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  1. Thank you Rich1068 , Old Trout & Scud for your feedback . @Rich1068 , the aerial def stayed down ( at the risk of sounding super-anal, I never really liked the sight of the aerial up , spoiled the lines of the car - personal pref) so this suited me . @ Old Trout , yes I toyed with the idea of disconnecting the white power plug but I am very hamfisted , if something is remotely breakable , I find a way to break it . I was just very wary about upsetting roof clearance sensors / mechanicals which all said and done is the essence of the car . And @Scudney , that TA button suggestion is starting to ring bells in the dark recesses of this old fools mind ..... So thank you one and all for your input . Plenty of possibles to toy with . As Mr Jagger once said / sang "Time Is On My Side " - now more than usual ! Stay Well chaps ! Yabbers , Andy/FF
  2. Hello Everyone ! I'm new to the site , looking forward to getting to know you all . 😋 My first question is regarding my 2004 SC430 . I've had it almost four years and it's fully lived up to (& surpassed ) all expectations . My question is with regard to the electric aerial - ever since I have had the car, the aerial only comes up when the RADIO is switched ON . I NEVER use the radio , preferring either my own choice of CD or no sound whatsoever . In the last few weeks, however, I have noticed that the aerial has started to come up when I am listening to CD's . This is a concern because I have noticed 'ORRIBLES ( those nasty little things that swerve out in the road on their bikes directly in front of you pulling wheelies / slowing down ) snapping off protruding car aerials and then disappearing down side roads ..... As I say, the aerial thing has never been a concern before because , basically , it was NEVER up , so my question is : is there something I can do to suppress the aerial action ? (short cut ?) ; have I inadvertently hit the wrong button / a sequence of buttons ? Removal of fuse will stop the ML system from working and cut out interior lights , so that isn'n really an option . And I think fitting a n army surrplus machine gun / flame thrower to the bonnet might be deemed to be a tad anti- social ? Someone, somewhere along the line has managed to set up the car so the aerial ONLY works when the radio is on - I am just trying to get back to that stage . Wow ...... My daughter says to me " Dad, you've only been talking for a minute and I'm bored already ! " 😵 As you can see , I have developed a very bad habit of saying 5 hundred words where I could just as easily say just 5 . Should have been a preacher / politician .... Any help would be very greatly appreciated as I am having premonitions of getting out of the car to find a snapped off aerial ! ..... Regards Andy / Fred Flintstone Yabber Dabber Doo .....
  3. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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      Thank You Steve , Yabba Dabba Doo.😉...