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  1. Got to admit I wouldn't want to coil over a GSF. Bumps are gonna feel firmer than walking on Lego. Personally if I was going to lower it I would bag it.
  2. I haven't really tracked RCF prices but it's 100% not 30k plus. @Fair and square would be best to ask he seems to track all F model price variations. I'd probably say 23ish. What did you think of it ?
  3. I've been tempted to buy the red interior 😂😅
  4. Just stick on YouTube music and random away. But often get dance music playing unless the windows down and I'm enjoying the exhaust note.
  5. Well worth trying to barter, they'd have at least two sales, I for one want the full exhaust and the one press remote. Buying from GTHAUS direct will cost just over £4000 including import taxes etc unless we can get them to lie about the value of shipment 😂 as it adds about £700. Any gains from exhaust and then find someone to remap it for another 5% would be a casual bump over the 500 mark.
  6. I've noticed that Torqen stock the GTHAUS systems for a few different Nissan's, wonder if they would import a system or two upon there next shipment or something maybe even get them at better rates as they clearly import for other vehicles to stock. That and finance is easier to hide from my wife than my credit card statements.
  7. My local garage I use for MOTs does a lot of vehicle modifications and it's these guys I'll probably use to install it also, let's face it - not exactly a hard install for any garage. So they will be fine with it they used to ignore my airbag light when the sprig connector went for my knee airbag. Yeah I know it's v loud, personally I think it's the exhaust that gives the engine the best harmonics, I'll only ever have valves closed when I start from home though or hit my street up due to my neighbours being elderly with barky dogs. They complain enough as it is when m
  8. Just noticed a red full interior on eBay... Was a USB GSF, I mean that's a shame, such a waste of a car.
  9. Would it even be a fail? I mean they're only little ones that get removed.... You'll have to let me know how this gets on as I'm hoping to have my GTHAUS full exhaust sorted by summer 🤤
  10. I am contemplating using them rather than lexus for my GSF. Any negative commentary.
  11. There's a Toyota / lexus specialist in Rayleigh Essex. I've seen them mentioned a few times and another forum member only uses them, I'll see if I can dig it out
  12. Now that would make me contemplate upgrading the GSF 😅or the v10 piston engine... Get me close to that LFA note 🤤
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