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  1. Climbing a hill at 60 MPH in 6th, you must be joking, what were the engine revs ?, my car doesn't like 6th until at least 80 MPH on the level or down hill
  2. Hi everyone/anyone I've just phoned Lexus Leeds and they say there's nothing to be worried about, the pump only runs sometimes, if there was a problem with it there would be a warning light on the dash. happy days, thanks for your help nottonto
  3. Hi guys thanks for your help, I've viewed the other post and it seems I should get it looked-at. I tried to PM Ormi but got a message saying he could not use the system? My car is two months out of warranty and only done 30k, thought it would be bullet-proof for 3 yrs nottonto
  4. Hi Fonserg thanks for the info., but what is the item, is it supposed to be running and what's it for ? Is it causing any more damage if I don't get it sorted? thanks again nottonto
  5. Hi fonserg here's a photo as requested, sorry I didn't think to add it before
  6. Hi there's a small black plastic component on the top of my engine above the turbo, it looks like some kind of pump as it has two small diameter rubber pipes onto it, one on a fitting marked "out" and one on "vac", I presume it's a vacuum pump for something, there's quite a few small diameter pipes leading about the engine, the reason I'm asking is that recently I have noticed it running when I come to a stop with the engine running, I've only recently noticed it so I'm worried something is happening that shouldn't be. could anyone please enlighten me? thanks in anticipation nottonto
  7. Hi everyone/anyone I have a 58 plate 220D with 30000 miles on the clock, just out of warranty by 2 months. The engine has started making a whirring noise when it's warmed-up, when it started a few weeks ago I wasn't concerned because I thought it was the electric fan running to cool the engine but when I checked the fans weren't running. It isn't noticeable when driving, only when I stop and the car is on tick-over. The noise seems to be coming from the top of the engine above the turbo, there are a few components fitted to the top of the engine but I don't know what they are. I'm now a bit worried in case I'm doing any damage if I drive the car, there aren't any extra indicator lights on the dash. Does anyone know what it might be ? Any help gratefully received nottonto
  8. Hi Sunny it wouldn't make any difference at all to have one of each bulb installed, if the fuse didn't blow with the original bulb fitted then it's certainly a fault with the LED bulb nottonto
  9. I tried doing mine the other day but it kept blowing the fuse. It was Micro Red 10 Fuse. When I contacted the LED company about this they said its a common problem and basically I need to replace the fuse with a greater strength one like a 20! Did anyone else have to do this? Hi I think the "LED company" are telling you porkies, LED bulbs use less power so if anything you could reduce the fuse size, are you sure you haven't trapped a wire or something similar ? nottonto
  10. Hi here's my your ventilation control on recirculate ?, fresh air from outside helps stop misting
  11. Hi how old is your car? the reason I ask is that I had an IS200 which wouldn't eject CD's and it was replaced free by Lexus, the warranty for the CD system was 5 yrs., I don't know if that's still the case with the IS220d / IS250 hope this helps nottonto
  12. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm forgot this bit. I bought some refurbished wheels from Lexus Leeds which are a perfect match for new ones, If you ask your local dealer where they get refurbished wheels from surely they can supply paint or colour code.
  13. Hi guys a word of warning here. Lexus Leeds wouldn't replace two of my pitted wheels under warranty because the previous owner had touched-up the wheels to make them look better instead of getting them replaced under warranty
  14. Hi word of warning. I tried to get my wheels replaced under warranty (58 reg. 220d se mm) due to pitting on the spoke part of the wheels but Lexus Leeds would not replace two of them due to the previous owner trying to make them look better by touching them up with spray paint.