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  1. Message received today from Listers but alternatively smart charger or solar pane could be used for 12v battery but I don't think would help the traction battery which I would hope would hold it's charge longer. Vehicle Maintenance Tip The majority of us, with the exception of key workers, are now isolating at home and only venturing out for basic essentials, which means that our cars are parked and being rarely used – if at all. If your car has not been used for two weeks the last thing you’ll want to worry about is a flat battery! We’re experiencing a few customer issues directly related to this and you may want to consider starting your car every few days and allowing the engine to run for ten to fifteen minutes to top up the charge. The car does not need to be taken out on to the road, should not be in a garage or confined space and for security it should not be left unattended. If you have two cars in the family it may be worth alternating between vehicles when you do venture out for essential reasons. To be clear, we’re not advocating wasting fuel or polluting the environment – just trying to help with the unnecessary hassle of charging or replacing your battery. I hope that this once a week inconvenience will save you considerably more time and hassle when life returns to some form of normality. Yours sincerely, Geoff Lister Chief Executive
  2. My understanding is that a full size spare wheel was an option on at least some cars but few had it. It requires a lifted cover which reduces the available boot space. Apparently it's so rare that even some dealers don't know of this option. I did make a note of a reference of one colour but obviously anybody wanting to do this would want to colour match existing. If this is being actively pursued I will try to find the reference I recorded somewhere which could involved some delving.
  3. I am considering the 12v battery that sits in the boot. (It would seem some other models, particularly earlier ones had the 12v battery under the bonnet). I believe an alternative needs to meet the following criteria, which would exclude the MX5 battery on at least 2 counts. * replacement needs to be of a size that can be accommodated. The Lexus Pan battery is about 215 mm in length allowing for the beadlike protrusion near the top. The battery sits inside a plastic under-tray which has an upturned lip with space around the bottom of the battery and the lip. So if you wanted to retain the lip on this tray the maximum length of snug fitting battery would be about 220 mm as the the ends of the battery tray are slightly rounded rather than square. If you are prepared to remove the side lips and reroute a cable slightly that is clipped to it, you could just accommodate a battery up to the more standard size of 242 mm length but this would take the battery to within a couple of MM or so of the tyre on the spare wheel. It is possible to move the wheel off centre before tightening down to gain another 3 or so mm clearance. A similar situation applies with the width where the Pan battery is about 165 mm + say 5 mm for the bead. A replacement battery of 175 mm would be a very tight fit although easier if one of the cross way lips was removed. (A width of 175 mm is a very common battery size). Height is not a problem with any battery I have looked at. So in summary, providing you are willing to cut the plastic tray (you can always slip the battery in polythene before fitting), the biggest size battery you can fit would be 242 mm x 175 mm. The height of the Pan battery is very close to 200 mm with the positive terminal post plus red insulation bringing the total height to approximately 230.5 mm A small packer would therefore be needed to bring the height up in a typical battery with height of 190 mm inclusive of the terminal posts. * the positive and negative terminals have to be in the correct place and if of another type have to have adapters to convert to round posts. * battery needs to be a deep cycling one, of about 20 hr 50 amp rating, of AMG lead acid type with vent control valve for release of excess gases. High cranking power is not required as this battery does not turn the motor. The Lucas battery I gave in the link seems to me to be suitable except it probably just vents without connecting via a tube as in the back of my car. I have based measurements on the original battery of my 2015 3rd Gen RX 450h and this might not be appropriate for other models. I suppose it's a lot more straight forward to bite the bullet and haggle with Lexus. With all my previous cars where required I have fitted a good quality after market battery so buying off a dealer goes against the grain!
  4. I know this subject has been raised from time to time and the present enforced lack of use has prompted us to check our batteries and charge by one means or another. I had difficulty in starting my car and although it charged to full using my smart charger. I am currently checking regularly to learn how well the Panasonic original Battery (2015) is holding it's charge. However, if not soon, there will come a time when the battery needs to be replaced. It seems to me that Toyota (Lexus) got together with Panasonic to provide a suitable 12v battery that would slot into the available space in the boot. I can't see this battery for sale anywhere else, so a cosy arrangement between Panasonic and Lexus dealers meaning you have to buy from them with Panasonic not facing direct competition from other manufacturers because of the customised dimensions/spec. Another downside to this is when your battery fails you might be many miles from a Lexus dealer so need to install a temporary non standard battery to get you to one. I think the prices asked for this Pan battery are excessive and I have checked forums on both sides of the pond to see what others have done. I believe there are other batteries that would work but maybe not as well in certain respects? I would like to stay as close to the Panasonic Lexus supplied battery as possible which means fitting a deep cycle battery giving about 20h 50A. This Lucas might be suitable if it is possible to adapt the posts. It says charging should be done in a well ventilated area - would this rule it out? Anybody done this or found an alternative battery that ticks the boxes? VARTA showed their D47 Dynamic Blue as suitable but I find this hard to believe. It would be good to know any alternatives you guys have found to work satisfactorily over quite some time. NB Edited following further consideration.
  5. Thank you for your post on this John. I hope that by trickle charging occasionally I will be able to avoid the 12v battery going flat. I am aware that once flattened they are not always recoverable and even if they are this can drastically reduce their efficiency/life.
  6. I am a little concerned by your comment that the supplied jack barely lifts car wheel off the ground because wheel might have to be replaced with spare in event of puncture. I have not yet had to do this and at home on the Lexus but have generally used trolley jacks and axle stands. However, with other cars where I have needed to remove a wheel I have sometimes used a thick piece of wood just over an inch thick to place under the supplied jack. I will put this in a plastic bag and keep it in the boot to provide that extra bit of lift in view of what you say. This will be added to a 'kneeler' mat, some hand cleaner and a roll of paper towel, an appropriate socket and 'T' piece on short extension, plus short piece of tube to provide extra leverage. There is also a torque wrench to ensure wheel nuts are tightened to Lexus specification and gradually tightening diagonally as far as possible rather than done in a circular pattern. I also have a foldable wheel stop which came with a Camry I had some years ago. You might at least consider the wooden block. PS. I also forgot a portable light kept in the car for use in an emergency.
  7. Thank you for your prompt and always helpful reply Herbs. I understand your logic in this and would not have hesitated had it not been for the fact that for some inexplicable reason Lexus specifically says to ground the battery connection where battery is charged on car and I know hybrid electrics are different in some respects. I can only think that perhaps it might be because some owners might connect a very high powered charger to the electrical system but then again as you point out, the car can be jump started from the location under the hood, very strange! Understand your disclaimer and will connect direct to battery as I have done with non hybrid cars. I don't envisage a problem but should there be one I will post so others may be aware.
  8. A number of us are not likely to use our cars for quite some time due to tightening restrictions. A have a 5amp CTEK smart charger which I have used by just connecting the grip connectors to the battery terminals in the boot of my BMW without problem. I have in mind to use this on my RX450h in the same way but the Lexus Manual says that if the battery is charged in the car the ground should be disconnected. Like the OP I don't want to do lose settings by doing this. Why would Lexus say the ground should be removed and is this really necessary using a smart charger?
  9. I think what you say is in the main understood but not necessarily accepted. Certainly, if everybody was allowed to contract the C virus, it would mainly be the elderly that would die, particularly the retired elderly who are largely supported by the working population. From an economic view this would ease the burden on the survivors and enable the country to return to normality earlier. However, no country has adopted this extreme policy, (fortunately for many of us). In fact the drive to obtain many more ventilators to save some of those that might come through this will not only enable the NHS to better cope with the emergency but enable many mainly elderly to survive who otherwise wouldn't. If/when a vaccine is developed, some of those that have been effectively shielded will survive without natural immunity which would otherwise have killed them if infected. It's been said that the way a country cares for it's elderly is a measure of it's morality.
  10. Some younger people being infected now so not only affecting old or those with underlying heart/respiratory systems.
  11. No doubt it's largely down to age (although some younger people are attracted) but I like to listen to songs/music mainly pre 1980 when songs had a good melody, were clearly annunciated and not just a noise! Here is one by Matt Monroe, regarded by many as good as if not better than Sinatra and possibly the best male singer of his genre that England has produced. Llisten to perfect pitch, tone and clarity. Nice scenery and the Muira From 'The Italian Job.'
  12. There will always be conspiracy theories 9/11 being part of a USA plot, the Americans never really landing on the moon (there was even a film on this once, can't remember whether it was before or after the actual landing but one of the astronaults who was hunted down escaped detection and turned up at his own funeral which gave the game away but that was a movie). I don't for a second believe the C -19 was man made but if it was it was released unintentionally. It has damaged every country, directly or indirectly particularly the USA. I had not previously seen the Bill Gates video but he has been shown to have been correct. Russia seems to have got off fairly light if you can believe what is reported but look how they cover up drug taking by athletes and what happened at Chenoble.
  13. The situation will ease eventually but is likely to get much worse before it improves in terms of the number of those affected and of those that die. The damage done to businesses large and small and to the self employed is incalculable as is the cost to the economy. I think it will take many years for our population to enjoy the pre Coronavirus standard of living (and even before this we were living beyond our means). Viruses can mutate and become more virulent and it remains a possibility sooner or later that another will follow, so the people of the world should take a lesson from this virus and be better prepared for another pandemic.
  14. Police are stopping quite a number of motorists in North Devon to establish whether they have good reason to be driving. I had an email from Green Flag of which this is part. What this means for you. First, and most importantly, please follow the government's advice and do not travel unless it's essential. Second, if you do break down and we can't fix your vehicle at the roadside and have to take you somewhere, you'll need to remain in your vehicle while it's being towed. This is so our technicians can help you, but still follow social distancing guidelines to keep everyone safe We'll take you to a safe location (so you're not stuck in your vehicle for a long time) where you can access public transport or have someone you know pick you up. Depending on your cover level, we'll cover any public transport costs, and once you're safe, we'll take your vehicle to a different location if required"