but they were simply aftermarket ones, the Lexus parts were a horrendously silly price I would NOT have recommended you buy these UCA Blueprint parts had you asked ....... or read my quite extensive prior posts on this subject Best wishes whatever Malc
  13. Rob, any update on this ? Thanks Malc