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  1. I was reading somewhere that the Prius is often the worldwide taxi of choice and regularly pops up at 750,000 miles and still running ok Malc
  2. just source another surely ............. there's plenty still about and more in Eire too if you wanted to import one Malc
  3. I did this in my aged Ls400, about 5/6k miles a couple of years ago, then followed by a similar stretch to Italy .... and my being so used to the car over very many years and not noticing any changes to the " comfort " level at all ..................... then up in the Dolomites on my Italian Grand Tour I heard a distinct but shallow " drop " sound ... but nothing discernible in the driving or comfort at all and certainly nothing visible at all ............ it transpired to be the near side upper control arm that had " gone " and it failed the MOT on that a couple of months later ................. did the repair/replacement and tbh, it didn't feel at all different for the renewal ....... and doesn't even now and that's some 30k miles since. I'm not at all sure one ( well, me anyway ) can discern benefit from piecemeal replacement of worn components. Malc
  4. would imagine it's only business sellers that would be able to take a card payment ! Malc
  5. OMG it's passed and she hasn't turned into a pumpkin, or turnip, whatever the saying is Malc
  6. Thank you. I'll put that in my diary for about 2028 then ......... when the new cambelt and waterpump I'm having done this month ( while I'm away in India ) will be due again for renewal Malc
  7. blimey, just looked on that " how many left " website and there's only about 1500 VW Phaetons on the road last year compared to just under 500 ( new model 3.5ltr ) Honda Legends which retail price are a tad more expensive ( I have one too ) and 1800 Lexus Ls430s and 750 Ls460s and 725 Ls600s and some 1900 Ls400s ......... and the last of these were built some 18 years ago Malc
  8. hope you got a satisfactory outcome ? Malc
  9. worries me if ever i come to change my steed ............. now at 203k miles ............. and 15 years with Ls400s Are the more recent Lexus models of such poor comparative quality that one really has to consider taking an extended warranty ? Must be having a goddam awful reputation by now ! Malc
  10. hmm.......... I guess I'm lucky, I'm told the capacitors on my rev counter aren't often connecting properly in certain heat/weather climes and I have to live with irrational but sometimes spot-on rev counter readings. Therefore i don't bother to notice the reading often these days..... last year when the rev counter was all ok i did once or twice redline her to 6000 revs ........... didn't seem a problem and quite honestly I never thought i would ever do that. It's a bit scary tbh .............. I think she performs impeccably at 0 - 60 in the statutory 6.9 seconds and i don't doubt would readily reach 155 mph ............. but us old buggers rarely have the need to go that quick or fast .......... except when pulling away at the traffic lights alongside go-faster Audis or boy racers Malc sorry i digress a little
  11. I'm thinking the gearbox mount will be quite inexpensive from a Lexus/Toyota main dealer spares dept ..... and good coffee and bikkies while you're being served Malc
  12. Tim hi and welcome there's a huge amount of comparative thoughts on this forum advising and suggesting about the options Mountains to read tbh Many have ( well a few anyway ) either the Ls460 or the Ls600 and i too have been thinking about changing to one or the other ...... reading this stuff over many many months i think I'm favouring a 10 year old Ls600 ........... there seem to be plenty about and many with excellent Full Service History and often from Lexus main dealers at really not much money ... well, the first careful owner having spent starship money on servicing and losing huge depreciation £££ ...................... they will have spent nigh on £100k + and now available from say £12 to £20k My 15 years ownership of first a Mk1 then a Mk2 and now 6.5 years of my Mk3 with 203k miles .............. one day i might change, and it will likely be a Ls600 Good luck whatever Malc
  13. the lpg set-up might be causing an issue ? you do have lpg ? . it's in the name ! Didn't know the Mk4 had the stalling syndrome, thought it was just the Mk3 whatever, the revs seem ridiculously low in all the instances you mention Malc
  14. I would just tell him you are issuing the summons ( on line ) and that you will easily win the argument and he will have to repay the £100 plus the £60 ? Court fees too ........... that's automatic. Malc
  15. Service Plans

    .................. rest assured you pay for it somehow ! Malc