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  1. reality check please guys ........ some sellers, car traders do this, what was the price paid etc ? ....... what was the earlier Lexus service history i wonder just take care eh ! Malc
  2. no odometer .... she might have been a taxi and covered 300k miles in those first 3 years before the small mileage odometer fitted Malc
  3. in all fairness it's only 30 mins Main Dealer labour plus the cost of one plug plus vat Malc
  4. hope it's not with the Nationwide coz that was appalling ! ...... it's the quality and delivery of the cover ................ not often the price matters when you come to need it all of a sudden Malc
  5. Used RAC Breakdown and Recovery for about 53 years These past few years it's been Complimentary .............. wonder why Yes I have called them out on a few occasions flat tyres a few times over the years coz i know for me it's a struggle and the jack on the Ls400 barely seems to hold the car ! Inconvenient ............... alternator going pop, 3 x now on 3 different cars and all at night and miles from home Ls400 ........... slid on bus diesel fuel spillage going round the corner off the A2 at Sidcup, slid into the grass bank, the RAC pulled the car out of the shrubbery and back onto the road while the police diverted all that A2 traffic to the next junction ....... that was fun for a few hundred other poor motorists 😲 EVERY time the service has been exemplary and amazing NATIONWIDE B/Socy recovery etc ....... don't bother, wouldn't respond to me positively when I slid into a hidden roadside gulley, told me to contact my insurers to arrange assistance ............... a passing farmer and policeman sorted me out as I was just blocking the country lane
  6. looks as if the car's been sat in a wet field for a number of years apart from changing the brake pipes and essential peripherals like that might the rest be just very heavy surface rust and if taken to a underbody spray protection business see if they might be able to jet off / wire brush down the areas and then spray / paint protective stuff over it It might not be quite as bad as you think ................ you can buy a kurust type of product ( for house radiators ) that simply protects the real external metal from further corrosion and converts the existing rust to " good " metal once the loose stuff has been removed Malc
  7. I suspect it was coz someone who knows your car realised how daft it was to tell you to effectively write-your-car off for the sake of some perhaps relatively simple and inexpensive " fix " that they as a main dealer weren't prepared to discuss with you your intentions were quite clear to write-the-car-off to about zero value and to never use another service avenue for the fix Most owners with your age car left the Main Dealer servicing route long before and are happily using a local indy with the relatively simple skills to keep the LS400 on the road My guy's been looking after my various Ls400s for some 13 years now and all parts have been available from somewhere ...... and at often a fraction of Main Dealer prices too .......... he assures me he'll always be able to keep my car going for me Malc
  8. I remember a while ago when my instrument cluster began playing up and i enquired of Lexus availability and price .......... yes to availability BUT price was dopey price @ £ 3500 Thankfully it all started operating as normal .. seemed to fluctuate with the heat and cold a little and I was told that it's probably the leakage on the capacitors that caused it to begin to behave as it should, and after many months of the rev counter being a bit silly and for months on end too............. it has once or twice briefly reverted to playing up but it's ok right now Malc
  9. DHL are poor with useful telephone numbers BUT they do have an on line Chat facility if you have the reference numbers, and that does work for free too Malc
  10. I don't know the specifics of your query but there are guys on here with that 1994 Ls400 car knowledge I'm sure However, both Gates and Aisin are very reputable .............. I would personally avoid BluePrint for important stuff ...... personal experience Malc
  11. oh dear, maybe they've had an issue in the past with some potentially spurious RockAuto declarations. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, you are in the UK and not some place where they really would just knock the door down and put you up against the wall and do unmentionables to you ...................... I guess Malc make sure you're drinking plenty of caffeine induced coffee, just in case
  12. oh dear, she sold for £150 or thereabouts then ? was it through someone at your Lexus Main Dealer servicing people that she found another home ? Malc
  13. Remember them saying that in olden times every Rolls Royce had a comprehensive tool kit so that the chauffeur could do running repairs, like taking the engine to pieces to fix even major breakdowns whilst on the Grand Tour Malc
  14. oh, another major disaster from my 7 ? years ownership of my Mk1 was a new windscreen ............ on insce AND catastrophic electric fault replacing one single offside rear stop lamp bulb and the fiddly bulb that light's the centre top above the dash and windscreen and all in a miserly 80k miles in 7 years never a moneypit for sure Malc