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  1. no thank you having seen your other post, answers all my queries apart from the original registration . but no matter now Malc
  2. Welcome to the Club, a good steed for sure you might well have caught in time the need for the new radiator to avoid the gearbox failing with oil/water mix and destroying the gearbox I take it the gears run smoothly and the gearbox oil is like new too ? Malc
  3. seems pretty precise to me tbh ......... you're going into almost unknown territory with the Ls400 and there's little precedent I'd have thought The way you drive, the car's handling etc under load etc will play a huge part in what pressures you will finally be happy with Malc
  4. she looks a lovely Mk3, well done Cambelt and waterpump every 10 years / 100k miles and she should last you forever, alternator belt at the same time too ........... mileage ? Malc
  5. Malc

    Toyota crown

    I remember from long back, maybe 15 or more years. On my garage forecourt we almost had a used Toyota Camry 3 ltr estate for sale WOW that was a fantastic car, big, spacious, sleek and fast and powerful ... beautiful looking too But we couldn't do the deal to buy it sadly Malc
  6. I didn't think there were any Ls600s left brand new in the UK though ! Malc
  7. hey yesterday saw TWO black Ls here, a 57 plate Ls460 and oddly a 19 plate Ls600 ......... wonder if that was a private plate though Rare to see another Ls of any description here Malc
  8. with Protyres and Treadmark if there is no adjustment needed, or done, then there seems to be a zero fee Malc
  9. have u replaced the cambelt and waterpump before on a Ls400 ? please let's have the regn number and location of the car Thanks Malc
  10. can u give us the regn no. of the car you're scrapping and where it is please ? Thanks Malc
  11. This is the usual price I would think, I have mine done at Protyre / Treadmark after a heavy wack down a pothole whatever Get the colourful pre-check done showing the mis-alignments and decide if you want both the front and back done, you don't often need to have both ( the rears ) , it's £30 for each end ( incl vat ) your bill will come down from £144 ....... to a more sensible £30 / £60 Malc
  12. I regularly import my parts for my Ls400 from Amayama in Japan .............. easy peasy and about 50% of the prices charged by Lexus UK even with Carriage, Duty and VAT etc Malc
  13. best of luck with sorting out your steed ..................... looking forward to any update Malc
  14. welcome to the LOC sorry, no idea at all on your wheel Q somebody will be along soon to help you I'm sure Malc
  15. never felt any difference at all tbh .................. remembering being in mountainous Switzerland some years back and driving on their side of the snowy road with the steering wheel in our cars putting the drivers view into the abyss down the mountainside immediately outside my window ............... a tad scary at the time I felt Malc