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  1. Many thanks for your information regarding Sat Nav , it’s extremely kind of you. kind regards, william
  2. Many thanks for your kind information & help ref the Sat Nav , it’s most helpful. kind regards, william
  3. Many thanks for your response and suggestion, this was mentioned to me by the dealership I went mad with their advice, saying I didn’t Not Buy a Luxury Brand vehicle to stick a Tom Tom or any other sat nav on the dash . once again thank you for your information. william
  4. My LEXUS RX 450H MODEL YEAR 2013 sat nav is SHOCKING, i have had the vehicle approx four weeks, every time I set the system up and start my journey, it sends me the wrong way ie directing me off the motor way adding at least 15 / 20 miles to the journey, I have contacted the dealership, with not any help as such an upgrade they say will cost £300 this in my mind will only give new Routes ect I have when planning my route selected the required information ie motorway only ect but Still it continues to head off in a completely different direction.
  5. Good morning, I have just become a Lexus owner Model RX450H model year 2013 my question what is the function of the card key also dose it need to be carried along with the electronic key ? kind regards, William
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!