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  1. Just had the 2021 satnav update installed FOC whilst my car was in for it's 2nd annual service 👍.
  2. Since buying my LC500 I have always used premium unleaded fuel (97 octane). Thinking about switching to the new E10 greener fuel - any comments?
  3. I agree with AJ500 on total numbers. I have had mine 2 years come September 1st and have never seen another one whilst out & about. However, due to wintering abroad and Covid19 I have only done 5,500 miles.
  4. My Maps version is 1520 - does anyone know if that is the latest?
  5. Hi Kev No problems at all with the car other than the self inflicted one! Go for it, you won't regret it. And yes I bought it from Lexus Leicester who were 1st class. Hi Malcolm Yes, I do use a battery conditioner whilst I am away (CTEK MXS 5.0).
  6. Seen a bit of activity on the LC500 forum of late which is good. There aren't many of us and I have not posted anything for a long while so here is my story to-date - opted for a new basic model (preferred the wheels) in white with rose/black interior. The only extra I paid for was the Mark Levinson speaker upgrade. On September 6th 2019 I picked it up from Lexus Leicester, next day I drove it to Cannock to have a ceramic coating applied to the body work. Two days later I drove it back to Leicester, went to the stables where my daughter keeps her horse and promptly reversed into a thick wooden gate post and caused £3,417 worth of damage 🤬. Got it back from the Lexus body shop a week or so later and all well now. Anyway, I absolutely love the car. Because I spend most of the English Winter in the Far East I have only done 1,400 miles so far, but even so I am just about winning the battle against the infotainment system 🤣🤣.
  7. Thank you very much for the replies I have received - I now know where to connect the trickle charger. Regarding the jack - mine definitely doesn't have one so I checked with my Lexus dealer and they said that no jack is supplied for a car fitted with run flats!
  8. I occasionally have to leave my car in my garage for up to 8 weeks at a time. My previous car was a Jaguar F-Type Coupe and I was advised to leave the car on a trickle charge whilst I was away. I have just taken delivery of a new LC500 and assume the same applies. So could anyone please advise where to connect my charger? And as an aside - is it normal for a new car with run flats to come without a jack etc?
  9. Some really interesting contributions to the topic I started - many thanks. I have read about faraday pouches before, but understand the bag has to be completely sealed to work - not always easy if your car key is one of many on a key ring. And a further question if I may, regarding relay theft - how close to the car key does someone have to be to be able to relay the code?
  10. Just been reading about the amount of cars with a keyless entry system that are stolen using a relay to transmit the code. My Lexus LC500 is due to be delivered in September and I wondered if anyone knew how secure or otherwise the Lexus security system is?
  11. Relative to this topic - have you noticed the OTTR price for the basic model has just increased by £1,490?
  12. Does look good, but not regretting my decision to order the Coupe which is coming in September.
  13. Why would you want a new one when the spec hasn't changed and you have done only 3K miles?
  14. Thanks for your replies. I agree about the ochre and couldn't live with that. Also agree that if they offered a cream interior I would have gone for Sonic Red. In the end I have ordered white with black/rose interior - the saving of £500 on the colour helped a bit 😀.
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