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  1. Checking car history online. The car had the following work carried out early in its history FABRIC SUPAGARD - SU,S/FIT PRO PACK - FIT I know what the Fabric Supaguard is anyone know what the rest means
  2. You sound as sad as me! My challenge now is to try and keep using only the battery. The queue behind me hate me.
  3. Evening everyone. A few little niggles - not worth going into but being sorted which is the main thing. So far so good. Loving the ride and the engine. Need a little more time to make get used to the Eco / Sport options and the media / DAB radio takes a little getting used to but will just take some time but not a problem in the slightest.
  4. Cheers appreciate your info/advice. Bought the car. Think I got a good deal (at least I think I did - do you ever?) They are getting the hybrid battery checked through Lexus, two year Gold AA warranty with full recovery as part of warranty. Fully serviced before as well. Also alloys refurbed (gone for a Matt black as car is red and black and all paint work checked and protected. Will get the big Lexus service next time - we won’t be doing many miles so ought to tie in. Thanks again to everyone. Really pleased.
  5. Heading to purchase tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  6. I’ve now heard back from the dealer selling the car. As I mentioned it is a 2015 car with 56 thousand mileage and it has a 2016 2017 2018 service with Lexus and is due its 2019 service now. I also spoke to Lexus and despite not being completed every 10k they have said that a battery check alone (£59) re validates the battery on an annual basis and you are back on track. Any thoughts!
  7. Unfortunately nothing in at present in my budget. Service record at the original one is sparse but dealer confirming actual record with Lexus direct. Only has first two records present through Lexus at present. Have to say Lexus themselves were very helpful.
  8. Off to Lexus Edinburgh to see what they can do for me.
  9. Will look again. Don’t think as new as this.
  10. Thanks both. Helpful info Finances don’t stretch to main dealer, unfortunately.
  11. Evening everyone. I test drove a 2015 CT today with 56k miles and my wife and I were pleasantly surprised. Leather seats, parking aids, cruise control, refurbed 17” alloys, sunroof and one owner from new Ive had a reasonably good look at the forums but would like some advice as to what to look out for. One concern I have is the battery. I’m checking re the service history as there is some record but they are confirming if it’s a Lexus one or not. Should I be worried / concerned if it’s not a Lexus service history? Is there are battery problems are battery replacements particularly expensive? Any opinions / thought etc would be much appreciated. Any questions I should ask or look out for when viewing it / taking it for a second test drive? BGC