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  1. Won't be modding the rx at all other than practical bits or something I can reverse myself. I just am disappointed by the availability of oem gear here in ireland / uk
  2. Evening all, Moving to lexus from german brands I find the availability of good oem accessories for lexus is pretty poor. I like to go all in when I drive a brand, pretty sad I know but I found with vw and bmw it was so much easier to get small items new and second hand. Bags mugs , car storage , umbrellas etc I know lexus parts direct has a good selection but just one website? Anywhere else i can look And there is no way I will put my bmw umbrella in my RX 🙂
  3. I am in the same suitation, I did a big service this year with lexus 400 euro and they said to wait till 120k miles service to do the plugs unless a miss fire develops. 120k should be the second time they are done following the service schedule. I will stick to what they say and putting some pennies away every month to get the 800 ready for the big one.
  4. bought the part today and body shop fitted it for free so all done and dusted. looks ok.....
  5. excellent, i have just got the car back today from a small =bump from a neighbour and i got the back bumper sprayed, so its fresh and want to keep it that way, so i will order the black strip tomorrow, i have a silver car so hopefully looks ok.
  6. which one? the black plastic strip ? just got a quote of 50 euro in local dealers so seems like a no brainer prices for some rx gen 3 parts in ireland seem to be great value,
  7. might look terrible, want something that does not go manky after a few washes
  8. good morning from a cold and frosty Dublin i have a hound dog and she cant get into the back of my rx gen 3, so her front paws scratch the top of the back bumper so i am looking for protection. has anyone fitted Lexus RX Phase 3 Plastic Rear Bumper Protection Plate - PZ415-K0520-00 - Lexus Parts Direct or Lexus RX Phase 3 Rear Bumper Protection Film - PZ438-K0181-00 - Lexus Parts Direct is there anything else other than get rid of the dog
  9. Just wondering if there is an online repair guide for lexus. I am looking for the lube points , eg. Sunroof, seat rails etc. I bought a tube of white grease and wanted to lune up all the moving parts with a guide. Thanks guys
  10. would anyone have the part numbers for the 2 gas structs for the gen 3 2012 rx450h, i am going to replace as a precaution, any extra stress on the mechanics of the door is not good and full functioning structs would help for a cheap outlay.
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