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  1. SE-L

    I am new

    Hello all- I might do some tricks with insurance (legally, of course) with secondary drivers and etc. But most likely i'll have to SORN an IS200 in our private garage etc.
  2. SE-L

    I am new

    Bad news- I have checked and the cheapest quote was absolutely insane- £14K for a 2004 IS200 worth £500, 4000 miles a year with a dashcam. It is insane. I'm going to end up buying a very cheap corsa as my actual car and keep an IS 200 in a garage for a few years. Sad news. Edit: thats £14k annually only for female drivers, male drivers pay £22k a year
  3. SE-L

    I am new

    About the reversing down the drive bit- My drive is exactly a car length long, so yeah 😆
  4. SE-L

    I am new

    Hi- I might not be welcome here, but im 15. Turning 16 in november, and i've been saving up to buy an IS200 (XE10) SE/Sport. I understand that the insurance for those is quite high- Does anyone have any advice about IS200's and any insurance quotes for 17 year olds for one? Thanks Edit: I also need to know whether companies will even insure an IS200 for a 17 year old. Although IS200's are cheap, theres a few sports/SE's for sale well under a grand in ok condition. Oh and buyers advice would be appreciated.
  5. Steve

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