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  1. Not only does it clog the grinding wheel but if they go on to use the grinding wheel on steel it can explode.... Never use a grinding wheel or stone on on aluminium and then on steel....
  2. Thanks, puts my mind at rest... 🙂
  3. Hi I am hoping someone can tell me about the Passenger Airbag Light on the centre panel. I am used to this light being out on most of the cars I have driven. I noticed that this light comes on when power is applied goes out for about a second and then comes back on again and stays on. It is showing Passenger Airbag On and is an amber light. Is this correct or is it showing a fault in the system.
  4. Hi to everybody, I have just become the proud owner of a Lexus CT200h F Sport. It is a 2016 car so just 3 years old and has a little over 25K miles on the clock. This is my first hybrid and it is taking a bit of getting used to.... 🙂
  5. Hi everyone I have just joined the Lexus Club. I have bought a 3 year old Lexus CT200h F Sport. The car is very nice but I have to say it is taking a bit of getting used to. My previous was a BMW 523i SE Auto. The Lexus is like the Starship Enterprise in comparison... I do notice that the ride is nowhere near as compliant, and a little harsh in my opinion...