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  1. Hi all, This is doing my head..lol..have 1999 is 200, fitting new head unit. Realise will lose sat nav but old posts talk of a member who used to provide something that enabled you to do so. Anything known I can get/use?..end my pain..lol..
  2. Hi all, About to sort new head unit,read all on bypass leads ect but can I still get activation module to keep sat nav (realise no sound)..thanks
  3. Hi all, have mint 1999 is200 with factory stereo..anything I can do to bring up to date eh Bluetooth? Thanks
  4. How do I remove the audio system from an is 200 (1999), has factory sat nav which goes through audio?..have removed gear stick surround and slid out heated seats ect fixture..now what..thanks
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

    1. Excalibur 2

      Excalibur 2

      Thank you Steve,and hi.

      Need some help from any ice tech guys on here.

      Have 1999 is 200. Wanting to update with new audio unit. Have amp in glovebox and factory sat nav. First what amp bypass lead,and what do I need to keep sat nav?

      Speaker wise (rear 9"x6") read need spacers (MDF). Is it good to keep 2 way (new speakers) and use old wiring and plug to connect?

      Have removed speakers already.

      Any help/advice would be appreciated..thank you 🙂

  6. Hi all ! Have IS200 (1999),kept in very good condition,fitted/working factory sat nav. Car has only done 60,000 miles. The sat nav works through the audio system which has a disc stuck in it and won't 'spit it out'. 2 things, how do I remove audio system .and, anybody know who can recover disc,clean/refurbish unit as would like to keep original? Thank you