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  1. This taking advantage of existing customers is not limited to Insurance. We have the Radio Times delivered through their Subscriptions people each month and have just received a letter saying the price will be going up to £91 for 6 months of issues. This was quite an increase, so I checked on Internet and found W H Smith cheaper. I rang Radio Times Subscriptions on this and they immediately dropped the price to £65 which I accepted. (It was a little less than W H Smith even). Seems you need to haggle these days. Now must look at that subscription to SKY.............
  2. Kia offer a 7 year warranty, although strangely the basically similar Hyundai only offer 5. From at one time being regarded in company with the pre VW Skodas or Ladas, these cars have improved vastly generation on generation in all major respects. We read that having secured the services of some of the top names in the motor industry, their top arm 'Genesis', are about to start a major drive in the UK. It will be interesting to see what warranties they will offer on top models.
  3. I bet some UK dealers will receive enquiries from those that see this but suspect the offer will not be extended to UK.
  4. Firstly, as regards tyre pressure gauges. Many of those on the market require you ensure the gauge is held firmly and squarely for an accurate reading. It's probably easier to have one of the type with a connector that actually locks on the valve by using a lever. However, like somebody who criticised the present offerings of the type said, I too have a 50 year old 'Dunlop' pocket gauge with a calibrated inner cylinder that slides out and find it accurate. (It was used extensively years ago when I was competing in motor cycle trials and we let tyres down for more grip for 'mud pluggi
  5. I have got my car back for the second time from Snows repair centre at Southampton. They took it back because I was not happy with some things, the main one being the air suspension compressor/pump. They agreed the noise it was making was excessive and must have been damaged in the accident. They said it would add another 2K£ to the cost (which seems a bit much to me but I'm not paying), so would have to get this approved. Anyway, this and other things now done and I am looking for a legitimate reason to be able to use it in these times of Government imposed restrictions. Meanwhile,
  6. At around £130 and an AGM battery with almost identical Ah but not quite a deep cycle HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery) like Panasonic. Anybody intent on this sort of battery would do well to check if they could fit the same Yuasa version but in 027 size where it provides 60Ah. GSF have it on offer for £113.98 inc VAT at present. The spare wheel may need to be moved over slightly too. (Not been able to check with mine as it
  7. That MG looks nice even by todays shape can and relatively few large engined ones can fetch well over the price of a standard one. I always regret not having had the Sunbeam Alpine 'Tiger', a Ford v 8 powered version. Look at the sort of prices now being asked for decent ones of this model too
  8. This is a subject often debated on other forums and on balance I think forum members who almost certainly pay more attention to this than motorists in general, consider that best policy for a 'keeper' is to change transmission oil by about 70K miles . I did this on my Mercedes 3.2 as it was very straightforward, dropping the sump and changing the screen at the same time but there was a dipstick and a very easy process to follow. I had an independent do it on my BMW at about 75K miles as the process was a little more involved. It has become even more involved on the RX hybrids at least but i
  9. From your Avatar it looks like you have roof bars. Rubber gaskets in the roof attachment of these have been known to have perished and allow water in which can run down behind trim to the floor. If this is the case, some silicon sealant may cure. But check out what Herbs has suggested. Also, if you can't readily find what you want by using the search facility, I suggest you go back page by page looking at likely headings, then bookmark relevant ones so you get a more comprehensive picture of known possibilities. Some of the threads have pictures to show what has been found.
  10. I had a UX as a loan car while my RX450h was being serviced. Predictably, I found the driving experience more car-like than my car and I can understand the attraction, particularly for shorter journeys and if you don't need the extra boot space and better seat comfort of a larger car. The rear seat was a real challenge for my sister to fit into and she is not what you would call large by any means. I think the NX would be a better compromise for me. (I had current NX as a loan car at a previous service). I think the new NX when introduced might be the way I would go particularly as the 4th
  11. No harm in seeking advice from somebody like this
  12. Before changing the 12v battery, I would check the voltage, then bring it up to full charge with a smart charger which charges at 5amp max. Then monitor it to check how it is holding its charge. If my car is not used for about 10 days or just lightly to local store I am having to trickle charge it. (It's gone back for further repairs at present and I just hope the battery is being charged as I requested as I don't want to replace it just yet - long story).
  13. We have deviated from the original subject and but this has been covered earlier here and in other threads. |However, as the subject of cyclists has been brought up, I would add a thought. I would like to see a system introduced that I have seen elsewhere. Cyclists can and sometimes do cause accidents and I think they should have annual 3rd party insurance. They should also have a compact but reasonably readable number plate so illegal and bad riding can be recorded and reported. Motorised scooters are becoming increasingly popular and it is likely that we will encounter more on our r
  14. I stand to be corrected but I think that provided you are not over 2% out from standard you you are OK legally. Speedos on all my cars have read fast. On my DRX450h at 30mph true, it shows about 32mph which increases very slightly with higher speeds. So I wouldn't be concerned about speedo reading being too far out. (There will be minute differences as tyres wear anyway or even depending on tyre pressures). It's certainly worth telling your insurers who may or may not make a small adjusting charge. The Dunlops that came with my car were pretty poor in a number of ways and I repl
  15. Different makes of tyre, particularly at the front can make a difference or even how a tyre was put on regardless of balance., also tyre pressures should match. The Dunlops that came with my car were stepped on the rears even though they still had plenty of tread. They gave off a sound not very unlike a failing wheel bearing. I found that these characteristics were common to these tyres and sure enough the sound was no longer there when I fitted new Cross Climates. So good tyres property fitted can make a difference in some cases.
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