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  1. I have zoom issues, no traffic jam alerts or alternative route options. I'm forever stationary on the motorway and the sat nav doesn't have a clue. It also has recently started showing past routes in thick dashed purple lines. It is the worst Sat Nav system I have ever experienced and its on the most expensive car I have ever owned! Bad Lexus. Disgraceful. Nobody seems to help, dealerships don't know the system. Having to use google maps on my phone for real time traffic, absolutely pathetic from Lexus.
  2. Thanks for replies. Recently my sat nav has started permanent purple dashed routes! Its routes which I have done in the past. Any ideas how to get rid? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I have had my 2018 NX for just over 12 months now and I find the "Premium" navigation system absolutely terrible. The worst I have experienced and not what I would expect from a premium brand. It's so complicated with menu after menu of unknown symbols. What really grinds my gears is the traffic avoidance. Day after day it does not re-route for an alternative clear road. I travel the same way to and from work every day and have the sat nav set to automatically select home and work between certain times of the week day. My route involves driving on the M56 and coming off or joining at the M6 interchange. I can join at either end and as soon as I go around the bend the motorway is stopped by an accident or breakdown, 3 lanes stopped. And before I enter the M56 there are alternative routes available. In fact I can go over the M56 before I join and physically see it stopped, yet the system does not offer an alternative route. I often take the alternative route myself and the system re-calculates. So there are obviously alternative routes which are clear and quicker, yet it lets me join the traffic jam. I have just about had enough of it. I often use Google Maps on my phone, which clearly knows the traffic jams and gives alternative quicker routes. I have asked my dealer for assistance in case I have not got it set up properly, but they don't seem to know the system as its fairly new. Not impressed! Wasting my time sitting stationary on a motorway when there are a number of clear alternative routes. I could count on one hand the number of occasions it has given me an alternative route. However, the number of times it has not provided a traffic jam route alternative must be at least 50 times. The WIFI function is also useless. While sitting outside my house and connected with a full WIFI signal showing, nothing is available. What point is the WIFI?
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