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  1. Hi Does anyone know if Gold Members can get discount of parts at the Lexus Woodford Dealership? I have checked the membership sections here and even emailed through 'Contact Us' but there is no response. Thanks
  2. Thanks. Do you recommend jump starting from the back battery or from the terminals under the bonnet?
  3. Hi I have one of those portable battery packs to jump start cars which I had from my previous Rav 4. The pack will jump start cars up to 2.5L engines but does anyone know if would be enough to jump start my RX450h with the smaller 12v battery? I just need to know if I need to invest in another power pack just in case I ever need it. This is my current device : https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01DVSSCG6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_iMYbFbB1P67ES Thanks
  4. I might take it back to the dealer as it has only been 2 months since I have bought it. The car does get heated eventually but 10 mins seems rather a long time
  5. Yeah I tried the Auto a few times but getting a cold blast of air after starting is not a pleasant experience on a cold morning. Where do i find the thermostat?
  6. As the weather is getting colder I have noticed that the heating is taking a long time to warm up the hybrid car compared to the other normal cars I have had in the past. It is taking approximately 10 mins after driving a bit as it doesnt look it will heat up on being idle. Both driver and passenger temperatures are at the highest and I don't use the Auto option. I also don't have the Eco switched on. Any tips on on making it heat faster? Thanks
  7. Can anyone confirm if I need to jump start a 450H do I put the clips on the battery under the bonnet or on the battery in the boot?
  8. I called another dealer local to me and he's quoted a major service, minor service and 2 MOTs for half the price at £23 per month for the Essential Service plan. Will this Essential Service keep the extending warranty valid and how different is that to the normal service at double the price?
  9. Hi The dealer where I bought the car from has quoted me the following 2 year Service Plan which includes a Full Service, a intermediate Service and MOT. Is this a OK deal or should I get a quote from another dealer? Thanks
  10. Hi the catlock looks like it will only etch in a code so it can be traced. It will be pretty useless if all they are after are the precious metals inside. Some kind of 'cage' is needed to stop them cutting through.
  11. How do you tell if yours is stolen? There may not be any visible signs from the outside. Will the car refuse to start or give out a weird sound?
  12. Thanks. I only do up to 6k miles a year so will only need 1 service a year
  13. Thanks Herbie for making it crystal clear
  14. Hi I am in picking up my first Lexus car next week from a Lexus dealer and have a few questions about the Service Plans. It is a RX450H 2011 model with 97k miles. I have bought the extended 2 years warranty so will have 3 years Lexus Warranty in total. As the condition of the warranty is to have Lexus servicing, I would like to pay monthly towards the cost of servicing over 2-3 years. 1) Do i take up the monthly service plan now even though the car I am buying has been serviced recently? 2) Can I instead wait 10 months and then take the plan and will that cover my first service in the 12 months time? 3) What is the Gold membership and will that allow me to pay monthly and have reduced prices? 4) If i take the Service Plan at the dealership i bought the car from, can i used any Lexus dealership for the service? Thank you