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  1. hahahahaha.............. you'll probably get the Halfords logo appearing every time you start the car now 😊 Malc
  2. ok, this might not be of any use with a Ls460 BUT on my Mk3 I had this ridiculously annoying issue, just like you, for years and years and years, removing all metal objects etc, fiddling with the main alarm stuff etc etc Informed knowledge on here told me ( my indy ) to just open up the console area itself in front of the console cubby area / drink holders BUT take great care you don't want to split anything that's fragile .............. and lo and behold, beneath there is a mechanism to just wind the volume down to zero AND it works too Might yours be similar ? Malc
  3. Malc

    Damaged Windscreen

    just read somewhere ( on here ? ) that Markerstudy is a subsidiary of a windscreen company ...... no wonder they whined a lot when I wanted my local !stCall people to replace my screen and whinge about the side strips BUT they did agree to IstCall and without a higher excess, because they could get the screen post haste whereas their own parent ( it seems ) couldn't get a screen for I think some 6 weeks Malc
  4. Malc

    Damaged Windscreen

    not just on your car by the way .. a few years ago my windscreen had to be replaced and the insurers ( Markerstudy ) said that if they had to replace the trim strips they would object and possibly not pay the strips were ok BUT the trim strips I understand were then about £150 a side ........ absolutely bonkers money for a thin piece of metal Malc
  5. on mine, Mk3 Ls400, I think I read somewhere ( probably on here, but maybe in the manual somewhere ) that to drain say 2 ltrs at 130k miles and then the same again at each 35k miles thereafter ..... just the 2 ltrs mind to drain and refill my indy does it of course so I have no idea how challenging that may be BUT he doesn't complain about it at all Malc
  6. one of my short haul supermarket runs can extend to about a half mile at 50mph which i can do flatout now with so few cars around and the other extends to a mile or so at 70mph and likewise, flatout ..... both about a 2 to 3 mile run in all I think I'm so lucky to have this opportunity in these challenging times ..... and of course that's both ways too Malc
  7. OK to put this all to bed on cats My prtnr is a Cats Protection co-ordnator with much experience and we have 4 cats ( god help us ) YES they do have a genetic ? coronavirus type which stays in the cat and it's NOT covid19 .... you will find that all cats have this specific strain which has never ever passed to humans ...... well maybe in China I suppose ....... and I remember going to Canton many years back ( about 30 ) on my holiday touring China AND was quite horrified at the delicacies on offer in the marketplace there ......... say no more .............. it was a horror story ...... I part put it down to Canton having a very much French cuisine influence as they were the " colonialists " for that part of China in the day Malc
  8. my first UCA was about 173k ? miles ...... yours should have plenty of life left ! Malc
  9. and maybe call the RAC / AA or whomsoever you're with to change a flat tyre ! Malc
  10. Miele always was a fantastic product, that's all we ever had indoors with my second ex-wife, she was German too ( I think Miele is German ) .... hahahahaha we had money then ! as it was often about twice the price of every other brand ........ or so it seemed her parents had a Miele washing machine still alive and working after 40 years too and that's why we bought Miele I was reading some months ago that the Bosch products are made in Spain ............ not sure if it was all or just some though Malc
  11. this is good for the home and garden I'm sure ... lots of jobs getting done around the place BUT, even the cats seem bored silly, they don't understand why they don't now have the run of the place with us now indoors almost 24/7 and letting all their mates in to play, rest and of course eat,sleep,eat and sleep and sleep and sleep is this really what cats do all day ( and night ) Malc
  12. I used these a few years ago too BUT, they got miffed when I had to have a new windscreen and said they would likely refuse to pay the cost of the retaining exterior side-down strips if they had not been reusable, as is often the case when removing an old screen .. fortunately they were ok at that time something to bear in mind with these guys if ever you had a busted windscreen .......... I think they are not that profitable a business maybe Malc
  13. many many years ago driving in France I wondered why some idiot in a little French car was ambling along well below the speed limit ..... so, I overtake safely and WHAM, yes, my overtaking speed did it for me .... instant 90 euros fine I believe but no record anywhere at all... but i did get the receipt for the cash paid, to make sure it didn't go into their tea fund ! Malc
  14. well, strange though it may be ... I carry my old one in the boot at all times ...... just in case i go on a big trip somewhere and the ( new 24k miles ago now ) timing belt snaps and I'm in some god forsaken place where one's just not available ...... middle of sub Sahara or summat ............ probably get one in Timbuktu though ! But by then of course the engine will be knackered and I'll have to buy another car maybe to get home ! or maybe my RAC breakdown and recovery membership will do the honourable thing and get me home Maybe I'll just bin it, the old belt that is ! Malc
  15. of course your premium is much higher, they've got to pay out more on lost holiday / coro virus claims, how on earth do you expect the insurers to survive without, as usual, screwing what they can out of everyone who is within their greedy grasp This is simply par for the course with zero monitoring by anybody useful to ensure they aren't just taking the p - -ss 😲 Malc