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  1. Interesting comments coming through, as there appears to be a slow shift towards hybrid vehicles in the UK, charging stations and the incentives to charge EV's from home & the workplace will i'm certain be more effective by 2030, scary thought that as we get closer to 2020, globally the demise of diesel engines is a sign that times are changing, Ford in the news this week, having reported a slow down in demand for their engines, is confirmation of that, Oslo (Norway) is setting an example, & recently the BBC ran a short story of how the norwegian government is encouraging drivers to convert to hybrid & EV's, whilst heavily taxing drivers of dirty diesel engines, UK cities should follow their example, wishful thinking, interesting nevertheless.
  2. Although i do believe Lexus & Toyota lead the way with manufacturing hybrid vehicles, of which i drive a NX f sport, and certain Hybrid & electric vehicles are the future for a cleaner and sustainable environment, it is however dissapointing that other car manufacturers are slow in developing their own hybrid engines, Honda have maintained their share in the market and Mazda are catching up, so where the government raised concerns over co2 emmisions from diesel engines and rightly so, it appears tax bands are increasing for the dirtiest diesel engines, such as the Mercedes benz E class and S class, but good to learn range rover are developing a hybrid electric vehicle, and it seems follow the flock of sheep when there are so many range rover vehicles on the road, its good to know Lexus stands out from the crowd.
  3. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!