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  1. Any update on this Barry ? Was curious to see the results 😄
  2. I've seen this on my IS300h and now also on my RC300h. Not every time, but fairly often so assume it's just the nature of Park engaging in the gearbox. Obviously both of mine have the CVT box, where as i assume the 200t has a more traditional automatic transmission ?
  3. This morning (Thursday 12th Nov) coming down Shedden Hill around 8.30am. The first RC ive seen locally since i picked mine up around 6weeks ago and identical to mine 😂 They seem a bit of a rarity around here, which is quite nice 😁
  4. Agree i just need to get over my uncomfortable feeling moving the L/R balance from the 0 position 😂
  5. Haha, Cheers Linas 😀. My IS drowned whilst at work...thankfully i'm situated on higher ground and refuse to park in that section of road anymore, just in case !! I find its more the depth. To my ears you can get the bass, middle and treble adjusted fine, but it still sounds kind of flat to me. Ironically i thought the sound was slightly better on my Premium Nav spec'd IS, which is a little disappointing having heard so many people rave about the ML system. Funnily, i considered adjusting the balance L/R to try and feel more depth, but i must be
  6. Hi guys. Not posted on here since i purchased my IS, so thought i'd update. I owned my IS300h for a little over 14months before my ownership experience was cut short rather abruptly, as you can see below !! Im not going to lie, i was absolutely gutted, but every cloud and all that. Id actually been considering moving to the RC not long after purchasing the IS so took the miserable experience of having my car written off to make the move and around 6weeks ago, picked myself up a beautiful low milage 2016 RC300h in Azure Blue with sunroof and ML Sound System. So far i
  7. ...i must learn to read properly !! 😂 Phantom Grey ordered 🤞
  8. After 9months of owning my F-Sport with the same wheels which were all unmarked, i kerbed one of the fronts yesterday whilst pulling out of a parking space 🙄 Id also be interested if anyone has a colour code that comes even close, just to take my eye off of the damage...
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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