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  1. isn´tsilver the best colour? Silver is so hard to find in Germany. *** luck with your car
  2. Why does nobody read my question? Why does nobody answer it? I like the warning when the reverse is in because it is very close to the first, but you should try my car: You got beep from the front and beeps from the back, 3 different kind of beeps and when you have an object close to the back of the car you become really mad, I want to drop the whole car sometimes when I hav e to go backwarts. Nobody in the whole wide web that can help me????
  3. Hello, does anyboda know how to turn off that beep when you shift the gearbox in to drive backwards? I got a parkpilot too so that when I´m driving back I have the beep sound everywhere together with the radio...:flaming:
  4. you are right!!!:flaming: And the torque is not enough too! Why do they limit the engine? And most of all, why ist the lexus so heavy. Look at the Renault Lagune with Alu hood and plastik body parts!
  5. hy I just installed the original Lexus leahter armrest, all the parts cost about 300 € only and easy install by yourself. I will mail you the actuel part numbers and pictures next Andreas (it was worth ist!)
  6. hy anyone want a LEXUS screensaver for Siemens mobile? here it is
  7. I just searched 1 hour in the car and passenger seat would have forwards support to the rear and again back and more so further and half a can of WD 40, seat disguise dismantled and helped nothing chirps all probably from within inside, or I must complete once the seat or expired with somebodies else help at it, dealer is not guarantee expired, rattle the loudspeakers behind also always however in addition another post.
  8. hello, while I drive alone I hear this noices from the co driver seat, so when I drive on a bad road seting on this seat I cant hear it not more. Any Ideas?
  9. Hello I need some URLS to look for used cars in England and GB (esp. Lotus) Who can help me?
  10. I bought my IS 200 just 2 weeks ago, and is is out of garanty for 3 days!!! Today the Ignition lock brakes, so I cant start the car nor even lock. Further problems: (I have driven Mazda and Hondo for 10 year now never ever having once a problem not even a brokenbulb) 1. Ignition lock brakes car has to be towed 2. Louspeaker sqeezy bad noise from the back, the dealer fixed the trunk with tape 3. replaced 2 bulbs in 1 week 4. Noise from the passenger seat and noises from the passenger door all the time. 5. When breaking bad noises too, sounds like something broken. 5. The moonroof opens and closed very loud, noises from tht wind too. I will let you know what the dealer will say on Fryday, (think allready better bought the new Mazda 6 instead, but I,m frightend of the quality because the belong to Ford now) Andreas
  11. So I just ordered the armrest from a friend. The part number is 58905-53050 leather about 200 € (black trim is 164 €) and according to the replies I order 2 more parts 58911-53060/55628-53010 a 26 € . I will let you know when I get the parts
  12. So I just cut of the black tape of under where you plug in the seat belt. Under there are 2 small wires. Just cut one in the middle (so that you can connect them later) and the lights close. Andreas
  13. to supercgarged: just ask at TTE maybe they know it. Sometimes Toyota employers rent a room from my mother which are just oposite TTE. But for the last weeks there hadnt been any Toyota guzs boje
  14. does anyone know the partnumbers of this_ MD PLAYER for the LEXUS IS 200 I want to install an armrest is it possible_ Thanks