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  1. Quick hello from myself, over the years have owned a RX300, LS 400 x 2 and now a RX 450H Luxury in sonic white Black Interior. 66 plate car with some miles under its belt!! bought from Lexus Cambridge / px my 66 plate Discovery sport. Even though i bought the car blind and they did mine, i was more than surprised that on collection i had to both rear wheels and tyres changed before i agreed to drive it away, seriously badly kerbed wheels with tyres matching my Bald head!! so a quick look around the site and they took from another car then had to do the TPM WHICH TOOK IN ALL @ 3 HOURS, but they kindly filled the car up with petrol! Nice car and glad i swapped over the Discovery was a superb car but just our driving style did not suit that engine. Called into my local Lexus dealership to get a new battery for my key fob, i asked what he thought of the rear door rubber gaskets coming adrift and 1st thing he asked was did you buy this car from us, no i did not, well my suggestion would be take it back and ask them to look at it as its not covered under warranty ... very rude to say the least. must say from when i last owned a Lexus there customer service has seriously gone south.
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