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  1. I urge everybody affected to report to Police, the more that do means more work albeit perhaps only paper work for them to deal with and more reason to be proactive in catching these scumbags.
  2. I wonder if number plate of the A4 was noted, although may have been false or car stolen. Really needs a dedicated Police squad with 'bait' cars under scrutiny to catch these thieves. This would take Police resources at the outset but if it stops or greatly reduces the crime and need for subsequent Police time after the thefts, surely worthwhile.
  3. could be a coincidence about the broken rod and another sensor.and that you have two separate problems. The best system seems to be Techstream to which I believe access can be bought for a fixed period. The alternative is to buy a Chinese alternative and the necessary cable unless of course you have LEXUS check it out..
  4. Well done in fighting your corner and getting a satisfactory result. A lesson there.
  5. Ha ha, yes comes of using spell check! Will try a different word I am more familiar with, 'Optician' (The Devil is in the detail (or spelling).
  6. Thank you for your experience so far. I am sure members will be interested in this and your further thoughts in due course. Another aspect you might care to comment on is how you feel you new chariot rides compared to your previous one. As regards reading the HUD, I find this difficult with my polarized sun glasses. These were custom made for me with the darkest tint permitted for driving (according to my Occultist) and as a temporary measure I have resorted to an off the peg pair of lighter tint before getting replacement customized one that are less strongly tinted. Correction. For 'Occultist' substitute 'Optician' - can't get away with anything on this forum!
  7. Not much in this that we didn't know already but perhaps more people will now be aware of this type of theft and hopefully somebody will spot theft 'during the act' leading to the thieves being caught.
  8. That video highlights the problem caused by inadequate infrastructure. Of course a heavy car is going to need a lot of battery power. Maybe with battery advances longer distances between charges will be possible with the possibility of just exchanging battery packs for fully charged ones in a rack as I have seen in another country. Also Americans overall have longer journeys so not surprising need more charges rather than just using facilities at home or at work. I note that battery powered motor cycles are now being produced and there is even a race in the IOM for them. So ICE motor cycles will also be affected in due course like our cars.
  9. If you buy good quality premixed windscreen wash the blocking of jets should be minimized. If mixing your own, try to avoid hard water because calcification can lead to block jets. I would suggest if this happens to remove the jets and flush through with fairly hot (rather than scalding water) with a touch of liquid detergent. One of those dental water picks that squirts a pulsed jet through the jet could be tried.
  10. A good car is worth the wait. This might take quite a time, particularly if you are limiting yourself by colour, trim, mileage and price etc. Lexus being more exclusive than other marques, even premium ones, it's likely that you may have to travel further to get what you really want. Happy hunting!
  11. One of the reasons why I bought an RX was because Lexus has a very good reputation for reliability but things do sometimes become defective and of course things wear out just as they do on any car. I have not yet fully established where the vulnerabilities are with the RX but it is clear that air suspension where fitted can be a problem in time and I would imagine the suspension components generally on such a heavy car could be an item requiring replacement in due course. Underside rust prevention also seems to be worth doing before it becomes a major problem. I do have a 2001 E39 BMW 530iSE which I bought in 2006 or 2007 (from memory). It has now some 100K miles on the clock. As a member of a BMW forum I became aware of the short comings with the model which largely center round the cooling system. So I proactively fitted a new water pump, thermostat, radiator and expansion tank. The auto transmission fluid was changed at about 70K miles. I changed the "hedgehog" (Final Stage resistor, a common problem) and control arms and drop links which do suffer early wear. The car let me down once when a convoluted rubber air pipe split and caused an engine warning light to come on. A drop of superglue and some insulating tape helped me complete a 200 mile plus journey before replacing the pipe. Headlamp adjusters now need replacing because the Hella ones become brittle and break over time but replacement adjusters are available and will be fitted although it's an intricate job but saves buying complete new headlamps. Other replacements have really been service items plus the need to replace some sections of slightly rusted brake pipe. The car has all the really worthwhile features of the RX and the central display even has a TV mode which can be upgraded to work with current transmission format if wanted. The leather interior is very good. There are no rattles, the car handles drives and brakes very well and there is a full sized spare wheel. If it was not for a back problem I would be more than happy to just have this car. I am sure that even if I had had my services done by BMW these would have been less than Lexus would have charged to service an RX. Incidentally, I am breaking another 2001 E39 for the sports parts which have largely been transferred over to my standard E39 by choice and I am very impressed by the build quality. It seems to me that those that knock BMW either have not owned one or don't know how to properly maintain them.
  12. An advisory on the MOT on the car I bought at circa 37K miles mentioned there was 'wedging' on the rear tyres and I noticed there were small cracks developing in the sidewalls of the Dunlops too. Somebody else also reported on the wedging but otherwise wear was quite uniform. I replaced the Dunlops with Michelin Cross Climates which have greatly improved the ride but it is too early to know how they will wear. (My car has air suspension which could also have a bearing). I took the opportunity of having a full alignment check anyway and would certainly recommend this if contemplating buying a car with uneven tyre wear with the understanding any remedial work required would be undertaken as a condition of purchase.
  13. One possibility could be a rolling scrappage scheme as vehicles reach a certain age. I know some very good cars were scrapped in a previous National time limited scheme in the UK and think there will be incentives for owners to change at some stage. So perhaps a carrot and stick attitude by Government as a drive to reduce emissions. (It is appreciated that producing electricity is not entirely without use of fossil fuel as things are presently but battery powered cars help) The question is implicit in the start of this thread, ie about how willing people will be to continue to buy new petrol/diesel/hybrid cars before very long and the effect this might have on the value of current IC cars.
  14. We know that some manufactures plan to stop building solely petrol and diesel engined cars before long. Also, with improved battery technology and development of electric cars and more widespread availability of charging, I wonder for how much longer it will make sense to buy a new IC engined car or even a hybrid one. Manufacturers are about to release quite a number of battery only new models and already there are early generation ones on the used car market. These will undoubtedly sell better as charging facilities and availability, range and choice improves. Of course Petrol/Diesel stations will still be operating for many years. However, I think that before very long IC powered cars will suffer heavy depreciation. This could result in purchasers buying a top of a range car at bargain basement price. However, would you be deterred from buying a new car in the next three or so years time realizing it may suffer very heavy depreciation when you change? There is also the strong possibility that owners of IC cars will be further penalized by Government. Remaining manufacturers could find it uneconomical to continue to produce IC cars as demand drops off. Anybody had any thoughts on this subject?
  15. That looks a nice car. I prefer the rubbing strip which breaks up the large expanse of metal doors but this seems to have gone out of fashion - weight/cost saving on later models? Like others, look forward to seeing pics of your replacement and hope you are very happy with it.