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  1. To be honest, I didn't expect a discount Colin but surprised about not required to inform them. I declared car with no additions or mods. I am sure if I had a prang the additional immobiliser would be of interest to them then!
  2. No system is infallible, John. I would rather make the effort or we may as well just leave the door open for them!
  3. Just rang them and was told I need not inform them! A bloody mind field with what different companies require.
  4. Just had the little baby fitted. That should aid security along with the Faraday box I bought for the keys. God, do I sound paranoid? So, the Ghost is TASSA approved, should I be contacting my insurance company?
  5. I was just going to say that it is almost identical to Swindon!
  6. Thanks for the confirmation Herbie. This is the pic out of the manual but I couldn't find the meaning in the User Guide. 🙂
  7. If it's definitely phone battery, I'm not worried. Cheers.
  8. Sorry guys another query. That battery symbol in the top right corner of the screen, what battery does this refer to? Mine looks like its virtually empty. Is this going to be a problem soon? Thanks
  9. Wow, that looks like an excellent piece of kit. My job for this weekend is to find someone local who can do this. Thanks for link. EDIT: Apparantly the latest model is also TASSA approved. Extra £50 though. Still, £445 isn't so bad if it does what it says on the tin.
  10. Box ordered. Looking at the Ghost II now. £400 is cheap money if it works that well. Thanks for the info.
  11. I thought all businesses that traded and gained financially did. So Dr reception may not have to but insurance would. Especially since insurance advice is also legally standing. Of course, I could be talking out of my arse! lol
  12. I believe they have to be kept for 5 years isn't it? Or am I totally wrong? Because they are dealing with financial trading I thought it was a minimum of 5 years!
  13. If only it worked that way Colin. A few years ago I did IAM advanced driving course and then followed it up with RoSPA and managed a Gold pass. I told my insurance company and my premiums increased slightly. The reason they told me was that I was more likely to be out driving now so I was a higher risk! They are a law unto themselves.
  14. I live in a quiet Cul-de-Sac but no garage or carport I'm afraid! lol
  15. So I got my little baby home and unless I choose to take her out somewhere I would prefer her to stay home. Having never used trackers before I know nothing about the types or options. Your thoughts and ideas? Are they worth the cost? Steering lock I am going to buy! … Sorted, but anything to avoid?. I assume it already has some sort of Lexus immobiliser fitted from factory so is there anything I can fit to enhance or improve security? After I've enjoyed her for a few miles I'll put on a review of my findings, thoughts.