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  1. I have a 2000 UK LS400 and I'm looking to swap the Sat Nav unit out for a RHD climate control and a double din fascia kit. I know how to do the wiring to bypass the amp etc. The issue I have is that it appears none of the RHD climate controls are actually compatible with UK cars. I have an AUDM one which does not work (does, but not fully) and I haven't tried a JDM one yet. People in the US have done this quite easily - the difference being that US cars appear to have 4 grey connectors that plug into the back of the climate control, whether they came with the Sat Nav or not, whereas UK cars only have 3 connectors. The AUDM control actually came with pigtails - all 4 of them, the wiring matches (in colour, but perhaps not function, finding an AUDM specific wiring diagram is difficult) on the 3 that are in the UK car but I assume the 4th (connector B on wiring diagrams) is causing the issues. I imagine the JDM one will be exactly the same. I've yet to find someone successfully do this on a UK car and I don't even know if it possible? Can anyone shed any light? Thanks in advance.
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