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  1. Ok sure. Thanks for the latest posts. They all offered valuable information for me. I learned a lot in the last few days. I definitely haven't ruled out the MK3s because two of my friends had them although one of them told me his GS300 suffered from suspension problem. The other was telling me he could barely put his briefcase in the boot of his 450h. I am leaning towards getting a car from a Lexus dealer just so that I can have a one-year (I think) warranty and the free breakdown cover for peace of mind. But knowing me, if I see private one that I like (ie, it looks to be in good conditions from a paint work and interior point of view, I will probably take the risks and buy from private or from a "street" dealer. When it comes to cars, I tend to buy with the heart rather than common sense. By the way, has anyone out there bought some warranty for your car before? If so, which company do you use if you buy your own warranty? I have never bought warranty before. Is it worth getting it? Thanks all. A
  2. Thank you all so much for your feedback. Your comments are all very useful and I have written them in a notebook so I can ask the right questions when viewing the cars. Seriously I am hopeless when it comes to buying a used car. Now I know at the 6th service, there will be sparkplugs to change and will ask if they have already been done etc. It;s a very good point about the tyres, if the car has different tyres, then I should probably avoid that one as its owner probably don't look after the car much. I did think about getting one of the Hybrid GS but I had a Prius years ago and its gearbox failed me when it reached 6 years old. That kind of put me off a little bit on the Hybrids now. I currently lease a Volvo S90 and will have to hand give it back in a few months, so I am starting to look for a car to keep going and I don't fancy leasing again. If you don't mind me asking a question on the Sat nav, I saw some used GS have a really wide Nat Nav screen. Is that an optional extra? If so, what is the name of the Sat Nav which comes with a wide screen? I presume the standard sat nav on a GS 250 would just have a standard 8-inch type of screen, ie not the really wide one? Thanks all. Much appreciated. A
  3. Hi Guys, Apologies I have just joined the Lexus forum as I am planning to buy a 2012/2013 GS250 and I want to get some opinions from you guys on its reliability. i hope I have posted in a suitable section by the way so if I haven't, I do apologise. i have never owned a Lexus before. If I buy a GS250 of this age and say with under 60k miles, do you guys foresee any issues I will be encountering with the car in the near future? What kind of issues have you been experiencing with the GS over the years? Any engine, electrical or other issues? Do I absolutely need to buy one with Lexus full service history ? Should I only buy one from a delearship? Would really appreciate some advice as I have been looking for a used mid size car to get with a generous amount of equipment and rather than getting a German, I am hoping a GS would give the least amount of issues. Thanks a lot in advance A
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!