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  1. Thank you very much for the replies I have received - I now know where to connect the trickle charger. Regarding the jack - mine definitely doesn't have one so I checked with my Lexus dealer and they said that no jack is supplied for a car fitted with run flats!
  2. I occasionally have to leave my car in my garage for up to 8 weeks at a time. My previous car was a Jaguar F-Type Coupe and I was advised to leave the car on a trickle charge whilst I was away. I have just taken delivery of a new LC500 and assume the same applies. So could anyone please advise where to connect my charger? And as an aside - is it normal for a new car with run flats to come without a jack etc?
  3. Some really interesting contributions to the topic I started - many thanks. I have read about faraday pouches before, but understand the bag has to be completely sealed to work - not always easy if your car key is one of many on a key ring. And a further question if I may, regarding relay theft - how close to the car key does someone have to be to be able to relay the code?
  4. Just been reading about the amount of cars with a keyless entry system that are stolen using a relay to transmit the code. My Lexus LC500 is due to be delivered in September and I wondered if anyone knew how secure or otherwise the Lexus security system is?
  5. Relative to this topic - have you noticed the OTTR price for the basic model has just increased by £1,490?
  6. Does look good, but not regretting my decision to order the Coupe which is coming in September.
  7. Why would you want a new one when the spec hasn't changed and you have done only 3K miles?
  8. Thanks for your replies. I agree about the ochre and couldn't live with that. Also agree that if they offered a cream interior I would have gone for Sonic Red. In the end I have ordered white with black/rose interior - the saving of £500 on the colour helped a bit 😀.
  9. Of course I understand that colour is purely down to personal preference, but I just can't make up my mind and need to place an order early this coming week to get a 1st September delivery. I am going for the base model with Levinson and am stuck between Sonic Red with black interior or White with black/rose interior. Any views would be welcomed.
  10. Thanks for your comment Wendle - very helpful.
  11. Looks fantastic - I hope to be ordering one soon to replace an F-Type. Is that Burgundy red or Sonic red and what colour interior did you go for - I quite like ochre.
  12. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!