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  1. hi guys my gearbox making noise when the clutch is up and when its down it goes away its with a gearbox specialist now and he cant seem ton find the fault anyone have any information i could pass on thankyou hope your all ok
  2. yea i will do i think its kinda making sense as i took the gearbox to a local specialist and he said hes happy with it and they are very reliable and its got new bearings in there and brand new 3 piece clutch
  3. so do you think it could be that from what ive said steve it could be this then? https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/aisin/301815
  4. it does sound like it revving with the car yes thats right when its just sitting there idling out of gear parked up
  5. HI guys been having bit of trouble with my gearbox making a noise when OFF the clutch when on it goes away its had new input shaft bearing and clutch release bearing clutch plate and pressure plate all put back together and its still fuc$%^g doing it any ideas thankyou
  6. yes i am on monday the clutch itself has clearly be done and is nice and light but the gear stick is hard to get into gear and when your off the clutch is done make a noise which goes away when the clutch is FULLY down as hard as possible also makes bit of a shudder like its not releasing properly
  7. haha no problem its prob cos i said 3 piece lol my mistake i provided the clutch setyres fitted it, thinking its bit of a problem with the release bearing although its new when i push clutch all way down REALLY hard it releases more also i feel like a drag sometimes at various speeds also there is like literally 2cm movement before the clutch kicks in its that fierce kinda pi55ed me off tbh
  8. i did i got oem blue print kit the clutch itself is really nice its selecting the gears which is bit stiff did u think i bought a non oem clutch kit? https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/blue-print/2896306 Article №: ADT330146
  9. hi guys just gad a new OEM blueprint 3 piece clutch, and input shaft bearing, got the car back clutch itself feels nice but its hard to get into gear and sometimes crunches and sends a shudder to the rear end any ideas peeps im thinking could be gear linkage? Thankyou for your time
  10. hii guys hope ur ok!? just had a new origional 3 peice clutch fittedand the shaft bearing to now the cars really hard to get in any gear especially reverse and 1st im thinking the system needs to be bled or linkage adjusted.....
  11. yes thats the exhaust? what exhaust is it then? thanks ive bought that along with couple of others before i weld the buuger shut thanks
  12. no i bought it thru ebay they should send people everything they need or its not fit for purpose just need a link to the right gasket
  13. hi ya oh have you anywhere exciting? i actually ordered the first one and also the other one u sent me thanks well see when they arrive
  14. hi guys hope your all well i just replaced all my exhaust and im having problems withe the oem exhaust gasket from centre section to the japspeed exhaust so i need a gasket that goes form this.............. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-STAINLESS-STEEL-EXHAUST-BACKBOX-FOR-LEXUS-IS200-1G-FE-2-0-1998-2005/383190414623?hash=item5937edb51f:g:dvwAAOSwoaNdleaG to this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Centre-Exhaust-Middle-Silencer-Box-for-Lexus-IS200-2-0-08-02-02-06/332544965402?fits=Car+Make%3ALexus&hash=item4d6d397b1a:g:r0kAAOSwheBeQJRs
  15. hi guys hope your all well, after a set of 4 or 5 5 spoke sport wheels for my se dont need tyres as mine are new, 215 45 17 can exchange mine if needed