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  1. Thanks for replies. Pleased to learn that the listed feature is possible and I will get this done one way or another, probably by Lexus dealer.
  2. My RX450 presently requires the start button to be used in order to activate the widows and moon roof. It doesn't even work in accessory mode. Also, I can't open the windows and moon roof and close again from the key fob. Admittedly my BMW does not have keyless start and this could make a difference but by continuing to press the unlock button on the remote fob it opens the windows and sunroof. (This is useful if you want to vent the car before reaching it) . Also, to close the glass remotely requires the lock button to be held on the key fob. Does anybody have this facility on their car or can it be programmed to work this way? Thank you.
  3. "I think one of the rules of "hypermiling ethics" is you don't disrupt or annoy other drivers." Agree. I was thinking more of the roads down here in Devon for example which have a lot of hills with limited possibilities to overtake. We are already held up by lorries, tractors, caravans etc., and being baulked by hybrids accelerating and slowing when they don't need to do so is something else to contend with.
  4. It's known that the 4th Generation has better fuel consumption than the 3rd Generation (which is what OP is considering) and all models benefit from having a few thousand miles on them to fully loosen up. As regards tyre pressures as mentioned in the posted video, it would be inadvisable to considerably over inflate above recommended pressure for load and speed. To do so means more wear in the area of the center of the tyres and loss of grip and detrimental handling in addition to a more uncomfortable ride. (The RX450h has quite a narrow section tyre for such a high and heavy car). Also, driving to achieve ultimate mpg by following the fuel used gauge regardless of speed would in many cases lead to holding up other motorists wanting to travel at a more constant speed and for many would also detract from the driving experience.
  5. There is clearly some variation depending on driving style, road conditions and time of year and also if your journey involves steep hills. I recently recorded my best result on a journey from Surrey to Devon on a Sunday when traffic was not very heavy for latter stage and I used cruise control for around speed limits for much of the time. I got 35.6 carrying my wife and a lot of kit, perhaps equal to carrying one more person. Tyres were set at 2.7 bar. I probably could have done a little better with higher inflation. Now on mixed local journeys it's 32.2mpg. Worst was for short journeys in winter when the figure was around 28mpg. If all figures mentioned in this thread for the 3rd Generation are considered, there is not a great difference bearing in mind aforementioned variables.
  6. Is plug accessibility for cars referred to in respect of the quoted cars the same as for a RX450h though.? It may not affect plug accessibility but there are differences, the position of the service battery for instance being shown beside the engine rather than in the boot so worth checking.
  7. As regards the efficient life of spark plugs, whatever is fitted will of course gradually tail off in performance over many miles to a point where it becomes worthwhile replacing them even though they would be expected to function albeit less satisfactorily for considerably longer. I have not checked whether the RX cars use the long life Denso iridium plugs or maybe the Atkinson cycle of the hybrid is harder on plugs but if these are fitted they are normally good for 100K+miles. This raises the question of how advantageous it is to replace at 60K miles rather than at say 80K miles. This is a consideration for those that might not be concerned about following Lexus prescribed intervals.
  8. Seems to me that you need to haggle and shop around for servicing. If you look at the so called fixed price for a RX450h shown here, OP has only rounded up by £5 from what is shown here at £500 for the 40K mile service and it is the 60K one (with the spark plugs) similarly rounded up to £750.
  9. I have always changed the s/plugs on my cars which has mostly been a doddle. However, this looks a major job on an RX450h and I am not sure I want to do this on my RX450h. Have a look at this vid and see whether you will tackle it.
  10. Hi, It seems that even if you could electronically weld the plastic on the radiator you would need to do a lot of stripping out and remove it and then replace. Then in this situation where the plastic has already split over an area would you be happy to trust it further. Would it not make sense to replace the rad with a new one and avoid the possibility of having to do the job again, with perhaps the rad failing at a very inconvenient time. I believe a lot of the £600 would be attributable to the work involved in removing and refitting the rad. A new but aftermarket one could be had for about £96 assuming that model correct for your car So not a great saving over electronically welding existing one. There are several videos on u tube showing what is involved which I suggest you watch first to see whether you fancy the job .
  11. The Lexus Satnav is poor in a number of respects and Toyota/Lexus know this from the criticism of owners. But they just tweek it and will not abandon it for a better system. BMW are the same in respect of persisting with 'run flat tyres', whereas the vast majority of owners dislike them as forums show. One one journey the Lexus took me miles out of my way and I resorted to getting my wife to hold my TomTom (to come to my aid) as I have not yet got round to making a bracket for it. Also, I find that at times there is a plethora of detail leaving only a small section of map showing on the Lexus Satnav which can be distracting when briefly glancing towards the screen. However, I do think on the older models the screen is better placed and shielded than on the fashionable afterthought like set up on the 4th generation and on a lot of other cars. As regards locating the TomTom and this would apply to a Garmin too, I have concluded like another member, that the best place on my 3rd Generation RX 450h would be to the extreme right of the dash.
  12. More realistic MPG figures for many cars as they are based on drivers experience, can be found on the 'Honest John' site. When I bought my RX 450 it was showing 32.6 MPG. Very short runs produce about 26 MPG and on a run I get about about 34. driven up to speed limits. So overall getting about 30. However, North Devon is very hilly so I think this affects detrimentally. The regeneration does not entirely offset the extra fuel to climb the hills. As regards the CVT transmission, I have got used to the extra noise this makes on heavy acceleration although prefer a conventional auto box.but this was not a deal breaker.
  13. Well the 'Toyota' so called branded oil filter did pretty well in the comparative tests on canister type filters in the 2008 link. (There are many people in the USA who have done this opening up of filters of many makes and examined them more intensely and put videos on U Tube). One important aspect concerns how many microns they will filter down to and not clog. Maybe it's because our friends across the pond clock up greater annual mileages on average and therefore more oil and filter changes but if you read their forums,quite a number have a sample of their car's oil lab tested to establish what is in filters and oil and rate it. Oil filters of the replaceable cartridge kind, do at least enable an easy visual inspection and comparison to be made. That is what enabled me to determine that one so described suitable filter by a leading brand for my BMW was too long and crushed up when the carrier top was screwed down. Interested to read comments on German and Swedish, now German Swedish and French (GSF). Another factor who sells various brands and qualities is Euro Car Parts. Some of their stuff I have found to be good but their discounted parts are not always the bargain price they try to convey. I doubt they will do much for Lexus cars. It's also true that aftermarket hoses can be substandard, Some years ago this happened with brake hoses failing within 2 years on VW's. Also, with brake hoses they can look fine outside but the bore can be closed down by expansion of the rubber. This happened with my Fiat 3200130 coupe quite awhile back. There was no movement on rear caliper which when disassembled was found to be OK. I then cut the hose to caliper in half and it was so swollen that no fluid was passing through. I would only fit manufacturer branded hoses or Goodridge or Hel high performance ones which are better quality and more durable. As I said earlier, some parts are more vital than others when going aftermarket and it's useful to learn from the experience of others
  14. I have yet to learn how significant it is to fit parts supplied by others than Lexus. When it comes to pollen filters for my BMW, you can buy the better and more expensive ones sold by BMW or aftermarket ones that are white or grey being different qualities and many people opt for the cheaper ones, perhaps because it's a less vital component. You can even buy identical spark plugs to originals cheaper as after market, although these will not have the BMW insignia printed on them. However, there are aftermarket components that are known to be inferior to the BMW supplied product. I have to learn the relative advantage of buying from Lexus rather than use aftermarket parts, although I suspect there are fewer aftermarket alternatives available for Lexus than for the premium German brands anyway. Incidentally, I have bought oil filters of a well respected brand described as being suitable for my car but on fitting found to be too long. So I think it's always worth seeking views of others when contemplating using other than manufacturer supplied parts.