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  1. that's good then ... at least now you've got some 'heads up ' on likely ongoing costs for one with stuff needing to be done Malc
  2. your decision of course BUT upper wishbones sure ain't cheap and cambelt, pulleys and waterpump change are about an 8 hour job .. 10 yrs / 100k miles if the service history shows lots of this done then maybe the asking price is ok BUT if not done then you will know what you might be in store to expect I've just spent the best part of £2k on mine this last year with my indy doing the stuff and getting proper parts from Amayama in Japan ( 50% of the UK Lexus /. Toyota cost ) BUT my knowing this stuff won't need doing ever again ( maybe ) The Mk3 Ls400 does fail the MOT on the wishbones at about 160k miles onwards, depending on the driving and driver over it's life Your decision whatever BUT as I said, a fresh sensible MOT will show you if the upper wishbones are likely to be a cause for immediate concern and a potential bank balance drain Good luck whatever Malc
  3. their one actually had the words Land Cruiser at the rear door Malc
  4. even if you offer too pay for it ?? Malc
  5. did anybody else watch the Bolivia .............. World's Most dangerous roads ............last night on ' Dave ' at 7pm never seen a Lexus Land Cruiser before Malc
  6. I would simply ask for a new MOT to be carried out while you're there watching it being done maybe The corrosion just might be light surface stuff The driver's heated seats only ever worked when new ! Then it's maybe worth the money + the cost of the new MOT UCAs can cost a lot of money when they need changing though Engine and gearbox can last a million miles Malc
  7. Newbie indicated he had a Ls400 on his profile Malc
  8. that's the problem with more modern cars, there's not much longevity ................. I jest,............ mine's on 218k miles and I think it's the original cap too Malc
  9. I don't have one at all BUT I do remember reading quite some extensive stuff on these Forums about the issues with Toyota / Lexus diesel cars good hunting ....... Malc
  10. Simon, when mine went pop I just visited the local Factor and they produced the right match for the job from their store. At least by doing it in person you'll no doubt get the right part ...... and as I said, it's quite likely that other marques use exactly the same item Malc
  11. so are u saying that Mercedes has a service schedule ad infinitum ? does Lexus for our aged Ls400s have this too please ? Malc
  12. and are there manufacturers advices for cars of this age ? Malc
  13. I have this cover ' free ' from my Nationwide FlexPlus account BUT ................. and mine's 23 years old now Malc
  14. did anybody buy this product and try it out yet ? Malc
  15. that's often the way of things with insurers ...... you could try insuring it for an agreed value maybe Malc