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  1. Thanks Jim, I’m leaning towards the 460 for the cvt reason. Does the LS have 4 corner air suspension?? If so is it fairly robust or does it require a lot of work??
  2. Thanks for that, lovely car, is there any downside to the hybrid system in terms of maintenance?? Or is it the same engine just with a motor etc?
  3. I just meant the tech would be, the Volvo will steer itself up to 90mph, Apple CarPlay, Matrix Headlights, just a few of the things a Lexus of that era won’t have??
  4. Hello, I currently drive a 2017 Volvo S90, lovely car, company car, but my company so fed up paying all the extra tax yada yada. Anyhoo, always wanted an LS, so I'm going to get one when the lease is up in about 9 months. I'm more interested in comfort and refinement, I get the Lexus will be a step back in terms of tech compared with the Volvo, but the Volvo is a 4 cylinder diesel. Fuel cost isn't an issue, but for £15k I can get a main dealer FSH 460 or 600h and at the end of 3 yrs it will still owe me something. So the question is, which one? The LS460 seems to be newer, it has Adaptive Cruise and LKAS?? How is the 600h in terms of reliability of its hybrid tech? Anything else I should watch out for?? I've seen an LS460 SE-L with 65k on the clock, FSH for £10k which is insane!! I was contemplating a S Class too but read too many horror stories of failed stuff, same goes for 7 series and A8's, and tbh, I'm not overly a fan of German cars. So, anything that will help would be appreciated. Cheers
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    Hi all, So technically I'm currently an imposter as I don't actually have a Lexus yet, nor have I ever. But looking to get a 8-10 yr old LS460 or newer LS600H soon. Looking forward to advice and sharing help.
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