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  1. So is it true to say whether you get universal or the dedicated you are still splicing and even the dedicated is not just plugging into some hidden socket in the boot?
  2. Your write that is not going to help, its also not for my year of car. If that's the dedicated it still looks crazy. I done this install on my X5 and I am sure it was plug and play into one socket.
  3. Any chance you can post of a pic of the instructions? I don't use a trailer, its strictly for carrying bikes so the 12N 7 pin I think is more then adequate for my needs, after spending so much on the towbar already I would love to avoid spending more on the dedicated kit which I have already purchased if I can help it.
  4. Greetings - Today along with the help of my more technical buddy we installed a Westfalia detachable swan neck towbar (pfjones eBay) on my 2011 rx450h and that all seemed to have gone rather well. Problem I am left with is getting the electrics wired up, I have the the universal bypass relay, but it seems to want me to splice into the wiring for brakes, indicators etc and I really don't want to do that. I cannot find any instructions on the web so far either. I wanted to know or assume that there is a plug somewhere in the rx which is used when Lexus install the towbar and if anyone had any clue about the wiring diagram so I know which is which, to be honest any help would be great. If someone had the install done maybe they know where the electrics were plugged into. I assume if I am carrying bikes I would need to have a light board and plates plugged in?
  5. Found the option to stop the screen changing, its in General called something like Screen Change on/off. So this week I was doing a long trip and tried to use the Sat Nav but it forever was placing me in the wrong place, so I have a bad feeling the Sat Nav is suffering the same issues mentioned, sadly I am not on an extended warranty. I am going to look for this recalibration because it is working but the receiver is putting me in the wrong starting position, fingers and legs crossed.
  6. Compresser was taken out along with the receiver and expansion vessel. They had a dryer ordered from Lexus. The system was then flushed and the compressor was then cleaned up of any oil, they mentioned the windings looked good and seemed not to have been contaminated as yet. Then was all put back together a new receiver unit was put in. Then dye test, no leaks, followed by gas and oil that should go in the system. That's as detailed as my knowledge goes.
  7. UPDATE: So the car is back with me, work was all done and I feel a whole lot better. My latest email from Halfords said that our stores are aware not to recharge Hybrid vehicles. If any is passing a Halfords and happens to have a spare couple of minutes, it would be quite interesting to see if this is really true at the store level.
  8. Hey - So I am little bewildered by the screen display hoping folks could help. 1 - By default it seem to always display the map menu - however half the time it has be driving through fields in god only what place, occasionally it is correct. If I set a navigation course it work perfectly. Why does the default go nuts? 2 - It will never remain on say the Audio screen, is there any way for it to remain on another screen? 3 - Are there any cool tweaks to make the display any better and how do you get the maps updated as mine seem pretty old.
  9. Got it, however the email trail is easy to follow and the offer I accepted did not have full and final. Going to go with that to be honest I just feel relieved to know my family not going to get a shock on the motorway this summer or the car going to shutdown like a windows 7 machine, because its been bugging the hell out of me.
  10. So this part gets a little technical for me. How it played out was that they made the offer to pay the bill for the repair and asked for bank details, there was no full and final... The proceeding email they sent did say full and final... however I have not responded to that eMail for the same reason as you mention above. Now I'm thinking you can't say full and final after the fact and you have no correspondence from me agreeing. Surely that makes it not full and final or am I wrong and my accepting the funds and paying for the repair it becomes implied? Complicated 💩
  11. So I got a bunch of money transferred into my bank account from so called retailer and have booked in for Monday to get this sorted out. 😀 I will be chasing up with them however if they are going to continue offering this service to Hybrid cars or if they are putting some action into place. I feel a touch relieved today.
  12. Thank you, very helpful info. I think I have made some progress directly. I now have an email from said company quoting what manufacturer told them it starts by saying and includes So in my mind that looks like sufficient evidence of admission to liability. There solution on the other hand looks like a bunch of crap: I have seeked out technical advise from two very good specialist in the area, one of them being a trade AC specialist. And they said exactly what I thought doing a vacuum will not get all the oil out, they also think its highly unlikely that the AC compressor is damaged as yet. The actual proposed cleanup and change of some parts is £750. Firstly they charge £60 for a regas, I do not see how they could even do the job for £100, nor do I believe they have the right equipment or gas/oil to regas and quite frankly I don't trust them to sort it out. So hopefully we are now just in an argument about the correct cleanup. Fingers crossed. Lastly I just want to mention a top top man/business - Steve @ who I have never done business with, ever, has gone out of his way to advise, get information from other sources, has called me and walked me through all sorts of cases and yet I have not spent 1p with them. Really restores your faith in humanity. I will def be using them for my future business, so damn impressed.
  13. I don't feel right doing that to be honest, plus the dealer will probably argue as I mentioned above as his machine was broken they left me the option to get it done and reimbursed. There is no paper trail other then the reimbursement for the regas. I'm thinking Citizens Advice Bureau and Watchdog as it looks like they will continue to regas hybrids.
  14. Here we go, looks like it's time to get legal involved. Seems like they want to play stupid saying after investigating the fact the aircon is still working there is no need to correct for potential issues, and if something does happen then to get back in contact with them and they will have an engineer inspect the vechicle. 😡