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  1. Thank you both for your helpful responses. Do either of you know if we can check the voltage from the battery using the car's heads up display. I know it is possible to do this in Prius by pressing a combination of buttons but am unaware of the possibility on the Lexus. The reason for looking at the mobility batteries is their high resistance to deep discharges. Do you know if same or comparable is available in flooded batteries? Thanks again.
  2. Hi everyone, new here. Just wanted to check if anyone has tried using a mobility AGM deep discharge 12v 65ah battery in their Lexus. I've owned two prii for over 10 years and put an Pro Rider 12v55ah AGM deep discharge mobility battery in it in 2018 and haven't seen the 12v flatten ever since then. I've replaced one of my prii with with the Lexus Nx300h and already experiencing the flattening of 12v battery. I have also seen the Halfords AGM 12v 60AH but the warranty specifically excluded deep cycling and thought I'll check here to for advice. Thanking you in anticipation of your helpful advice.
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