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  1. Hi, i recently checked my 5th injector on my lexus is220d 2006, it was dry wet around it and my car smokes blue white ish smoke sometimes when under pressure ( accelerating, uphill ) and i was wondering if its the 5th injectors leak that makes my car smoke when under pressure. also if it is, is it something that i would be able to detach and clean/ check it ??
  2. Dashboard shows from 15l/100km upto 20l/100km fueld consumption, Airfilter is changed. I check my engine oil frequently, seems to be same level everytime so its either not burning oil or it is very little, but is there a reason it only burns when under pressure ? it does not smoke when in neutral at all.
  3. Forgot to mention, diesel consumption is also very high, fuel filter was changed a month ago, but no changes, still same problems.
  4. Bought a used Lexus is 220d 2006 almost a year ago, car has 200,000km, however i was told by the seller that the engine was replaced and has gone only 100,000km ish. Since i bought it car had problems, under 2000 rpm, the car has no power in a straigh road until it reaches 2000-2100 rpm then sudden power comes, i googled and some people say its normal turbo lag for this lexus model, but i dont think so since even a moped can accelerate faster then me, when im 2nd gear in 1000rpm and i floor the pedal it takes around 6-10 seconds for it to reach 2000rpm in a straigh line, is this normal for a 177hp vehicle, and the second issue i have is blue smoke from exhaust, it only smokes when in gear and car under pressure ( uphill , acceleration ) BUT if im in neutral and accelerate it, no smoke comes out. if stopped while the car is smoking after uphill or accelerating the car will keep smoking for a minute and it smells very bad, dont know what it smells like but closest thing i can think of is burned rubber. i should also mention that sometimes for what ever reason it doesnt smoke when accelerating or going uphill, i was thinking it could be when engine temp is high but it cant be the reason since it does smoke even when its high temp on engine when it wants to, so i dont know what it is. . if someone has any idea or knows what it could be please let me know.
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