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  1. The belt seems fine , will have an auto electric guy check it out on Monday
  2. I could not see any liquid leaks the smoke was white and had a burning plastic smell coming from it so thought it was electrical, seemed to be coming from the alternator or starter not sure which is which. Is it possible the starter has shorted out and drained the battery as it is dead now. Mileage is 87k.
  3. Hello again two posts within a few days is not a good sign. After driving for about an hour i stopped at a shop, while sitting in the car with the car switched off i noticed a burning smell and some smoke in the passenger side. Then i noticed smoke coming from under the bonnet, i hit the ignition button and the car just about started so drove it to a less enclosed area (incase of a fire) i opened the bonnet and smoke seemed to be coming from the front left hand side, closed the bonnet and drove the car home a couple of miles away. When i got home i turned the car off and it would not start again so then i disconnected the live battery terminal and again the smoke seemed to be coming from the same place. Is it the alternator the starter or something else? As i said before it is the left side nearest the front when looking under the bonnet. Thanks
  4. Yes local tyre depot has been doing that. I sorted it out by splitting the nut with a grinder, lucky enough i had the temp spare wheel on.
  5. Could anyone tell me how to remove a wheel stud on an IS 220 ? I went to change the wheel and the nut was really hard to turn, the next thing the stud started moving in which ever way i try to turn the nut. I really dont know where to start. Thanks
  6. Hello I thought i would share my experience with the Vsc light . I went out in the car this morning and after about half a mile had a loss of power and the vsc engine and car skid lights came on , i drove home and looked up this thread. After reading i thought it would be worth while cleaning the egr i cleaned it last year and it was not to bad. When i removed it it was really badly sooted and on closer inspection i noticed a hard bit of the carbon was jammed between the valve thing (not sure what its called) and the casing , this was stopping the valve from closing and it snapped shut when the carbon was removed. I cleaned everything up put it back together started it up and the lights have gone and the car going better than ever. When i think back to the last time i drove the car prior to this morning i had the car at full rev in 3rd gear for a short burst something i havent done for a while ,i think this must have dislodged the lump of carbon and jammed the valve open. Well anyway that is my story so fingers crossed. Enda
  7. Sounds like good advice a simple check would have saved me alot of heartace (and embarrassment)
  8. Just incase anyone is interested the fault was caused by a bad earth connection . Not on the battery but lower down out of sight.
  9. My 07 is220d was up for MOT today took it to get washed including the underside when i came of the ramp it took two pushes of the start button to get the engine going . The next three times i started the car it did the same thing. Sure enough drove to the test centre and half way through the man had to switch the car off and when he tried to start it again the car was dead no lights and the windows or locks wont work. the start button does nothing when pushed. Total embarassment had to get pushed out of the test centre. There was a toyota garage across the road so got them to replace the key battery but that did not help . Got a set of jump leads but that also made no difference so the car had to be transported to a local garage where they say they will have a look but it might be a job for a Lexus dealer 50 miles away .Does anyone have any idea what could cause this problem and do you think the car wash had something to do with it as the problem started after this was done. Thanks Enda
  10. Does anyone know how to reset the oil maintenance light on an 07 is220d i have tried different methods i have seen online but nothing works. Thanks
  11. So the burning question is..... Was it really quite dirty/gunked up with carbon deposits ( I'm trusting it was)??? Cos' if it was quite clean then nothing is likely to be achieved. It was quite dirty . Everything was caked in about 1mm/2mm of carbon. Just hope it makes a difference now it is clean. Thanks Enda
  12. I cleaned the egr at the weekend so will wait to see what the mpg avg is in a week or so.