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  1. I have since looked at what several Groups are charging for fixed services and I thought they are so similar that they must be operating like a Cartel which essentially they must be because this is apparently what Lexus expect. Found this thread that covers the matter in replies:-
  2. But by extending that reasoning a car serviced andthen left in a garage without use for a year would need another compliant service a year later and if it was the one with new spark plugs fitted this and replacement of other parts and checking of many other items would be nonsensical. In fact some cars now have a 2 year/20,000 mile service interval and Lexus have been left behind in this respect. However, should a car have been quite well used since the previous service but not reached the arbitrary 10K miles in a year, I can see the justification of renewing engine oil and filter because the oil will have absorbed moisture and some products of combustion and so acid formed.
  3. The smoother ride of the 4th Gen RX is to be welcomed because apart from the much criticised Nav in the 3rd Gen (much better in 4th Gen?), the ride over anything more than smooth roads is rather disappointing. Well, also the side rear view is somewhat obstructed by the 'B' pillar to be honest. However, the 3rd Gen is more compact and the 4th Gen too avant-garde for my taste but each to his own
  4. I received a service plan from Lexus Cheltenham today for the next 3 services in May 2020, 2021 and 2022 being S1 Intermediate, S2 Full 60 and S3 Intermediate respectively and nominally to be at 50K, 60K and 70K miles. This was offered at a total cost of £1335.00 inc VAT less Dealer discount of £65.56 Total £1269.44. I am not sure whether this takes into account the Gold Member discount but if so discount is below expectations. I only expect to have covered 55K miles in this car by the time of the 3rd service (circa 5K miles pa) so when I visit them next week, I will see what other options there are.
  5. There seems to be two or more main groups that have Lexus franchise. It would be interesting to know whether they have a group price for labour or how this differs according to area and between the groups. I am at Cheltenham Branch next week and will take the opportunity to ask about labour rates there. One thing for sure is that Lexus and other 'Premium' marques charge an appreciably higher rate than the non 'Premium' car franchises. Add this to complexity and additional time on many tasks and this adds to the disparity in service repair/charges, compounded by the more expensive cost of major spares for the top makes.
  6. I found a (push push) button today that I haven't seen before but perhaps not surprising as it is hidden by the flap of the the glove box of the RX. If anybody does not know what it's for, it stops the hatch from being operated by the key fob,
  7. Had my RX for nearly 11 months now and alarm went off once for no apparent reason with car on drive - no evidence of attempted tampering or insects also no traffic and windows were closed. No explanation and OK after reset - just hope it doesn't happen again! A similar thing happened with my BMW some years ago and dealership reckoned it must have been a spider, although I never found one. Bit of a pain for owner and neighbours when it happens.
  8. When I fist looked at an RX at Exeter, I was told that air suspension had been dropped from the 4th Generation. Whether this was due to the number of failures and the high cost of replacement or whether Lexus felt it was not necessary with the latest generation was not clear.
  9. That's very interesting. A couple of times over the 12 or so years this has happened on my BMW but was down to the FOB being inadvertently pressed in my pocket. However, I do like to be able to remotely vent a car using this facility and in fact is one of the things Lexus Cheltenham are due to code in next week because my RX lacks this feature presently. However, I am having further thoughts if it is problematical on the RX.
  10. Ii would be interesting to learn whether it would be viable have an alarm connected to the catlock as belt and braces.
  11. Somebody on the forum mentioned that he got a heavily discounted pair from Lexus Birmingham in June. When I finally got though to them on the 3rd occasion in July and a week apart, having been told they would ring me back but didn't, they said the offer had ended and the rails were at a much higher price, I contacted 'Lexus Direct' (who sometimes put in an appearance on this forum) and they agreed to post a pair to me for the inclusive price of £300. and it hopefully stil on their website This is quite a bit cheaper than the normal price. (Lexus Exeter have them on ebay for circa £350 pounds for example. If you do get a pair, here are a couple of tips. The instructions are all in symbol form and these suggest you bin certain parts you have to remove but I suggest you retain these. If the next purchaser of your car does not wish to have these rails, you can then easily remove them and reinstate the original bits you removed, as so many people want these will find a buyer. Another tip is to fit the undersides of the plastic - yes plastic, (cheap skates) end covers before offering up to fix, as trying to spring these in after bolts could stress the plastic. The tops then snap into place.
  12. Instead of using the standard suction mount that comes with the TomTom Go 6200 (which I did look into but rejected for a couple of reasons), I used an alternative mount available for the model viz So it bolts on vertically to a near vertical upright. formed by angle that is in turn bolted to my platform. I dispensed with the 4 puny self tappers that came with it and bolted it to my angle upright with 4 x 4mm stainless screws with 7mm heads and washers to spread the load and nyloc nuts. So in need the mount can be unbolted. Here it helps to have the platform and rear bearer extend and fix further back on the dash and also be attached to the dash there because the nav projects forward in front of the front bearer and a lot of leverage occurs when the nav is detached from the magnetic mount. I filled in interior of the mount with Milliput where hollow. Also, I thought the neck onto which the ball articulates in the mount socket was rather weak, so I reinforced this externally to include the ball and socket again using Milliput. ( I had previously driven around with all in place in different directions to check how best to avoid glare,) This means the ball will not move in the socket to alter screen angle but the standard Lexus screen can't be moved anyway so no loss there. All is finished in black matte and does not reflect in the screen which was a concern. It might have been easier to see if I had taken pic while it was still in grey etching primer before spraying matte black but to answer your query re fixing, the platform is bolted to the the 2 rectangular bearers and it is the undersides of these boxes that are secured by the 3M tape. The Milliput packing largely under the front bearer adheres very well to aluminium and I was able to sculpt it and grind it to the profile of the front of the dash which took some time, before applying the tape. With the benefit of hindsight ,I could have just used the 151 Epoxy to stick rather than bolt the aluminium parts together, as I did for the plate across the front, which would have been neater. But this was a prototype and a challenge with which I am happy how it turned out, although not wishingto repeat lol as it involved a lot more work than is apparent. PS I have no connection with 2 part Epoxy Milliput, although I have previously used it for other purposes and you can wet it to help shape it, saw it, drill it and paint it when set and it becomes impervious to water.
  13. I don't like the idea of obscuring instrumentation or sticking mounts into vents (which I am sure Lexus did not intend.) My solution was to mount my TomTom as shown in the pics. For Herbs and anybody else who is curious. I made a platform of 3mm thick aluminium with cut out in shape of vent on top of dash. it is attached to 2 bearers of rectangular 40x20mm aluminium box, 2mm thick. There is a 3mm 90 degree angle to which an alternative TomTom mount is bolted. Milliput modelling epoxy was used to get the shape along the bearers with a 3mm thick aluminium face plate that helped establish the extent of the Milliput. This plate was stuck in place with Epoxy 151. I also used Milliput to close off the end of each bearer (although this was not essential) The bearers were each secured with two rows of industrial quality 3M double sided tape, so total contact could be made between them and the top of the dash. Pictures show the platform on it's side prior to installation, and with the Nav in place. I beefed up the TomTom mount with Milliput and locked it in the optimum position for me. I have a matte glass film (obtained from Germany) to add along with a hood I will be modifying. When I eventually trade the car for a mobility scooter the buyer can either keep the platform as it is, use it to secure a phone or it could be removed with fishing line or piano wire like the old glued windscreen rubbers are cut loose. I made a mock up out of wood and ply to start with to ensure there would be sufficient space all round and am pleased with the result. now seen. I have an uninterrupted view through the windscreen (although this may not appear to be so in pic) and have only to make the slightest eye movement to see the screen whilst keeping the road ahead in my peripheral vision. There remains the matter of connectivity to resolve.
  14. Thank you for your import. To be honest I have not got round to pair the iphone to the car yet but have no reason to think it won't. The info I got about the TomTom Go 6200 not having the connectivity I want came from several sites. This is one from a TomTom support site saying it' won't work I will get my Grandson to see if he can come up with a workaround - he's just got his IT degree. Barry