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  1. That essential minor service should include a free hybrid check from what I’ve read in Lexus website.
  2. Probably not as good as the X5 but felt more composed than the other two. Round corners the X5 can’t be beaten but on the motorway my X5 tends to drift left but the CRV goes straight like a bullet. i wouldn’t trade my X5 for it but there are so many positives it’s daft not to. Anyway I’m enjoying it so far so maybe when my X5 lets me down I’ll trade it in for a newer model Rx without the footbrake.
  3. Anyway just to update you my search has ended. After a few test drives and private car searches I’ve decided to buy my next car. it was a SUV I wanted and it was a tough choice. It had to live up to my X5(E70 LCI) in the handling dept and be just a luxurious with all the bells and whistles. My search led me to Lexus RX SE-L , the RAV4 with XT5 spec. , CRV EX spec.. All automatic. After a few private Rx400h viewings the bodywork on 3 random cars were all bad.. ie each panel had respray. This really got me thinking. My search on RaV4 was quite short lived when a private viewing put me off again as it handled really bad and the engine was rough for a petrol . That car must have had issues. Anyway I rang about a 62 plate RAV4 which I never tested as the dealer would not accept my offer below asking price and I lived 200 miles away. The other issue I had with the Lexus was the footbrake. Which idiot came up with that. Even my nephews Golf has an electronic brake button and it’s 13 plate. This would be an issue when I get gout which is 3?times a year random times. Footbrake would be a disaster but I never thought of this before. I enquires about the 450h but even that had one and the cheapest I could get was 9k. My search was now the CRV in 3rd generation. Drove a petrol and it felt ok but thirsty at 20-30mpg. Also you had to give it the beans on the motorway. Drove the CRV diesel last week and I was converted. It felt every bit like the X5 and even handled like one. The spec was ES but I drove the EX on Sunday and I bought it same day no messing and drove it home from Hamel Hampstead. It had all the spec my X5 has and more. The car had no bodywork issues I was surprised to find any respray not even one panel. No codes on ecu and full service history with 12 months Honda warranty extendable for 3 years before sept 20 for £650. Thats 4 yrs warranty for £650 which for Rx is £900 for 2 years if it’s 09 plate. The car was 62 plate and Ex auto for £7999 and I got it for £7850. My budget was 5-6k for a runabout. But including warranty and potential repairs service I think I would be spending another 1-2k anyway. The car has had its service and even if it breaks its covered till sept 20 under warranty. I hope I’ve made the right decision and my wife wants me to get rid of my beloved X5.☹️
  4. The device I got was £15 from eBay and it works a treat. Can test against control with my car as it’s all factory or roof on all cars are factory unless you had a bump up there.
  5. I know what your saying Herbie but my X5 is 10 years old and each an every panel is factory. I do have a few scratches but nothing that needs a full panel respray. I need to touch up some bumper and bonnet chips. i do have high expectations but a 10 year old car which has been looked after will have a decent bodywork not like what I’ve seen. I like the way sellers play these things down once you come to view after they tell you in the phone the car is very good condition. The price is then average condition as panel sprays will be required in deep scratches. The paint thickness pen helps identify any bonding used as the pen just doesn’t grip. The car I inspected had this on wheel arches and other areas. It sounds as though it had a few bumps in its life and wasn’t repaired properly. The handling of the car never inspired confidence and I was steering right to keep it straight all the time. I was glad he didn’t accept my offer as I don’t know what I would have done if he accepted . It could be repaired but at a cost so hence low offer.
  6. Back to my search. Anyway checked out another’s Rx400. This time 09 with 100k miles. Had cambelt change and FSH with Lexus . Even had a HHC and recent service a few days ago. tested with paint thickness pen. majority of car had respray and some rusty patches from of bonnet. There was body filler on wheel arch too. The car pulled to left severely. The chap said it needed alignment as tyres on front were bald cf to rear. Anyway apart from front bumper needed a repray and possible alignment suspension issue the car drove ok. The body work had many scratches it looked it was driven in a farm The spec was SR so no parking sensors or camera or satnav . with some many issues I gave offer if PX price and walked away. i have yet to find a decent RX if they do exist?
  7. They hijack a normal user account and then say email them. Once you reply to ebayer your hooked . Beware
  8. Fraud or scam. They will tell you to email them outside eBay . Seen too many too good to be true prices
  9. Interestingly this code came up when I used carly Toyota to scan. DTC 0c1241 This is abs malfunction and would require extensive investigation https://www.purefjcruiser.com/docs/2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser Repair Manual/Brake Control/Vehicle Stability Control System/0280021.pdf just as well I didn’t buy.
  10. These can be sorted but it’s £350-400 refurbs and more resprays 200 per bumper.
  11. Was looking at private sale. The chap had bought from Lexus but it only had one panel factory. So Lexus can also sell like that. Otherwise the chap must have had 4-5 panels resprayed.
  12. Viewed a car today in Nottingham. This is the second car I have viewed which had multiple panels which had been resprayed. Everything else checks out. Needs some bodywork but passed all test mot and battery test. what do you guys advice as the last car was same and I rejected it on you advice. Does anyone own a car on here which has factory paint all round or is that a rare find these days?
  13. Ok I’ve decided will go to Stockport on Thursday. Will check pad thickness Assuming dealer will mention rust on mot