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  1. OK thanks for your input everyone. I will get the radiator changed as a precaution when it goes in for its MOT, it's due mid-November so it will be done by then. The car is on around 104k miles at the moment.
  2. Thanks Peter. The car is currently running a high performance 5W-30 (ester oil) https://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-68896-fuchs-titan-race-pro-s-5w-30-ester-fully-synthetic-engine-oil.aspx I got that oil because of the cold start protection offered, and I got it at a good price, and it is still a recommended viscosity for the LS460 engine with the temperatures we experience in the UK. The weird loss of power issue was noted before that oil was put into the car though. I'm not sure exactly what oil it had in it beforehand, but it was serviced at a well-reputed Japanese independant. Thank you very much for your insight RE the radiator. When it goes in for its MOT in around 6 weeks time I'll get them to have a look at the rad. That is somewhat ridiculous it doesn't have a low coolant level warning light? Is that true!?!? It is actually very hard to just casually check the coolant level because of all of the plastic coverings, you need to remove a lot to get a good look I think. Silly design in my opinion. I can see that there is fluid in there and it appears to be a little above the min mark, but it is hard to tell exactly where it is.
  3. Just to update this.....I spoke to Lex Tech and they said that if it is so intermittent there is no real point in getting it booked in unless it becomes more consistent, because you could throw money at looking into issues and spend hours not finding anything. A little frustrating but totally understandable. Having said all of that.....the car has been 100% fine for 4-5 weeks now....so very bizarre! It has its MOT due mid-November, so when it goes in for that I will also get them to check the radiator over along with all of the hoses etc and see whether they deem it sensible to change it or not. If it does "go" and leak into the gearbox, will I get symptoms such as engine overheating before any gearbox damage is done? I don't want to spend £250 (or however much it'll cost...possibly more??) on a new radiator and coolant change when it is totally unnecessary, yet if there is a very good chance that spending £250 WILL prevent something serious then of course I would do it. Thanks again in advance.
  4. I probably don't do the mileage to make it necessary to be honest, probably 4k/year or so now.
  5. I have an LS460 and apparently it isn't compatible with E10 fuel. So....what happens? What would I need to do, is it likely to be costly, or will be my car effectively be scrap? https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/emissions/what-is-e10-fuel-and-how-could-it-affect-you/ Thanks in advance
  6. Did you ever solve it? It's not a big deal, but it would be nice to just leave the lights on auto all the time.
  7. I'm not saying they stay on when I'm driving, I'm saying they stay on of the car is totally switched off and locked, so that shouldn't make a difference anyway I wouldn't have thought.
  8. Sorry that was my poor use of language, they are not daytime running lights, but just the side lights.... The ones you wouldn't just use at night! They stay on if I use auto for the lights. I do not believe they stay on of I use auto for the lights whilst the car is on and it's broad daylight outside. I will check later though! I called them DRL because I checked the owners manual online and it referred to them as DRL rather than side lights.
  9. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but if I have my lights set to "auto" they still stay on when I park the car and lock it. Even after an hour, for example, the lights are still on (daytime running lights, not the main driving headlights). As said, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong....so any ideas? Thanks!
  10. If we're being really pedantic you should put a comma before his name. Anyway, please can we keep this thread related to the car. I've requested to get the car booked in to get looked at in just over a week so I'll keep you posted! Thanks to those who have been helpful to me.
  11. Thanks Peter. If it is the same problem that you had, may I ask how much it cost to get it fixed? I think I'll need to take it to Lex Tech rather than my normal garage for this one as it seems fairly complex.
  12. Hi guys, So it happened again yesterday, and I managed to catch it on video! So you can see that it revs cleanly, but it's well down on power. I only noticed because under 1/2 throttle there was noticeably less power than normal, but obviously this wouldn't show up on a video. You can tell when I put my foot down as the gearbox shifts down. Later on (another drive) it started off weak again but as I got near home the car was back to 100% normal again. Any further ideas? I will contact my usual garage and send them the video and see if they're willing to clean the throttle bodies and look at the VVT stuff, but if not, then I guess I'll give Lex Tech a call! Thanks very much once again.