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  1. Hi, yeah, the ISF was brilliant, great acceleration and loved it, but can’t beat this ES for comfort and luxury! Definitely longer and a touch wider, but you get used to that quickly, takes bends fine, Parking, obviously don’t always quite fit in the boxes length wise, but no great problem. I found the steering very responsive, smooth quiet drive, I personally have felt no understeer at regular speeds, it’s a different drive than the ISF but we are an older couple and appreciate a more comfortable interior and all the extras, fwd is no problem to us, it is different but only had-it a month, so only drove it in fine weather, so have to see, loads more room in the back seats too, we have 3 grandkids, the eldest girl 15 thinks the car is “sickkkk” gotta admit, so do we 😃 gets lots of admiring looks! Also great on fuel consumption with the help of the hybrid.
  2. Reluctantly traded my beloved 11 year old ISF 250 for a ES300h and WOW am absolutely loving it, great smooth drive, amazing comfort, had it a month, and have to say I am really enjoying it, much more space than my ISF, much more comfort, very happy with it. Would recommend!
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