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  1. Hi all, Which is the best and cost effective engine oil to get for my CT200h 2011 model ? Thanks K
  2. Old battery was successfully replaced. Thank you all.
  3. Hi Herbs, Great thanks, I presume I can just go ahead with changing the batteries? That will trigger to reset ECU and this you can reset easily? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I wanted to take the car into a trusted garages which don’t cost my arm and leg to get a full check on the car? Any advice or recommendations will help? Look forward to hearing from you Thanks Kenton
  5. Hi All, I am about to change my existing battery to a new AGM battery myself but before that do I need a Memory Saver kit/ cable? Or can I just disconnect my battery without lost my car data? Many thanks Kenton
  6. Hi Mark, Many thanks for your reply. Just wondering if this batteries I found is the same one as you first recommended?
  7. Hi Mark, Thanks for your reply. In the region of £150, would that get me a descent battery that would last for 5years plus? The Yuassa battery’s CCA is 325, can you get a batteries which has much powerful CCA? Also does it need a start stop batteries feature in the CT200h? Many Thanks K
  8. Hi all, I will need to replace my 12v battery very soon and I have no clues of which model or brand to get? There are so many out there in the market, I am just looking for something which is cost effective but last ! Any recommendations on battery model and brand would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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