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  1. Oh for the older technology eh ! ...... it wasn't that simple on my Mk3 for sure I didn't remember having a smaller key you mention on my 1992 Mk1 or 1994 Mk2 tbh Malc
  2. mine's lived right on the sea/beach/.town quay now for the 7.5 years I've had it, some 95k miles of it's 216k life .. it previously came from Bournemouth ( on the beach too maybe ! ) ............ and we all understand it's not just the timing belt , there's a few other issues like UCAs etc BUT it seems to keep going and I'm thinking it will last me at least another 10 years fingers xd Malc
  3. I had this for years going off without any obvious stuff in the armrest ,,,, solution from a member here was simply to turn down the alarm ,,,,, it's underneath the area by the cupholders next the armrest,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, peace now reigns. It solved the problem of the totally random, for no reason at all, sounding off Lexus Main Dealer wouldn't have a solution to the problem, it's not in the guidebooks ! it certainly wasn't a fault with the battery Malc had David told us what his problem was / is, we might have been able to give more free guidance after all we have had donkeys years of sorting out some of these niggling issues ....... especially with the Mk3
  4. if you're just fed up with the alarm going off willy nilly then there is a solution to that too .......... without disarming the alarm Malc
  5. I know there's a fuse in there somewhere ( under the bonnet ) to totally disarm the alarm...... and then you can just lock/unlock with the key in the door lock BUT will you invalidate your insurance too I wonder Malc
  6. sheer size and bulk .............. I balk at the intimidation I feel sat up against a mini clubman estate at the traffic lights .............. I'm positively tiny in my Ls400 Malc
  7. I don't think there's any option on that car to adjust the height for any reason at all . it comes as standard with conventional springs etc Malc
  8. Malc

    Lexus LS400 front drivers wing

    have you tried Paul Frost ........ he breaks Las400s there's a link on here somewhere Malc
  9. must have had good reasons then for it's uprightness Malc
  10. I trust my indy totally and he has given me chapter and verse on this ( which i can't remember tbh ) and we use 10 or 15/40 semi-synthetic and have done for about 100k miles and it's fine now on 215k miles and serviced annually with the MOT used the same oil on my previous Ls400s too and now 18 years in the running . I now use Wilko oil and it's absolutely fine, made to the usual exacting standards I believe Malc
  11. if you've got the odd £30k lying around and need to spend it on a great car then why hesitate Malc
  12. but don't leave it too too long coz they do actually perish with age ............................ Malc
  13. my indy has always recommended, for older cars like mine, to use semi-synthetic Malc
  14. Malc

    Have a Toyota Crown Majesta S180 -2006.

    an exceptional car, well done I remember from quite a few years back that buying a brand new car in Australia was about double the UK price with all the Aus taxes ......... does that apply to a 12 year old import ? Malc