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  1. those lower lips on mine got pranged heaps of times over the years ....... had them carefully surgically removed by my indy some time back ... found them to be a pain in the proverbial, always getting banged and damaged ..... and of course nothing to do with the driver, bad design of kerbs etc Malc
  2. OMG so inexpensive one could buy a half dozen ....... resting on a Sunday .... seriously tho' this is a 9/2018 article, wonder what's happened in the intervening period looks an absolute bargain Malc
  3. My RAC Full Breakdown Recovery and European Cover too covers me and prtnr driving any car too ..................... and when the alternator went on both our cars over about a year ( Ls400 and 56 plate Honda Legend ) in the UK mind you, the RAC were splendid I think European / Overseas Recovery of the vehicle to the UK really does depend on vehicle value ...... the occupants are of course Priceless .......... not Valueless tho' Oh, and my RAC Full cover stuff just happens to now be free of annual charge as I've been a Member for 50+ years Malc
  4. I remember with the original Ls400 and Dunlop actually developed the DZ8 tyre for the " new " car Malc
  5. a sad tale methinks .......... Toyota couldn't have really wanted to achieve water and air supremacy coz if they had wanted to they surely would have achieved their goal ................... maybe too niche a market that volume would never really support eh ! Malc
  6. you haven't said the colour you need .................. and getting a specific drivers seat from a 24 year old car ............. that's in VERY good condition will be like seeing elephants fly imho Malc
  7. Amayama I have used very successfully to purchase OEM, Toyota stamped actually, Upper Control Arms Prices delivered are about 50% of UK Toyota / Lexus supplied retail price being Amayama price + carriage + Customs Duty + VAT + Royal mail handling charge = 50% of UK retail prices usually Malc
  8. I would ask again, maybe your GP this time ....... for a definitive statement ........ he is your GP after all coz if you don't and drive and have an accident, well, your insurers may void you☠️ Malc
  9. On my wish list is to pop over to the USA ( again ) and buy a Ls400 to drive around with for maybe a month after covid of course Malc
  10. David hi, there are many people on here who know quite a lot about the Ls430, but none would ever profess to be an " expert " perhaps you have a specific issue that could be addressed ? Malc
  11. ( replacing ) just the sump washer on mine at the last service, the very first time the washer has had to be replaced to my knowledge in maybe 25 annual services, the washer was a ridiculous £38 incl vat My indy got it etc ..... seems amazing for a tiny washer, but there we are ......... £1.50 a year i guess isn't too bad Malc
  12. does this totally obviate the potential for the watercoolant / gearbox oil to ever mix then ? Malc
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