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  1. Absolutely makes sense AND gives me hope! Thanks for that. I'll try again with Techstream and get it to a garage in the week if that's a fail.
  2. Hello Team LexusOC. not a great deal of point in showing you these code readouts, it makes me feel like I am trying though! I can't get any subcodes with Techstream yes (it crashes when I try, it also seems to quickly flatten the car battery, could be coincidence though, it's on charge now anyway) Next steps: I don't have the skills to even remove the rear seat, let alone start fiddling with high voltage parts. I spoke to the garage in st albans I've been using for servicing and they said 'we don't do hybrids.' Another one down the road advised me to 'limp' it to them, so they could read the codes. I tried, but it doesn't move when put into reverse, so is staying where it is for the moment. Being advised that 'it's drivable in limp mode' when it obviously isn't has not filled me with confidence. I found JAPEX and they're up the road, but have read mixed things about them only using Lexus-supplied parts. I can only find this US Inverter price, which is twice what the car cost me: Here's the question: Will a proper code read reveal a subcode that says 'oh, it's just a loose wire mate' The AA will get it to either JAPEX or the local garage, I'll need to sort out getting it back, shoud it be bad news. I feel it would be a bit daft to give up and put it on the market for salvage at THIS stage. Here's the other question: Has anyone used JAPEX recently / any other Hertfordshire recommendations? Any mobile Hybrid mechanics? THANKS!
  3. Thanks, by some sort of miracle i DID get techstream working. Now trying to find the right report / subcodes. Will update accordingly.
  4. Ha thanks, interesting one. I can only hope it's such a simple fix! I did plug the cheeky OBD Device in ( - - still struggling to get a driver even for XP in VM for the MINI-VCI I have, so no techstream yet) and - ahem - wait for it: P0A78 Drive Motor 'A' Inverter Performance ...which doesn't look too good does it? I did put the reg number into and found an outstanding recall found - I believe there was one around the inverter, but imagine Lexus has long since washed its hands of 2007 models. Is the hand held device likely to be that off? Any recommendations welcome.
  5. Thanks and makes sense. The obd device might well give me confidence to try again if it works.
  6. Ha! it should be fine, although I've read the slightly lower price is offset by slightly lower MPG. I definitely saw it was 100% compatible. Just coincidence in my case I am sure. I am hoping an important bit just got too damp and no permanent damage is done.
  7. Oh hello there, my first time into limp mode yesterday. An OBDII Reader is coming tomorrow (I had no luck with Techstream / Windows 10) I know the reasons for these error codes are many and varied, but what does the team think of this occurring for the first time directly after its first fill-up with (Sainsbury's) E10 - I believeed a 2007 RX400h should have no problems with it. The road was very wet, like an inch of water. The AWD warning is on too. The 12V Battery is fine and freshly trickle charged. Am I living in cloud cuckoo land (as usual) to think finding and clearing the codes will make it work again? Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  8. Hell hello, just a quick note to say I am on my THIRD Lexus RX400H Key in one year (we're talking the plastic bit here, not the electronics or 'key') This one I got of Amazon, I thought it would take 20+ days to get here (looked like it was coming from the US) but no, only 5 days and it is extremely good quality. The previous, cheap generic one I bought quickly broke. This one feels like a PROPER car key The circled bit shows the strong plastic thingy you shove your metal bit through. If anyone has any idea how / where to get the electronics from, let me know! Just having one key makes me nervous. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, i happily paid the fine. I absolutely deserved it for sheer, liquid stupidity! The upside, I cannot believe the 20mph speed limit all over the place, like PARK LANE! Wow. Amazed I didn't get a few speeding tickets as well.
  10. Ha yes I thought it would be me not understanding something simple. I'd better pay that there fine then. Thanks!
  11. Ah hello team RX400H I note the RX400H doesn't come up as ULEZ exempt here: Am I missing or misunderstanding something about the London Congestion charge? All I could fine for challenging the fine is this and it's from 15 years ago: Me on upper Thames St attached!
  12. No idea if this is just this key, or all UK RX400H keys...I'll let you know if my usual supplier can provide transponders on this frequency and i'll get a handful if so, in case anyone else needs one. Thanks again for the tip.
  13. Thanks! Ordered and came in at £16 too thanks to vouchers for being a first time bangood user. I'll let you know how I get on,
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