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  1. See also
  2. Meguires do a kit (which I believe Halfords do - discount for Gold members?) Here is link to video and there is also a lot about this if you Google Meguires Headlamp restoration kit.
  3. Another reason why owners may turn to all electric cars as new models come on the markets and charging stations increase. Think I may consider doing this in 3-4 years time as more used electric SUV's become available. Also as most of my journeys are short, I can use more of my own pv solar produced electricity.
  4. The discolouration happens on the lights of all cars with the plastic type lens rather than glass, particularly in parts of the USA where cars are subjected to strong sun this happens sooner. I had to polish up the headlights on a 2001 BMW. A special transparent film is applied at the time of manufacture so try to avoid going through this. If you do, you can still get a reasonable job but it won't last so long before needing to be done again. Some people were subsequently spraying aftermarket films themselves or paying for it to be done. In the USA the problem is so great that there are a lot of people doing this and some go from one dealer to another performing the service.
  5. I don't know if Lexus make their own headlights but should be able to answer any questions about defective parts and replacements. My BMW xenons were made by Hella who also do the halogen ones. Hella used some type of plastic connector on the part that alters the elevation. These connectors break after a few years and BMW expect you to replace the whole headlamp. Some guys found that they could melt the glue that attaches the outside acrylic like material to the headlamp body and replace the broken connectors with aftermarket ones. However Hella/BMW must have got wise to this because they subsequently changed the glue to a kind that could not be melted without damaging the headlamp. So agree, manufacturers want to maximize return on replacement parts.
  6. Been there a couple of times with other car clubs and enjoyed the day including the off road circuit which I trust is still available. Will attend if other commitments allow.
  7. Didn't like the Dunlops my RX came with and very pleased with Crossclimates fitted this year, including sound level.
  8. I have not had head up display on any vehicle before but like this option very much so would always want this on any further vehicle if an option. I set the display just above the bottom of the screen and do not find it disconcerting. I find I can't see it with my normal sun glasses on which are the darkest permitted for drivers according to my Optician, so I have had to get some that are not quite so dark. There are after market HUD units which are placed on the dash and project onto the screen but I can't say how good these are or how suitable for the RX. I just use my HUD for speed awareness but if you use the Lexus SatNav this is also shown on the screen but I much prefer my TomTom. The LED's are very good on the RX but I am led to believe you have to replace the complete headlamp at considerable cost in the event of failure.. Don't know if you can just replace the bulb on the Xenons so an aspect you might check on. I would say the LED's on my RX are marginally better than the Xenons on my BMW which do have replaceable bulbs but you need somebody with experience of both types on RX models. (It's not just a matter of brightness but pattern and coverage). As regards MPG, this has been extensively covered in a thread within the last 14 months. In, short there are many factors that affect MPG,one of the biggest being the duration of normal driving and how much of this is on motorways and in town. Best I have seen is 37 on a long easy run in summer. Used only for a round trip of 3 miles to supermarket in winter it shows about 19.7 which soon improves on longer journeys. If you do 10,000 mpa I would say an overall average figure of about 30mpg would not be far out for most people. Certainly worth carefully checking alloys where some report probs. Mine are fine on my 2015 3rd Gen RX.
  9. I note it is on passenger's side (assuming car is RHD). Think I will stick with my bottle!
  10. I said on another thread that although I found the brakes on my RX 450h quite satisfactory around town, that at motorway speed they did not perform quite so well as on some cars I have driven, my BMW for instance. I believe this is largely due to the heavy weight of the RX and because the lighter BMW has a top speed of 150mph (if not a realistic one on our roads) is therefore fitted with slightly larger discs/pad combination that are more commensurate with stopping from higher speeds. Some people track day BMW's and other performance cars but I don't think many (if anybody) would track day an RX so super high speed braking not a requirement.
  11. At one time there was a cream in a tube one could buy that claimed to help stop misting on spectacles and could also be used on the inside of windscreens, although would probably be expensive for use on the latter. Then there were other suggestions like cutting a potato and rubbing it over the screen - never tried that one! The mist is caused by breath and increased when carrying passengers and is only a problem for initial 5 mins or so. Carpets and interior not damp so I don't think that is a problem. Micro fiber cloth helps. I have a telescopic rod an d may check whether the micro cloth attached to this will enable me to reach the passenger's side of the screen if after optimizing system problem persists. I take the point about having a clean screen to reduce surface area for the mist to take hold. I am also a believer in leaving the air con on always even if the does slightly reduce mpg.
  12. Thank's for your thoughts. I will check I have everything set up correctly before doing anything drastic. I'm not a snowflake but driving with front windows open for first 10 mins I might get covered in them.
  13. Original purchasers have the advantage of choice in respect of colour and trim so we purchasers of used cars are more limited as to what is available when we need it and for some like Olliesgrandard, colour becomes of secondary importance. Then there is fashion and white has become very fashionable in the last few years and there are also more grey cars now (though not my cuppa) Another thing is that some colours suit certain models more than others but of course attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder. Not aware whether it is true of the RX but remember reading an article about car colour which said certain colours were not very popular so more difficult to sell so sold for less while very popular colours were easier to sell and could command a premium.
  14. Hi, On my previous cars which have been non hybrid, I have been able to dispel the early mist which forms inside the front screen by a combination of directing heat and using air con while car idles. (I know this is now probably regarded as non PC but it did the job and was in any case recommended on some cars of yesteryear, being almost mandatory on some Italian ones). Indeed on my Fiat 130, there was even a lever to hold the throttle speed higher beside another for operating the choke which enabled the oil to warm and circulate and the screen to clear. However, I find it takes sometime for the screen to clear on my RX and I notice some slight abrasions possibly left by a ringed finger of the original owner. It is also a long way to reach over to wipe the passenger's side a couple or so times. I have been considering fitting a small flat electrically heater fan on the dash. Also, I find it takes quite a time for the exterior mirrors to clear after an initial wipe. I would be interested in how others like me who can't garage their car find this and deal with it.
  15. Not all the colours on the RX 450h have been offered for every year so you might prefer a colour from an earlier model or one only available on a model later than yours. My choice as being most consistently offered would be silver. Not only do I like silver very much as a colour but it arguably shows dirt less than others and absorbs less heat from sun than darker shades. Furthermore, silver can be more visible to other motorists than others. (Had a large dark blue car once and was hit by somebody who claimed not to have seen me, so prejudiced). Having said that, I like the red on the 4th Generation very much (not seen on the 3rd Gen I wanted). So it will be between silver and red if I update to the 4th Gen in due course depending what available used at the time along with interior option.