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  1. and you might want to replace the waterpump too whilst it's all apart a bugger of a job I think good luck with it all Malc
  2. I guess you might save some on the £1150 Lexus servicing costs if you went to an indy, that's if there was one you could find and wanted to use Maybe as a 3 car Lexus family the eye-watering bills are ok Well done with your new purchase, glad you're enjoying her do you find the Pirellis ok btw ? I find them hopelessly hard on my Honda Legend Malc
  3. on the Mk3 the foglights are included in the single front light split housing and are white I don't remember either my Mk1 nor Mk2 being other than white Malc
  4. at17 years old every time you fill the tank it's getting closer to that 20% ........... hehehehehe seriously though, our perception of value is often very different to the insurers when it comes to crunch time mine in August was an amazing £1595 with 220k miles ....... the insurers write-off value and some £195 more than I paid for her 8.5 years and 100k miles earlier but then buying her back to repair at 27% of that value, excess etc and the true valu is always more to the holder than the insurers would reckon ........ so mine lives another day, or hopefully 10 years Malc
  5. at 24 years old it could be many things age related and not miles related has the waterpump ever been changed ? it's a big big job and owners might have shyed away from cambelt, pulleys and waterpump stuff coz of the low low miles but 10 years is the time for it, at least a proper inspection or diagnosis however tricky that might be Malc
  6. Delphi is in Gillingham Kent UK if that's any use for the future they are a very reputable name in stuff generally but i know not of coil packs Malc
  7. if you're still looking at that car Mk1 has 15" wheels and tyres ( brakes too ) and I think one less spoke in the wheels too than the Mk2 which has 16" wheels and tyres, brakes etc Malc
  8. don't they have coils to be rewound too and stuff like that ? not just simply a set of £2 brushes I bet ! Otherwise my indy would have just replaced the brushes and saved me £296 and added 10 mins to his labour cost ......... he charges me parts at cost price to him I think our alternators are a little buried down in the depths, unlike the Honda Legend he recently changed which was a doddle, lying almost on the top and easy peasy to deal with Malc our Honda Legend alternator lasted about 50% the life of my Lexus one
  9. ah, why didn't you look under the word " hood " ? for the engine bonnet ................ " engine bonnet " who on earth would look for that phraseology for heavens sake teutonic translationing no doubt Malc
  10. mine's never suffered ( any of the three ) with front brake discs warping, they've been dealt with properly at the outset ! Find it amazing that the last owner ? ran the car with a bad front tyre shown up in the MOT some 3500 miles before that tyre became a dangerous failure at MOT. That's poor maintenance ............. and after 6 months I would want a new MOT on purchase now I would certainly be checking out all the usual stuff, like the cambelt pulleys and waterpump have been seen to as appropriate and if not within the last 60k miles then factor in @£800 to deal with that alone These cars always polish up to near perfection so just make sure everything else is good too, especially all the inside lights and dash stuff works ok, temp gauge etc the steering column, when faulty these age cars is often a 20p washer that's the solution Also I don't know if the pas pipework, reservoir etc is fine too, and won't ever leak on the alternator positioning, on my Mk1 it did but on my Mk3 never yours looks like it's a Mk2 maybe being June 93 but maybe not..... it's def not a Mk3 good luck with your viewing tomorrow Malc
  11. collected and oh how I have missed her this last week glad she's back, total cost £467.88 Auto Electric Co Alternator £298.48 ( exchange ) Yuasa battery £79.40 Labour content £90 Malc just out of curiosity they also supply dynamos ( bloody expensive for some ) and replacement brushes at sub £2 to almost a heady £5 ( not the 2/6 pence I remember from aeons ago )
  12. take out brilliant RAC full breakdown etc cover happened to me last Friday at 227k miles .......... paid for taxi and car recovery to my indy mechanic, collecting the car fixed today My Honda Legend, a couple of months ago the alternator failed at about 119k miles, but bang outside the house in daylight RAC recovered the car to my indy likewise, some 50 miles away You cannot predict alternator failure ( I think ??? ) so just take precautions to protect yourself for when it does just go ' pop ' Malc
  13. on mine there was clearly some 40k life left in the driver's side compared to the nearside at that time ........ a lifetime for some driver's but only 3 years for me as i use my car every day, about 12 / 15k miles a year It's your preference to replace in pairs but rest assured, with the UCAs that's not necessary best wishes whatever Malc