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  1. Thanks Barry. I've asked the dealer to look into fitting rails and crossbars - more expensive but definitely more elegant solution. If that can't happen may have to live with the roofrack they've suggested for now as otherwise the boards will have to be jammed in the car - and I don't think my wife would appreciate wax on the ivory seats.
  2. Thanks Barry. The rails do look well with the car, I'll look into that. Lexus have suggested cross bars - pic below - but like the Thule, these have the ugly (in my view) feet attachments.
  3. Hi all New proud owner of a 2010 RX450h SE-L Premier (in Mesa Red, pickup next week - can't wait...) Looking for any suggestions on transporting surfboards without messing up the interior or ruining the roof/look of the car. I used Thule aerobars with surfboard rests on my old Prius - however the feet left marks and it looked a little clunky. Would anyone recommend Lexus' own system over Thule for the 450h? The car does not currently have rails - would I need to fit these and the crossbars, or just the latter? As far as I can see from the Lexus site there are options for ski/snowboard carriers but not surfboards- I guess I could use the Thule feet on the Lexus bars but it seems an inelegant solution for such a lovely car. There's a sunroof, but presumably the bars/rails would lift boards out of the way of it? In the Prius I could fold down seats and chuck a wet, waxy board in without caring - want to treat the Lexus with a bit more respect... Any advice much appreciated. thanks Richard
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