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  1. Brilliant! Thanks. Black and white that the VED doesn't count towards list price. Thanks again
  2. I hope that's right! So by my calculations (if VED doesn't count) Premium pack+ sonic titanium+pan roof would have a list price of £39,820
  3. Thanks for the replies. It's the sonic titanium that I was looking at. The only bit I wasn't sure about is that in the brochure the 'list price' is 38400 but otr is 39315 with the initial ved. If it goes off list price then even with the addition £900+ for sonic titanium paint it would be under 40k. Or does the initial ved count towards the initial price? Thanks
  4. Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice. Does the premium pack NX300 with metallic paint qualify for the 'luxury car tax' so cost an additional £325 a year extra? (after the 1st year) I've had 2 garages tell me contradicting information! Many thanks in advance, Alan
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!