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  1. Thanks Jon, that is a good shout and very much the issue I am starting to notice with Merc specialists, these days. There seems to be a lot of love for your Lexuses guys but there are not many 430's out there, at least not local so I may need to be patient, which is not my forte 🤔
  2. Thanks Gents, feedback much appreciated and a good check list, Mark. Quick question, what model year did the facelift come in on? Phil, I am in Woking; probably not too far from you? Kr Jonathan
  3. Hi, I have just realised I posted this on the wrong forum, is it possible to move it? Thank you.
  4. Hi folks, just wanted to say hi and to ask for your thoughts on a possible LS430 purchase. As a long and current Mercedes owner, I am on my 14th Mercedes, I have little knowledge of Lexus; I have never owned one. However, I love the LS430 and have been exploring Autotrader where I have seen several in the £5k bracket from 2002 to 2005. They look in good condition, as far a one can tell from an ad, but wanted to know if there are any model years that have issues. If I use my W124 Mercedes as an example, the model run was 1985 to 1995 but in 1992ish, they started using water based paint which meant the later cars were very prone to rust. Therefore, earlier cars are much more sort after, at least by those in the know. Having searched this forum, I have not seen anything that suggests there are model year specify issues so I thought I should ask the question. Forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes! Many thanks. Jonathan.
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!