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  1. Not familiar with the Infiniti G37, just looking it up now.......
  2. Thanks Ganesh and Jay, I''ll check into those Japan links Ganesh. I did look at a company a year or two back but their volume was very low (almost importing to your individual order) and I wasnt sure how safe of legal it was, or if I would be stuck with a car that doesnt meet UK regulations etc. Still I will look with interest at those links, thank you. R.
  3. Thanks Mr Vlad, I'll check out the LS section of the website. R.
  4. Is anyone aware of a legitimate way to obtain an IS350 in the UK? After looking at the Lexus range and deciding some time back this was the car for me, I found out it was never available (through Lexus) in the UK, but was sold into various overseas markets. Such a shame as it would be a class beater - that performance in a small rear wheel drive package. If there was a reputable source for these cars (RHD) I would be very interested to pick one up.
  5. Hi, glad to meet you all, I've just joined. I'm about to buy my first Lexus from a colleague - a 2008 LS460. I've always wanted a large engined V8 motor (often nearly bought a Jaguar over the years, but reliability and maintenance costs always put me off). I figure that if I'm going to take the plunge on a V8, the most reliable way to do it is buy a Lexus, the most reliable brand on the planet (so I read......). Does anyone have any advice on what I should look out for before I commit to this purchase? The car has 160k miles but looks in mint condition. Been out in it and the car is silent. Rides much better than the BMWs I've owned. Anyway, thanks for any advice in advance cheers Ross
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!