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  1. Hello Steve, Thanks for your replies. 1.Yes the EML is not on 2.The AFM-do you mean the MAF sensor.? This engine has the MAP sensor as it is non-vvti. 3.Where can I access the ECU in this vehicle ? Is it in front passenger foot well area? 4Regarding breather pipe -is this the PCV valve ?Is there a pipe underneath rocker cover ie where PCV valve is attached one pipe attaches to plenum chamber .Is there another pipe on opposite end.[I do not remember I have a soarer tt as well and I remember changing the PCV valve for a 2jz one as they suffered failure//recall allowing oil mist to get into turbo seals] I would need to take cover off engine to access rocker cover/plugs etc. 5.Regarding the IAC valve perhaps I could restrict air flow to input to valve . 6-Would EML light come on with a capacitor failure in PCM/ECU-? 7Would a faulty dump valve diaphragm cause it. I have an Apexi one Thanks in advance ,Alexander
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  3. I have a Toyota aristo 2jzgte non -vvti registration 1994.[JZS147] A fault has developed regarding high idle from cold start ie instead of initial say around 1700 rpm it slowly increases instead of dropping as the engine heats up?[ once warm if rpm at idle was 1000 rpm it would clear by switching engine off/on[bringing idle to normal at hot 650-700 rpm ,but now no longer the case] On engaging auto box drive the revs drop to around 1100 rpm and the car really drives on it`s own. In park the engine surges/hunts between 1500-3000 rpm. I changed the IAC Valve ,but no difference. Toyota cannot fix as being an import, but did say it was a vacuum leak .Also car has a mines ECU. Disconnecting/reconnecting battery no longer clears high idle either. ie ECU not relearning? Can you give me some help . Thank you , Best regards, Alex.