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  1. I really bought myself a bad car. The black cover was somewhat bent from one hole side and it really was and still is rusty as you can see in the pictures. I got it open and it's no good. Oxidation has broken and damaged it. As you can see, the piece where the PCB lies, there should be a inner circle that goes into the black housing. 50% of that side is inside the black housing and the other on the PCB one. Everything has oxidated. I think that someone has opened it sometime and didn't put it nicely together. The middle spinning thing wasn't straight in. Managed to brake on plug also. Can someone make me a picture how the plug is wired in?
  2. If the pump passes Techstream Active Test, does this mean it is good? Can anyone tell me what rubber tube is on the pump you need to remove in order to disassembel the whole unit?
  3. Hi I think my car has above 350 000 KM. Would the pump still be the problem if it passes the Techstream test?
  4. Sorry for bumping up a old thread but Hayne told us here: "I found a broken bracket in sump which hols a small metal transfer pipe common fault" I too found that piece when I opened my transmission up from the bottom. Would we not need it?
  5. Thanks, I found these threads by search and from Google. That's how I'm here 🙂 I think I'll get the pump off today, made preparations for removing yesterday. Just 3 days ago I changed the ATF and the oil pressure sensors....God dammit. If anyone would like to see how to change the sensors or where they are, I made pictures and can make a DIY.
  6. Hi I've written in two forums and still can't get a answer for my problem. I have a 2006 GS450H. There were 12 battery elements changed and the hybrid worked fine, no errors. One day I put the car on stress, braked and drove it like a crazy man. Now the car has been sitting for about 1 month and I still can't get it to work properly. When I press the POWER button, the READY light flashes and then starts the gasoline motor and in about 4-5 seconds the READY light is lit. The car works just fine when it is cold but when it gets hot and I put it on REVERSE, it dies on me and throws me "CHECK HYBRID SYSTEM" "CHECK VSC" and so on. I bought Techstream and I get P0867 (Transmission Fluid Pressure) and P0868 (Transmission Fluid Pressure Low). I found a bulletin that changing the transmission oil pressure sensors would cure this. I bought PB1, PB2 and PB3 sensors and changed them, even put a new filter in it with new oil. The problem is still there. Would the auxiliary oil pump be the culprit of this problem? I'm really unpleased right now!
  7. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!