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  1. good spot, well done Malc
  2. it's not to just replace the batteries it's to replace the sensors ....... changing the batteries is extremely challenging they say and maybe the tyre places just won't make that effort to just replace the batteries Malc
  3. OMG just reading the TPMS forum posts £90 a time when the TPMS batteries conk out and looks like cattle grids can set that in motion too Ls430s have TPMS seemingly, 460 and 600s too I guess along with all cars 2014 + a good reason not to stray too far from a simple Ls400 ....... especially when touring Scotland Malc
  4. not sure and of that I am certain ...... there's no rush however, still got at least half a million miles in the dear old lady. so thinking about the Inverter issue at £24,000 ..... is this just the battery pack do you think guys ?....... which I do understand from prior posts elsewhere can probably be " fixed " in piecemeal bits when failing ...... as in the Prius I say this coz in my office in Delhi we have an Inverter too, which is simply a permanently charged up battery pack to kick in when the occasional power cut hits. It feeds all electric needs for the office for about 4 hrs in addition to the computers having their own integrated 4hr back-up too Your thoughts ? Malc
  5. there isn't one at all these Ls400s are fairly bullet proof cambelt,pulleys,waterpump at 100k miles / 10 years sometimes the displays fade and I don't know if this one has a satnav that probably can't be updated, the Mk4 was the only Ls400 to have this amazingly modern technology I have a TomTom but might be superceded by waze on my phone sometime soon Bullet proof, good for a million miles at least and I've never experienced water in the boot nor rust nor weak bonnet struts since about 15 years ago on my Mk1 A car to maybe last you a lifetime .............. my Mk3s 24th birthday on the 26th, next week, and she's just about to turn 225k miles Go see it and marvel Malc
  6. whatever, it doesn't look at all expensive if you wanted a good Ls400 and it transpires to be If I was just 3 miles away I would go visit it for sure, drool over it and do a deal ........... and maybe have a pair of Ls400s ........................ and all for the price of a couple of air shocks too Malc
  7. wow, that Wimborne Dorset car looks really good value ....... and it has a towbar fitted some lucky purchaser will look to have an excellent car methinks and all for the price of a couple of air shocks on a later model Malc
  8. forgive me BUT I think there is an incredible lack of info from everyday users, anywhere, on the Ls600 and that's why I raised this thread ......... for my own and others awareness when considering a possible change to the Ls600 It has certainly brought out a few more items of note on the Ls600 but nothing like the data we get on the others in the Ls range Malc
  9. ah I see ! , we do at least every two years or so have a 3000 mile trip up to and around Scotland in the Ls400 Maybe if I buy another I'll save the Ls400 for just my Scottish trips then Malc
  10. Well gentlemen, thank you so much Graham, your initial purchase was fantastic, the prior owner having dropped £75/85k depreciation in those first 4 years. It's impressive for sure and Well Done to you and John, the Honest John stuff is brilliant too .. didn't like this extract from it though. Scary stuff for older car owners without any proper type insurance cover 17-7-2017: Report of inverter cooling system packing up on 2009 Lexus LS600h at 135,000 miles. Estimate for repair was £24,000. I suppose at the prices they are now for older cars one would just take the punch on the nose and scrap it eh ! So buying a secondhand one, who on earth would you take along to check it over as a " good buy " I wonder Malc
  11. so there we have it I guess little known of the Ls600 foibles and neither can I find anything useful on google search either this seems very strange ........... I know it's a rare car and most originating purchases would follow a full Lexus service pattern for their initial life as either wealthy individual or company owned Bit odd that there's nowt from later owners experiences with indy servicing or inherent troubles mentioned on line somewhere Can but assume ( and I know that's amazingly dangerous ) that the Ls600 is a trouble free wonderful car that's now too bombed out on pricing and should be a snip to buy with good fortune to follow the brave what do you think ? any more help here with the Ls600 ? thanks guys Malc
  12. certainly doesn't seem too inexpensive at that high'ish mileage and very few Lexus service history stamps you've got to want that specific one to want to buy it methinks Malc