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  1. Maybe said with tongue in cheek but I know a person who learnt the piano accordion and he provides free entertainment sessions at care homes
  2. Met a guy at a kit car show some years ago. He liked building and working on cars. When he retired he built a Kit car and when he finished it sold it and started another one. He told me it had stopped him 'from going nuts'. This is rather an unusual one and he had the facilities to do this. Another person I knew joined a choir or learnt to play a musical instrument. There really is a great variety of things one can do.
  3. U3A have many diverse groups in my area ranging from walking to various sports, languages to philosophy, bridge to discussion groups, photographic to book discussion, among others. I am sure there are many such U3A groups throughout the UK. Some meet weekly or fortnightly and others once a month. Some members attend more than one group. This would not be a complete replacement for a normal working jobof course but could provide some added interest and occupy some of your time.
  4. The Michelin Cross climates I had fitted to my car last year transformed it for the better from the Dunlops it came with. However, in tests it said that the further you got up towards Scotland where they have more heavy snow, the recommendation tipped towards the Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons. I did ask Lexus at Cheltenham what was recommended and was told the Michelin Cross Climates were becoming the most popular choice and this seems to have been borne out by recommendations I have seen.
  5. Looks like money well spent and makes you feel completely different about your car. Worth making a note of anybody that can do this work especially as labour rates well below those of Lexus dealerships.
  6. As always it helps to know what sort of budget you have and the annual mileage and type of motoring it will be used for mainly. I must say I was impressed with the NX300h which I had as a loan car while my RX450h was being serviced. The acceleration was not quite so good as my car but still adequate. It was also not quite so comfortable which could be a minus for long journeys as could a smaller boot. However, it looks good and is more maneuverable helped by being smaller. It's also cheaper, slightly more economical to run and I would think to insure. Might be worth checking it out as an alternative to an RX,450h.
  7. First Iv'e seen of these but appreciate could be useful in some situations. I just have a good quality rubber base I bought from ebay which stays in my car and I wouldn't be without it.
  8. Probably a safer choice of the two.
  9. A non Lexus specific Dealer may argue that a more standard flooded and much cheaper lead acid battery will do the job. it will do to a degree but it won't be a deep cycling one like the Pan D23 VRLA AGM type where also the latter importantly also offers more protection in the event of an accident as the acid is absorbed in a glass fibre mat, so less risk to passengers where the battery is in effect in the cabin and not protected by a fire wall as when fitted under the bonnet. Battery manufacturers, the AA and RAC among others say you should always replace a failing AGM battery with one of the same type. There is also a recommendation that when charging using a charger this should not be of the type that gives a constant charge. (There is a risk that the battery will become overcharged leading to excess gas being discharged which shortens the life of the battery). It's best to use a smart charger with a mode for AGM batteries and one that does not exceed 5amp at any time for the 12v Lexus AGM battery in the RX. One last thing. The D23 Panasonic battery may not say AGM on it but should display VRLA or Valve Regulated Lead Acid which means it is an AGM one.
  10. Hi Neville Because there seems to have been some overlap in time for the difference in some models, it would be helpful to learn whether your car has the 12v battery under the bonnet or like later cars is in the boot. Due to lack of use, particularly during lockdown, many 12v batteries that have not otherwise been charged by use, battery charger, (preferably a smart battery charger) or via solar panel, and have gone flat or nearly so. In fact Lexus sent me an advisory which I posted saying to check and charge the battery (one way or another) every couple of weeks. If the battery does go flat it will at least reduce its life and may cause immediate failure to accept and hold a charge. Where the battery is under the bonnet, these seem to have been of greater capacity and there is more room to fit a larger size. When they went over to moving the battery to the boot, due to size constraints of the location, a small battery has been fitted. As Herbie has said, a small battery does the immediate job and the Panasonic D23 copes adequately in normal times. However, due to not being charged due to lockdown is rather more susceptible to going flat over time sooner than the larger capacity under the bonnet ones. I do wonder whether you did in fact get a brand new battery rather than one that was taken from another vehicle as it was thought better than the one that was in your car. Batteries should be replaced with the same type as was originally fitted. The Panasonic AGM D23 VRLA battery in the boot is very expensive and I have been unable to find a really compatible alternative that can be purchased in the UK. There seems to be more scope for alternative replacements where the 12v battery is fitted under the bonnet. In your shoes I would get the dealer to resolve.
  11. If I was in the same position and the dealer was indeed reputable and specialized in Lexus cars, I would get the car back to them and ask for my money back. This would be the safest way as dealing with corrosion can be a massive job made even more difficult if trying to do this without removing many components. It's true that what looks like caked on mud could make this look worse than it is but are you prepared to chance this is the case without perhaps cleaning off and investigating a few sample areas?
  12. Received an email from Lexus Cheltenham in which say up to 31st August they are offering 20% discount on car accessories. It's not clear whether a 'Gold Member' will benefit any further, whether the offer applies only to their branch or Group. However, if you are in the market for anything it could be worth your while giving them a call for a comparative quote.
  13. You could always contact a dealer giving you VIN number for clarification.
  14. That's a cheaper way of doing it. If you bought these and left them in place permanantly you would get a little more wind noise. You would have to check what is involved and the ease of fitting and removing if these are not left in place permanantly. My Lexux side rails came with the longer bolts and alternative fittings needed and these are kept permanently in place. I will fit the Lexus cross rails as and when required as this is an easier and better solution in my opinion. I am sure I have seen Thurle and possibly other after market alternatives but they don't look as good. If you keep the original parts and the next buyer doen't want rails/crossbars, you will find a buyer easily, especially for the side rails. There have been at least 3 people including myself looking for some in the last year or so just on this forum. My car is a 2015 RX450h but the accompanying leaflet for the side rails shows 2008- coverning upto and including the 3rd Generation.