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  1. Hi all, been driving in normal mode since I got the car and average MPG gradually been rising, its now at 50.4. Let’s have a competition and see who has the best figure, supported by a picture of course!
  2. Hi Sandy, Prior to me fitting it I found a really useful link from a mainly US Lexus forum, its really good and pretty much summarizes all that needs to be done. It took me around 2 hours to fit and I routed the cable along, into and through to roof lining which was really easy. The cables need to be ran immediately behind the linings so that they don't interfere with airbag deployment but thats all you need. Couple of things I done differently: 1. I ran the rear camera cable from the front to the back and coiled up the excess cable in under the tailgate moulding panel. 2. I did not take the A Frame pillar moulding off, there’s plenty of room behind the door pillar rubber door seal arrangement and this avoids interfering with the A pillar airbag. The cables are easily tucked between the headlining and A frame plastic cover. 3. I used the tailgate grommet that is used to route the washer fluid pipe, there’s much more room for the camera cable (some washing up liquid helps to pass it through). 4. I used a stripped out cable (live or neutral) from some 2.5mm twin and earth ring main domestic type to act as a router / pull through. Just some care not to disturb any trim or internal wiring etc. Any stiff rodding will do but this made it easy as its quite flexible too. All the panels came apart easily and as long as your careful nothing should break, worst that could happen is for one of the plastic facia clips to break which are easy to replace. The Nextbase camera came with a small plastic tool which is helpful to remove mouldings and prize away roof lining etc to enable the cables to be snuggly fitted in.The power supply is from a piggy back connector fitted to the auxiliary fuse system which only powers up when the car is being used, I bought the additional cabling which included everything for the install Only thing is that the fuse cover can’t be refitted due to the size of the piggy back, I just left it off. I’ll add a couple pics re-positioning but its to the left of the rear view mirror and just below the safety camera, it does not interfere with driving, in fact you don’t notice it’s even there. The cables run in the channel and into the headlining so it’s completely hidden. See link below:
  3. All, I fitted a Nextbase 622 GW which is really good, it has the rear window camera which utilises a magnetic ball arrangement to hold it in place. I’ve noticed that it is really easy to move from its optimal position and can easily be rendered pretty useless as a result of this. I have a UX and it’s worst when my dog is in the boot. Why couldn’t they have made the fitting to incorporate a fixing grub screw so that it cannot move!! Anyway just thought I would share, suppose it is only a problem with hatchbacks but a design flaw none the less.
  4. Easter and dieting…………..
  5. I’ve noticed this as well but it’s a common trait with hatchbacks, have you considered fitting mudflaps?
  6. My 2022 Fsport Premium Plus doesn’t even have LED indicators, still fitted with ancient incandescent filament bulbs, even the CHR has LED’s!!
  7. Yeah, and the amount of paperwork to be signed containing legal and contractional details and conditions is bewildering too. I would imagine most customers don’t really take time to read every detail! For such a big ticket purchase you would think the FCA would create rules or even a pro-forma document to be used.
  8. Thanks for all the replies guys, I've been in touch with the dealer and the situation has been clarified, the invoice detail was ambiguous to say the least. The additional payment was actually included in my final figures but this was not clearly stated. At least it has restored my confidence in the dealer although I did point out that the details should be much clearer from a customer perspective! There is a lesson learned though and that is to scrutinize invoice details and raise concern during the sales process, but I guess that's quite hard when you are getting a new car.
  9. So, here's a question, your changing your car which is a PCP and: 1. You request and receive a settlement figure for the trade in and send it to the new car dealership two days before collection, this is valid for 11 days and includes next payment due date. 2. Collect new car four days before next payment is due and advised not to cancel payment by dealer in case go into arrears (rebate will be issued if overpayment occurs). 3. Pick up new car on 17th and sign documents, hand over old car. 4. Payment for old car still taken on 21st which I assumed will be returned. 5. No rebate so contacted previous car finance company, they state Lexus dealer paid off finance due after payment taken on 21st so I have effectively got my new car and made a payment on a car I no longer legally owned as it was traded in on the 17th. 6. To make matters worse I looked over the documentation and found that they actually included this value in the trade-in figures (which I didn't notice). 7. Checked with finance company and the Lexus dealer made contact for settlement after the 21st so the figure given was including the payment I made when I no longer owned or had the car in my possession. Can they actually take my old car and not pay the settlement figure for that date and allow me to make an additional payment which they include in my figures and refuse to refund? In all my years of car ownership I have never made a payment on a car I no longer have or own and is in a garage forecourt having been traded in. Any of you had similar experiences, am I missing something and I'm somehow wrong in my expectations?
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone, I’m not convinced its really worthwhile bothering with the WiFi connection, it doesn’t really have much usable functionality over and above your smartphone.
  11. Folks, looking for some help, my UX connects to my home internet as long as I’m close to the router. This is obviously not any good when you are driving, the menu has Miracast function but I can’t seem to connect, it won’t even select using the curser. The only app I could find is Coyote which I downloaded but it says I need to activate it? How do you guys connect to WiFi using iPhones? What additional functions are available with WiFi connected? Sorry for all the questions but I’m kind of struggling with the IT capabilities, the system doesn’t seem all that intuitive.
  12. Mine has Bridgestones and it’s much quieter than my Beemers were.
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